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"Daddy's Angel" - The perfect father daughter wedding dance song!
Only Available Here: http://tcartermusic.com/father-daughter-dance-daddy-daughter-dance-daddys-angel.html Keepsake CD, Sheet Music, and Performance Tracks Available! "Daddy's Angel" is the perfect choice for your father daughter dance! Words and Music written by Anthony W. Carter (for T Carter Music) "Daddy's Angel" Lyrics: I'm giving you away But I'm not letting go The memories, they flood my mind Of the little girl I know Once upon a time You held my hand so tight You'd close your eyes and say a prayer Then I'd kiss your head goodnight As we dance I keep our love deep within my heart And thank God for giving me this angel in my arms... You're my little angel So baby don't you cry It's time to spread your wings and fly If there's one thing this father knows The hardest part is letting go But you will still always be... Daddy's little angel It seems like yesterday Has come and gone so fast Now my baby's all grown up But the memories will last It's hard to say goodbye When you've always been so near But for now I'll hold you tight Like those times that I hold dear As we dance I keep our love deep within my heart And thank God for giving me this angel in my arms... You're my little angel So baby don't you cry It's time to spread your wings and fly If there's one thing this father knows The hardest part is letting go But you will still always be... Daddy's little angel When you were young, I used to laugh At the funny things you'd say Right now I just can't help but smile... On this blessed day You're my little angel So baby don't you cry It's time to spread your wings and fly If there's one thing this father knows The hardest part is letting go But you will still always be... Daddy's little angel I'm giving you away, but I'm not letting go...
Views: 14561657 tcartermusic
I miss you dad [9/11/01]
This is a video about a girl who lost her dad she was turning 5 when her dad died ;( And this is seriously true I am completely cried when i saw this and i miss you daddy. I HOPE IT DOESNT MAKE YOU CRY!
Views: 808509 Missathenab00
We're in heaven  -  9/11
For those who pass will NEVER be forgotten. hope u like the video.. Little girl talk to her father. While he's in a better place..
Views: 820202 onamoo06
A Soldier's Little Girl-Miss You Daddy
This video is a tribute to all of the children who have lost a mother or father. Stay strong little ones, they are watching over you each and every day. God Bless COPYRIGHT ASHLEY WHITE *The song is "I Miss You Daddy" by DJ Sammy*
Views: 18327 Ashley White
Little Girl Gets Christmas Wish - Daddy Home from Afghanistan
A three-year-old girl gets a special Christmas gift granted and shows us what Christmas is really all about.
Views: 2848864 Bill Cassidy
How Little Girls Make Dads Happy!
Little girl fieldstrips + reassembles an AR-15 in under 1 minute!
Views: 1061 Festergrump
dad and daughter
conversation on life
Views: 85113 pepzman2333
Cheerleader Daddy
Dad spending quality time influencing his little girl. You're certain to get a "kick" out of this. Brought to you by Adcouncil and www.fatherhood.org
Views: 764590 Grow To Give
dads little princess (=
hope you like took me a long time to find these pictures of miley and her dad
Views: 108 xoxomileyfan1995
Hannah greets daddy coming home from work
Hannah greets daddy coming home from work
Views: 1832956 sawylie
Tim Mcgraw Dont Take The Girl
Johnny's daddy was taking him fishin' When he was eight years old A little girl came through the front gate holdin' a fishing pole His dad looked down and smiled, said we can't leave her behind Son I know you don't want her to go but someday you'll change your mind And Johnny said "Take Jimmy Johnson, take Tommy Thompson, take my best friend Bo Take anybody that you want as long as she don't go Take any boy in the world Daddy please don't take the girl Same old boy Same sweet girl Ten years down the road He held her tight and kissed her lips In front of the picture show Stranger came and pulled a gun Grabbed her by the arm said "If you do what I tell you to, there won't be any harm" And Johnny said "Take my money, take my wallet, take my credit cards Here's the watch that my grandpa gave me Here's the key to my car Mister give it a whirl But please don't take the girl Same old boy Same sweet girl Five years down the road There's going to be a little one and she says it's time to go Doctor says the baby's fine but you'll have to leave 'Cause his momma's fading fast and Johnny hit his knees and there he prayed Take the very breath you gave me Take the heart from my chest I'll gladly take her place if you'll let me Make this my last request Take me out of this world God, please don't take the girl Johnny's daddy Was taking him fishin' When he was eight years old
Views: 4320209 Music8734
Daddy's Little Girl
a poem made by me and some friends kinda stupid
Views: 1670 xxsasukesbabyxx
Dads and Daughters
The idea of Dads & Daughters is simple and profound. Our work promotes the power and potential of father-daughter relationships. Strong, positive relationships between daughters and their fathers and stepfathers helps girls increase their self esteem, gives them greater opportunities for self-fulfillment, delays the onset of puberty, and provides many other benefits—including improving the father's health. Strong father-daughter bonds also motivate dads and daughters to speak up and act up to make the world safe and fair for every daughter. Created by men with daughters, Dads & Daughters improves the lives of fathers, daughters, and their families with outstanding resources supporting fathers' and stepfathers' positive involvement in girls' lives and advocacy for girls' well-being.
Views: 6961 gnikeau
dj sammy heaven - i miss you daddy
my gsce media courswork
Views: 718857 1t2t3t4t5t6s
Hugs for Dad
Carter gives daddy lots of hugs
Views: 22461 robgaedtke
A child's dying wish. Let her see her inmate dad.
Jayci Yaeger is 10 years old and dying of brain cancer. Her dying wish is to have her dad at her bedside. Unfortunately he is currently incarcerated. He's due to be released to a halfway house in Aug. The Warden has the Authority to Grant this wish but has refused. Wardens Email: YAN/[email protected] FaceBook Group: search for Jayci Yaeger
Views: 81308 cookieman969
Kurt in 'Poor Little Rich Girl'
Kurt is not seen in this episode, but his voice his heard
Views: 25173 TSLofKurt
Daddy's Little girl
Dad on guitar, daughter checks out the studio.
Views: 168 Patrick Maier
Daddy with his girls
Samantha & Hailey play cards and watch the Little Mermaid with their Daddy. Daddy's little girls.
Views: 1475 turbotouch02
Heaven 9/11 words of the little girl
These are the words of a little girl who lost her father on 9/11. i made this video beacause i love this song. please comment! and subscribe! =] Also i just put the video together. i do not own the song. i simply added pictures and the words with the song. I'd really like to thank you guys for watching my video. i never thaought it would get as many views as it has!! please tell your friends! P.S. I personally didnt lose anyone in 9/11. but i know of people who did. thanks for the kind comments to me. but I didnt lose my dad. just the little girl (who i dont know personally either) thanks.
Views: 150081 Kaylin
Heaven remix(w/ little girl who lost her daddy) 9-11 tribute
This is a September 11th tribute while Bryan Adams sings Heaven and a little girl talks to her dad.
Views: 863244 princesscurly72
Daddy's Little Girl
Sung by Leon Cole for his daughter LeeAnn Cole
Views: 962 Leon Cole
little girl beats up her dad
a 5 year old trys to beat up her dad
Views: 1430 belenpacheco
Dad's Little Girl
When Tam and I found out we were gonna have a baby, truth be told, I was a little concerned that no one would ever believe that she was mine with all those strong Asian genes. Would she look or be anything around us.
Views: 255 Todd Cleek
Watch Me Daddy
I wrote this song in 2008 for all daughters and fathers. Daughters want their fathers to be proud of them and share in their life events and achievements. If you are a daughter or father then this song is for you. Song is written and performed by Luigi Cappel, slide show put together by Noel Schlachter of Powershows. If you like it, or would like your own personal version, leave a comment or email me at [email protected]
Views: 12002 Luigi Cappel
Dad vs. Daughter
A contest between Dads vs. daughters watch to see the winner
Views: 5851 nutjobproductionswqd
Little Kid Should Listen To Dad
This little kid should really take his dads advice and not jump on the slide. I wish the dad kept rolling a few seconds longer for the reaction shot.
Views: 16015 twitter78
2 girls 1 cup - my dad's reaction
my dad - hahahaha. my dad was sick for days after watching this work of art.
Views: 125337 Glenn Triggs
Daddy's Little Girl troyella
for my daughter(rp) she asked for the song with a video for her and her dad
Views: 903 BrandilovezCrissA
Tim McGraw-My Little Girl (Lyrics)
Views: 6289041 Lobo95104
Always on my mind - Dad's dedication to daughters
A dedication to the most special girls in my life.
Views: 472 Jody Ballenger
funny little kid in dads clothes
and again
Views: 356 hackerguy123
Daddy's Little Girl by Moment in Love
Son and daughter
Views: 416 aga919507
English Bulldog Father meets daughter first time
Tough english bulldog father meets even tougher daughter for the first time! This video is absolutley hilarious! ENJOY! Follow us on twitter: Canterburybulls Chaucer's Stud Service - to qualified bitches only! Hello! Just wanted to send a special shout out to all our friends & fans! We have currently moved to a different location. Keep on sending your fan mail to us! We read through each one, and we Love it! Thank you! All other offers for (t.v. programs etc..) can be sent here as well! Canterbury Bulldog 17595 Harvard Suite C112 Irvine,CA 92614 U.S.A. Love always, Canterbury Bulldog Family
Views: 12383880 canterburybulldog
Daughter crashes Dad's new Ferrari
Calm down... it's a joke... A daughter crashes her dad's brand new Ferrari worth $1,000,000. She has just minor injuries and dad now has to wait for two more years to get another one. Will she be borrowing that one also? Will he let her?
Views: 3506544 powerpointpete
daddy gymnastics
little girls flip for dad
Views: 790 Tricia Morgan
Disney Fathers - Butterfly Kisses
~Clips of Walt Disney's Fathers and their Daughters Music: "Butterfly Kisses" by Bob Carlisle Well I made this for my grandpa who was like a father to me. I hope you all enjoy this. It made me tear up several times when i was making it so maybe it will have the same effect on you.
Views: 114577 Kay Conrad
Older sister yells at baby sister and daddy
Very clever baby One baby try to help his father that have another little boy in the hand He try to find his brother milk bottle for him And his father try to tell him to find it Actually he is so lazy he did not want to take it for his father Funny video of a little girl telling her infant sister to stop scratching her and then tells her daddy to stop too see more at www freebabyclips com baby shit baby toddler funny daddy at www freebabyclips com
Views: 9596 alex5543b1
Stupid Dad not listening to mum! CRASH!
Little girl uses bike for 1st time and Dad stupidly allows her to race down a hill and guess what... a crash!
Views: 24855 brenchk
Motorcycle Dads and Daughters
Photos taken from threads on Adventure Rider (Adv) and Two Wheeled Texans (TWT) about dads riding with their daughters.
Views: 6708 Chuck Gibke
sweet singing girl hits dad with bat
Summer singing on Mothers day
Views: 190 lynintx
In memory of my dad Ron Keen
this video was put together in memory of my dad who sadly died on 22nd of September 2007. The song in the background is one my dad wrote, played and sang for me when i was a little girl. a great song writer, fantastic musician, wonderful singer, loyal friend and astounding father.. love you always and missed forever
Views: 1887 Shannon Hilder
Spinning baby
My dads friend's little girl (Leah Williamson) getting spun around by her dad (Kev) But really funny, a must watch!!
Views: 3135 159burns159
Dad Scares Kids
Dad tricks kids into watching a scary video.
Views: 18661 Henry Garcia
First Time Daddy Meets Daughter
Jake's First Time changing a diaper and getting his little girl dressed. He did a good job! :o) Ania-Marie
Views: 35552 7heSalinasFamily
Bruce Fitzhugh's Daughter sings like her Dad
Bruce Fitzhugh from Living Sacrifice shows how much of a fan his daughter is.
Views: 25441 eatingjimmy
Dad and baby
dad and baby
Views: 35181 Williams
Daddy coming home
baby getting excited about daddy coming home Jukin Media Verified (Original) For licensing / permission to use: Contact - licensing(at)jukinmediadotcom
Views: 1839393 Keli Vandegrift
One Very Lucky Little Girl
almost falls over a cliff in oregon
Views: 615024 shitstinx

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