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The Chosen Child -Life In West Africa -  Circa 1996
http://jspinwestafrica.blogspot.com/ http://sambalivesinafrica.blogspot.com/ Excerpts from the life journeys of Joel Samuel who documented a six year old boy's life and travels in West Africa. See the slave house, Baobab trees, music excerpts from a much longer version-
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"Samba Cole Project"- A Child's Life In West Africa- Circa 1996
More from my documenting this child prodigy aka "Indigo Children" life and our travels throughout West Africa. Great childrens Programming for all audiences. Old email address not valid anymore, but you know how to reach me here. as Samba would always say Indigo is a color it comes from a plant! Welcome to my [email protected] joelsamuelpresentshttp://sambalivesinafrica.blogspot.com/
Views: 17149 Joel Samuel
True Life Story of African Warrior now a movie -SEE TRAILER
SYNOPSIS: An African student travels back in time to his life in 18th century Africa when he was a war hero captured into servitude. Though a captive, he risked his life to save his captors' clan from the invasion of some ruthless slave-traders, while attempting to rescue his beloved from the chains of slavery, finding some answers to some of his present day puzzles... Directed By Oliver Mbamara (www.OliverMbamara.com) Website: www.SlaveWarrior.com
Lagos - Novara senza ritorno / One way from Africa
A trailer of a short film (41') about a true story of a nigerian girl who came to Europe to have a better life, but things where not so beautiful and she had to go to work on the road. After 15 years she died because of Aids and now her body is laying in a country far away from her Africa. Written by Maria Adele Garavaglia, directed and shooted by Alberto Cicala, music by Paolo Pizzimenti. Poem of Silvano Agosti. With Felicitè Mbezele, Eleonora Calamita e Lucilla Giagnoni. Realized with funds of Provincia di Novara, Fondazione della comunità del Novarese, Associazione Liberazione e Speranza onlus and CSV Novara.
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Rick Reilly trip to Nigeria
Rick Reilly went to Nigeria, Africa with the UN Foundation to see the delivery of 150.000 bed nets to children under 5 years of age.
Aphrodesia Summer 2006 - www.aphrodesia.org
Aphrodesia Live in Crestone Colorado, Summer 2006 What a year 2006 has already been for Aphrodesia! Taking their intoxicating show international for the first time, the 11 piece San Francisco-based musical extravaganza went far off the beaten path and back to the roots of their music by touring West Africa for the entire month of February. The trip landed them in Ghana, Togo, Benin and Nigeria- where, over two incredible nights of playing with Femi Kuti, Aphrodesia made history by becoming the first American band ever to play the legendary New Africa Shrine in Lagos, Nigeria. Who is Aphrodesia? If you dont know yet, you soon will. Emerging in 2003 from the fertile San Francisco Bay Area music scene, Aphrodesia's highly original brand of Super Aphro Beat and uncompromising political stance made them resist easy classification. In 2004, the band exploded into the national consciousness with the Just Vote Tour, a swing-state voter registration tour that took the band all the way to NYC and back in their vegetable oil-powered bus and landed the group on the cover of USA Today. The bands debut CD, Shackrobeat Vol. 1 (Flatbed Lamborghini), was picked as one of the best records of 2003 by the East Bay Express, and showstopping performances in 2004 and 2005 at the Aspen JazzFest, the Earthdance Festival, the Sierra Nevada World Music Festival, the High Sierra Music Festival and many other festivals and venues won the group high praise. Meanwhile, the band opened for Steel Pulse in California and Colorado and shared festival stages with everyone from Willie Nelson to Ozomatli to Zap Mama. Aphrodesia's second CD, 2005s "Front Lines" (Full Cut Records), was featured on National Public Radio, won rave reviews from media outlets from Global Rhythm Magazine to the Village Voice and broadened the bands already wide appeal even further, setting the stage for their landmark trip to Africa. Aphrodesias music carries with it a strong sense of social justice, and the band has been known to write their own politically-charged lyrics while updating Fela Kuti classics like No Agreement and Zombie. But the bands commitment to social change extends offstage as well. Having headlined numerous benefits for causes ranging from AIDS prevention to Tsunami Relief to anti-Iraq War organizations, Aphrodesia is devoted to 'walking the walk as well as talking the talk'. Believing that alternative energy is necessary both to protect our planet's environment and to reduce America's dangerous dependence on foreign oil, the band proudly travels in a vegetable-oil powered bus- meaning its one of the few groups of any stripe not sponsored by Chevron, Texaco, and co. It may be a small start, but the group believes that its actions, like its music, can have a huge effect. CONTACT- [email protected]; (415) 205-3914 Press clips, photos, sound clips and more- www.aphrodesia.org A potent, buoyant and irresistibly danceable pan-African mashup- Global Rhythm does Felas own Egypt 80 proud- Jambase.com WWW.APHRODESIA.ORG
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Lagos Cliff Jump1
Jumping off the cliff on the beach at Lagos
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Song Namibia Africa Village
We went to see this village when we were at the Chobe Savanna Lodge in Namibia. They performed for us after our tour. And here's the show...
Views: 11775 H. Scott Cohn
RiverRun - Aug 12 pt 1
Whitewater rafting on the Ottawa River on Aug 12, 2006
Steam Train at Wilderness
The Cjoe-Cjoe Historical Train approaches Wilderness crossing teh Touws River. It travels from Knysna to George in South Africa
Views: 2479 regmunro
Where east meets west.... A travelogue of a fascinating country with history, nature, food, all that you could want for a holiday
Views: 1653 Adrian Tute
Kazakhstan Motorcycle Offroad Touring Central-Asia silkroad
Extreme motorcycle touring in the mountains of Kazakhstan and Central Asia. Visit www.silkoffroad.kz.
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India roads - colorfull women
Colorfull noisy women coming back from work to their villages
Views: 3819 Eitan Rosenthal
Cameroon Princess
run lola run
Views: 2557 stuie
New Zealand
My trip in pics from New Zealand
Views: 1776 Niklas Olsson
Justin Milburn Celebrity in Africa
Justin Million goes to Africa!!!!!!!!! justinmilburn.20fr.com
Views: 629 IJstar
Jean Margaritis speaks
US Peace Corps. volunteer, Jean Margaritis, at Tsepong Clinic in Leribe, Lesotho speaks of her experience coming to terms with Africa.
Views: 19832 Gary McNutt
Thanksgiving 2006 Greeting to Alba B
I work on an oil rig offshore of West Africa and I am on my days off at home in Florida and wanted to share some of my Thanksgiving day with the guys I work with who are at work today.
Views: 141 Fatdaddymead
Giraffe Walk
Distant giraffes seen near Pete's Pond set to music
Views: 903 Donna Kendall
this is a looping starship ride. i went on2 it in Playdome @ BC Place Stadium.
Views: 5946 Magromancer
Madagascar Speaks
IO Anay PRODUCTIONS Presents Mazavaloha "Madagascar Speaks" Madagascar
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Laos Bicycle Tour Video
We are www.downtheroad.org and are on a never ending around the world bicycle tour. This is a video from the seat of a touring bike. Join us on our tour though Laos and southeast Asia.
Views: 70677 Tim Travis
Gypsy Dancing Ain't Easy
Chemda, Andrea and Nora show you something during "Drink" from the Gypsy Rock Opera, "Reasons To Live," created and performed by Viva Patshiva
Views: 2654 ReasonsToLive
Views: 3818 Interlude Pixtures
Ras Tyehimba speaks on Kenya. Miss Job speaks on India
Ras Tyehimba speaks on UWI students trip to Kenya and Miss Job speaks on her trip to India on CNC 3 TV Trinidad and Tobago August 2006
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The World's Fastest Indian - Trailer
This is the trailer for "The World's Fastest Indian". A wonderful movie with (Sir) Anthony Hopkins as Burt Munroe, a New Zealander who built his 1920 Indian Scout Motorcycle into the fastest motorcycle (under 1000cc) at the bonneville flats in Utah in 1962. Burt Munroe is a genuine local hero. (http://www.worldsfastestindian.com). You can see more at http://www.kiwibloke.org
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AFRICA by DICRESSI (www.arrakis.es/~ddavid)
Mi vision musical de Africa
Views: 2537 DICRESSI
THIS IS PART I We made this movie on India's History for an annual Diwali function at the university of Tennessee,knoxville. We present here 5000 years of India's history in 15 minutes. We have tried to mention almost all important events. Its been a great learning experience. Hope y'all enjoy it !!!!!!! India Indian Sindhu ancient civilization timeline harappa mohenjodaro freedom History Knoxville manthan Tennessee Bharat ar rahman Indus valley Mahatma Gandhi Bhagat Singh 1947 Maurya Bengali Sanskrit Hindi Vijayanagara
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VELOFAX Pocketful Live @ The Live Lounge
VELOFAX Pocketful Live @ The Live Lounge
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Hazrat Nizamudin Delhi
this is the alley leading to Hazrat Nizamuddin Dargah in Delhi, if u see the architecture its similar to the ones found in central asia and iran.
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The Early Days Of YouTube - Joel Samuel - Sept 25, 2006
My dream was to always have a venue and leaving it up to the viewers to judge the talents on their own merit. From the earliest recording of some now household names mixed together with Celebrities and well known artist. I have produced a lot in what to me has been a very short and interesting life. This is a current message from 2006 Message to all my viewers. THANKS FOR WATCHING! joelsamuelpresents
Views: 386 Joel Samuel
Harvey Weinstein, Shut Up & Sing, PFAW Foundation
People For the American Way Foundation www.pfaw.org Harvey Weinstein, Weinstein Co chairman, and co-founder of Miramax Films, introduces the documentary, Shut Up & Sing at the New York City premiere on Tuesday, October 24th. "To hang out with the Dixie Chicks is to remind us about integrity in this country and also something sorely lacking—courage," Weinstein said. On Tuesday October 24th, the all-female Texas trio of Natalie Maines, Martie Maguire and Emily Robinson—otherwise known as the Dixie Chicks—flew into New York for the star-studded premiere of Shut Up & Sing, which was co-sponsored by People For the American Way Foundation and Young People For! The documentary, directed by Oscar-winner Barbara Kopple, chronicles the aftermath of Maines' comments during a performance on March 10, 2003 in London: "Just so you know, we're ashamed the President of the United States is from Texas." Those 15 words, on the eve of the American invasion of Iraq, sparked an uproar. (It should be noted that two months earlier, President Bush spoke 16 words in this State of the Union that would spark a future controversy of an entirely different magnitude: "The British government has learned that Saddam Hussein recently sought significant quantities of uranium from Africa.") Interviewed on the red carpet, the Dixie Chicks stood strongly behind Maines' remarks from three years ago and her First Amendment rights. "I was right to have free speech and to use free speech," Maines told "Access Hollywood." Shut Up & Sing opens in New York and Los Angeles on October 27 and nationwide. The film travels with the Dixie Chicks, from their peak of popularity as the national-anthem-singing darlings of country music and top-selling female recording artists of all time, through the now famous anti-Bush comment, and on through the days, months and years of mayhem. The film follows the country singers' lives and careers through the writing and recording of their first album since "the incident" and three years of political attack, making music, birthing babies, bonding, death threats, and laughter. At the end, the film presents a complete reconsideration of who people think they are, who they want to be and who, ultimately, they really are as women, as public figures, and as musicians. www.pfaw.org
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Tony Matterhorn - Dutty Wine | Official Music Video
Tony Matterhorn's video for Dutty Wine, from Reggae Gold 2006, IN STORES NOW!!!
Views: 28858841 VP Records
Godel Studios In Dimona,Israel
Godel Studios In Dimona,Israel
Views: 1285 bahkooryah
Inda Music Video
Music Video. From the movie "Brüder".
Views: 6842 Lubosz Sarnecki
Sean jumps over a sandy road in Congo
Pictures from the African Aids Awarness Campaign (http://overland.naomba.com)
Views: 670 virago317

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