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girls gone wow
real funny world of warcraft comedy some one sent me
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Girls Gone W.o.W
This AMV Kinda took a LONG TIME... so please don't assault me about it.
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Christian Girls Gone Wild
Fun on Christams Eve
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Country Death Song
Thank you very much to everyone that has commented and loved this videos. Every once in a while I like to read through the comments. I'm sorry I don't have time to reply to everyone. This animation was a ton of fun, and I wish I had more time to create new ones, but unfortunately I no longer live with my parents and have moved on from school. I make no money off of this video because the copyrights are held by the record label and they were nice enough to leave it up as long as it had a advertisement in front of it. I don't know if any of that money is really going to the Violent Femmes, but I hope so. I had the privilege of meeting Brian Ritchie at the common ground music festival in Lansing Michigan Last summer. His Mom and Brother stood next to me for the entire show. (I got his and his Mom's autograph on my arm lol) I didn't get to meet Gono but they played an amazing show and look forward to seeing them live again soon. I used After Effects to create the animation, and I drew everything in Photoshop except for the farmer and the slide of hell. I forget where I found the farmer but new that was the style I was looking for, everything else was inspired from that. The file size when it finally exported was over 10gb so when I compressed it down for Youtube it lost a lot of the quality. It probably would have been better to use Illustrator or some other vector based software. Thanks again everyone for your comments and love for this band. They are still one of my favorite bands of all time, and I really enjoyed seeing them live. -Cory Latocki A animated music video for the song "Country Death Song" by the Violent Femmes. This was my animations class final.
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girls gone wild-not so much
riding a mechanical horse
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Old Crow Medicine Show - Down Home Girl [Live]
"Down Home GIrl" by Old Crow Medicine Show from Big Iron World, available now. Download on iTunes: http://smarturl.it/ocms Links: http://www.facebook.com/OldCrowMedicineShow "Down Home Girl" Lyrics: Well I swear your perfume, baby, is made out of turnip greens Every time I kiss you girl, it tastes like pork and beans Even though you're wearing those uptown high heels I can tell from your giant step you've been walking through the cotton fields Ohhhhhh you're so down home girl Every time you monkey, child, it takes my breath away Well, every time you move like that, girl, I got to get down and pray Girl, you know that dress you're wearin' made out of fiber glass Every time you move like that, girl, I got to go to Sunday mass Ohhhhhh you're so down home girl I'm going to take you to the muddy river and push you in So I can watch the water roll on down your velvet skin I'm gonna take you down to New Orleans, down in Dixie land So I can watch you do the second line with an umbrella in your hand Ohhhhhh you're so down home girl Subscribe to Nettwerk's YouTube channel: http://smarturl.it/nettwerkyoutube
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spice girls gone retarded?
we rock your world?
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barking girls
girls gone REALLY wild.-
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Girls get dirty
Just took off the full canvas top and put the bikini top on when my daughter and two of her friends said that they wanted me to take them jeepin.... They got muddy but enjoyed it so much that we went through it about four times
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Recoil the Bull....
The older of the 2 chariolais bulls we have on our farm....
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Menno Girls Gone Wild
Come to mama. A higher quality version is available at http://lastgoodname.blogspot.com/2006/08/menno-poker-girls_15.html
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Bald Be Gone
Matt Hamilton, Brad Bly and Tyler Hensley star in the blockbuster hit "Bald Be Gone". This film brings new choices for men or women suffering from the terrible effects of baldness.
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Chassy gone wild on a John Deere
This was at Charlie's Birthday party on 12.9.06. She is riding Charlie's new birthday present. Pay attention at the end. She is going to be auditioning at for Girls Gone Wild
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woman part 172738
in the girls locker room
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Sluggos - Cigarettes Girl (Rough Mix)
The Sluggos is the name of a rock band from Wichita, Kansas, Air Capital of the World. Members: Wayne Gottstine (Scroat Belly, Split Lip Rayfield), Michael Carmody (Sunshine Family, Carganza), Mitch Clay (Scroat Belly, Knight) and Doug Van Es (Pocket Weasels, Monterey Jack). This is a rough mix of one song from their album in progress, engineered and recorded by Tom Page and Albert Alfonso. The as-yet-untitled album is due out in late 2006. ICT/316
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The Farmer's Wife
Made under the RTÉ/Filmbase Short Film Awards
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tractor girl!
niece on a tractor!
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Girls in hawaii - Casper
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Bitch Fight2
Two little girls have a fight!
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Thumb Gone
Tofu shows us his magic thumb!
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Crop Over frenzy
a bunch of Bajan Girls wuking up and doing bad
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Me && michelle
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redneck women
some women are just stupid
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country girls
lovin the roomie
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Fairy Girl goes Camping
The Compilation of things that happen when we go camping .. "Shitsticks!" Starring: Jenny, Jes, Julie, Jo, Mel, Sydney, and Me.
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Chicks Gone Wild
Margot and Rita, my two Dominique chicks, run amok on a coffee table.
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my girls....crazy shit la
boo yah!
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quad, driving in circles, crash, pretty girl
quad riding, quad, driving in circles, crash, pretty girl
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a box of 8 crayons gone wild in the streets!
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The Who - Glow Girl (Uncut studio version)
My first vid, and damn it if I didn't have fun..! Song is Glow Girl by The Who, and the babbling at the end is cut-outs from the Sally Simpson outtake. Hope you'll have as fun watching as I had making it!
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GirLs GhoSt RidiN tHA whIp
U Aint Never seen No females do It like we DO!!
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Two amish women digging potatoes
Brian Hoffman performing at Hilarities Comedy Club in Cuyahoga Falls Oh telling a joke joke about two amish women digging potatoes.
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The mosters gone
tribute to the a true sayian, vegeta! enjoy guys
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Touch My Bum
This is the world famous Touch My Bum performed by The Cheeky Boys... this is some hot stuff girls! make sure you have a spare change of pants! This has been performed live on stage at Henry's bar in Talybont Find more at http://www.cooljohng.co.uk/movies/
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PRANK: Crashing the car of Mr. Hitler!
The Dudesons get their final revenge against their neighbor!
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All Together Now
It's W.I.T.C.H. fan video. Here is C.H.Y.K.N. too. Request by bluFlowerzl7te3n Hope you like it!
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Kristin and Kelsey at 80's Night
Bunch of teens dress up and dance to 80s music.
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The Oaks Classic Gone Bad
There are times when show days go great, and when they go not so great. This is one of those days. If you want to see the rest of my vids. go to "More From This User". Thanx!! COMMENTS PLEASE!!
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My Little Pony Rides
Take a magical "My Little Pony" ride with the gang.
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Soup Dragons - Pleasure
from their largest commercial success Hotwired
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white-people ghostriding da whip
this guy is really ghostriding his whip to the ER alright. ouch Oldie video from our old El-hombre.net blog back in the day.
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double's jump to kiss the fender
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The First Well: Learn English (UK) with subtitles - Story for Children "BookBox.com"
► Buy the book in English: Paperback: https://amzn.to/2MjUhRV ►Visit http://bit.ly/FW_euk_fg for story text in English. Download activities. ____________________________________________________________________________ A warrior sets out in search of water to save his kingdom from drought. He brings home what they think is a 'water-seed'. The First Well Retold by BookBox There once was a small kingdom around a lake. One very hot summer, it did not rain and the lake dried up. People grew anxious, and went to the king. “It has not rained for so long. Our fields are barren!” said the farmers. “There’s no fish to catch. How shall we earn a living?” asked the fishermen. “Save us from disaster, good king,” urged the women and the children cried with thirst. The king sent his four generals, to search for water in all directions. The first general went east, towards the sunrise, the second to the south, to dust and heat, the third went west, where the sun sets, and the fourth followed the North Star. They searched day and night, night and day, high and low. They searched everywhere, but in vain. Three of the generals returned, empty-handed. But the general who had gone north, determined not to fail his king, finally reached a cold mountain village. As he sat at the foot of the mountain, an old woman came by and sat next to him. The general pointed at the horizon and said, “I belong to a beautiful kingdom, where it has not rained for a whole year. Can you help me find water?” The woman asked the general to follow her up the mountain and into a cave. “We have no water in our country either,” she said. Then, pointing to the icicles in the cave, she continued, “We call this ice. Take some, and your kingdom will never go thirsty again.” The general broke off a huge piece, loaded it into his horse-cart and rushed back home. By the time he reached the court, the enormous icicle had melted into a small lump of ice. Nobody in the court had ever seen ice, so everybody gazed at it with wonder! “This must be a water-seed,” one of the ministers exclaimed suddenly. The king ordered the water-seed to be sowed immediately. While the farmers dug a hole in the ground, the lump grew even smaller in the sun. They swiftly placed the seed in the hole, but, before they could cover it, it had vanished. The farmers got confused and worried. They dug the earth deeper and deeper, into the night, looking for the mysterious seed. At the break of dawn, the king found the farmers fast asleep around the hole. Curiously, he peeped in and cried out in amazement, “Wake up, my worthy men, the water-seed has sprouted! There’s water in the hole!” This is how the first well was created. Illustrations: Emanuele Scanziani Narration: Duncan Mckenzie Music: Holger Jetter Animation : Alfrin Multimedia FREE Apps for iPads & iPhones: http://www.bookbox.com/ios FREE Apps for Android phones & tablets: http://www.bookbox.com/android Many more stories, languages & multiple subtitle options: http://www.bookbox.com #BookBox #BookBoxEnglish #Learn2Read
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Willie Nelson - Stay a little longer
Stay a little longer
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I Got A Woman - The Gibson Brothers
I Got A Woman - The Gibson Brothers
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Shack Girl Squad
Traditionally, the first skit of the second semester is presented by the Shack Girls. When they were unable to present it one year the Ranch Boys took it into their own hands. With this parody of the popular feature from homestarrunner.com, the Ranch Boys not only provided the audience of the thursday night Icthus club with a skit to enjoy, but allowed the Shack Girls to appear in it afterall, albeit in a slightly different form.
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Wilco - Jesus,etc
"Jesus etc" cover
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Princess Superstar - Bad Babysitter
a great Video from Princess Superstar !
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Gone Fishing
Heroes of the Pacific Outdoorsman Video. Best Fishing spots around Wake Is.
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