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Docufilm Trailer, A TIME FOR HEROES
STORY PLOT A TIME FOR HEROES (EPIC Military TRUE Story) Filming in: Atlanta, Georgia, United States by Kennedy Uzomba A TIME FOR HEROES (action thriller) The REAL Soldier story behind Captain America - If you like Captain America: The Winter Soldier, you will like the true - to - life real soldier story, based on TRUE EVENTS that this Marvel plot is really based on. After the cataclysmic events in New York, Kennedy Uzomba, aka Crocodile lives in Atlanta as he tries to adjust to life after the military. An attack on major units that he personally trained while in the military, throws Uzomba into a web of intrigue that places the whole world at risk. After a closed-session briefing with all U.S. Armed Forces major combatant leaders, Uzomba struggles to expose an ever-widening conspiracy, but he and his team soon come up against an unexpected enemy. BACKGROUND This docufilm will detail a TRUE STORY based on TRUE historical events that occurred in our nations Armed Forces that have been quietly over - looked for purely political reasons. Kennedy Uzomba wrote a novel titled A TIME FOR HEROES (2007) that eventually turned into a feature film titled Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2015). It details the real life military career of a special agent code named CROCODILE that developed our nation’s overall tactical war plan to respond to and combat global terrorism. National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice once mentioned in a Meet the Press interview (2004) that this US special agent was the one credited with developing this important tactical plan.
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9 11 was authorized by a U S  FEDERAL Judge
My name is Kennedy Uzomba, former 3/7th Infantry Commander and commissioned officer from the United States Army. I was a former internal affairs investigator for the military’s Packard Commission during the 1980s; and again during a closed session briefing during the 1990s prior to 9/11 that involved members of Congress, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, US Intelligence Agencies, all major Armed Forces Combatant Commanders, as well as foreign intelligence agencies. I offer circumstantial evidence that indicates that 9-11 was authorized by a U.S. FEDERAL Judge by the name of General F. Cecil Adams Jr. from the U.S. Forces Command.
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Quality 1st Franchise Opportunity
Based in Atlanta, GA the company buys REAL ESTATE in need of remodeling or renovations, then repairs and sells them for a profit. Some sellers will sell their property at a wholesale price if they receive a cash offer, and you can close quickly and they can sell the property without any repair or remodeling expenses. We build and renovate properties utilizing "GREEN TECHNOLOGY" to create LEED-BASED TOTAL HOME AUTOMATION “SMART HOME” AND BUILDING AUTOMATION systems. We also specialize in real estate development, energy management, monitored security & rental property management through turn-key IT-based design & implement Residential & Commercial solutions.
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Quality 1st D Strap
“Innovative way to better control your document drawings, so can focus on your work” (Patent Pending US15423196)
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Promotion Video - Product Development, Marketing & Licensing Services
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Quality 1st D - Strap
Hands free drawing carrying shoulder strap
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Quality 1st Franchise Rights - Piezo - POWER PATENTED INVENTIONS
Quality 1st Franchise Opportunity A dawning era of creativity and innovation in "green technology" (also known as "clean technology") is bringing the promise of a healthier planet - as well as the prospect of growing businesses that can sustain its health to decrease the carbon foot print and environmental impact of present day activities. The excitement building around this sector is reminiscent of the early years of the information technology revolution. Quality1st Franchises and business model is designed to inform government efforts toward sustainability, providing a forum in which government officials can communicate with those in the private sector who are developing and distributing green technologies. With headquarters in Georgia, Quality1st is ideally situated to stay on the leading edge. With mandates for green building, energy management, renewable energy and "environmentally preferable" purchasing, Quality 1st has made an unequalled commitment to a green future. Piezo - POWER IS HERE TO STAY Piezoelectric actuators only require the mechanical force of a person's weight in order for generators to produce kinetic energy. PATENTED INEVENTIONS 1. eMat ENERGY HARVESTING USING AN INTERLOCKING RUGGEDIZED NEOPRENE MATS WITH EMBEDDED PIEZOELECTRIC GENERATORS HOUSED INSIDE RAISED TRUNCATED DOMES 2. eTire ENERGY HARVESTING USING THE ROAD CONTACT SURFACE OF A TIRE WITH EMBEDDED PIEZOELECTRIC GENERATORS HOUSED INSIDE THE TREADS 3. eSole ENERGY HARVESTING USING THE WITH EMBEDDED PIEZOELECTRIC GENERATORS HOUSED INSIDE THE SOLES OF FOOTWEAR 4. eSeat ENERGY HARVESTING USING THE WITH EMBEDDED PIEZOELECTRIC GENERATORS HOUSED INSIDE SEAT CUSHIONS Other PRODUCTS and SERVICES WE PROVIDE energy management, resource conservation, climate protection and cost savings, while ensuring permanent access to the energy you use. Our solutions improve your assets life-cycle, resulting in increased asset book value and lower capital expenditures, while optimizing your resources and revenue stream to improve process efficiency, reduce O&M workload, and reduce energy consumption. We also provide state-of-the monitored security systems for your residence and business, providing you with unique brands that are driving the new home automation mobile internet market. Whatever your security needs are, our staff will align you with the best technology that improves risk management and loss prevention, while increasing efficiency and productivity. Our solutions empower consumers, residence & business owners to improve safety, increase efficiency, reduce variability, and optimize their resources and revenue stream to protect to protect the environment. OPERATIONS This franchise can be operated from a retail location (Regional or Shopping Center), studio, home, warehouse or office. 8% of all franchisees own more than one unit. Minimum number of employees needed to run franchised unit: 1. Absentee ownership of franchise is NOT allowed. (100% of current franchisees are owner/operators). FRANCHISOR FINANCING AVAILABLE Franchise Fee NO Startup Costs NO Equipment NO Inventory YES Accounts Receivable NO Payroll NO Franchisor Support Training: Available at headquarters - Initial 4-week Boot Camp; then ON-GOING. Online Training AVAILABLE Ongoing Training Support: ONE-ON-ONE sessions, Workshops, Seminars, Internet, Field Operations / Evaluations Administration Support: Dedicated Administrative Assistance, Franchise National Accounting / Payroll and Auditing Service & Dedicated Bookkeeper; Nationwide Recruiting & Personnel Placement Services Marketing Support: Dedicated Marketing Consultant (upon request), TV, Radio, Billboards, Direct-mail, Telemarketing Services, Tradeshows, Email Campaigns, Retail POS, Social Media Technical Support: Quality 1st Franchise Information System, Nationwide On-Call Technicians, Workshops, Seminars, Internet, Field Operations / Evaluations, Central Call & Dispatch Stations Logistics Support: Electronic Commerce Inventory Control & Online Ordering Systems Customer Service Support: Nationwide Call Center; Public Relations Support Call us: (770) 369 – 2834 or 678-383-6982 † Quality 1st and Design logo are trademarks registered in the State of Georgia, Secretary of State Office. Mailing Address: P.O. Box 2636 Acworth, GA 30102
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Product and Market Development Services
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Product Development, Marketing & Licensing Services.
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