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how to clean bathtub and shower caulk, perfect and easy!
Having trouble getting the bathtub, shower or sink caulk clean? Try this simple solution! Clorox toilet bowl cleaner gel with bleach! A great life hack that gets your bathroom caulk sparkly white again with little effort, and NO scrubbing!
Make organic coconut oil soap, easy, simple recipe.
Homemade bar soap, cheap, fun, healthy. Organic coconut oil recipe. This will yield 30 or so normal size bars.
How to make sodium silicate water glass
Step by step process how to make sodium silicate water glass.
How to make a fishing trolling spoon. Way better than store bought!
this video will give you a good basic description of how to make your own fishing spoons from scrap metal you have lying around. THESE LURES WORK GREAT!!! I use them for trolling on the finger lakes in upstate NY. I have caught a variety of large fish with them! Good luck and happy fishing!
Melting lead for bank sinkers with old cast iron Reading instrument Co. mold
3rd time is the charm, melting lead for bank sinkers with old cast iron mold. Tip on the end that will help you be successful.
2012-16 Ford Fiesta tire pressure monitor reset procedure  No special tools or scanners!
In this video, I show you how to put a 2012-16 Ford Fiesta tire pressure monitor system into a reset relearn procedure once you have corrected the low pressure problem. No special tools, scanners or magnets!
Zebco dock demon pulls in a 9 pound Susquhannah river Catfish!
9 lb, 29 inch catfish caught out of the Susquehannah River using a Zebco dock demon pole, a Zebco 733 Hawg reel and Berkley Gulp Alive fake corn!
Bernzomatic TS4000 vs harbor freight 225 welder with bonus Greenwood flame thrower review
This is a side by side comparison of the bernzomatic TS4000 to the harbor freight 225 propane torch. Bonus footage of the Greenwood torch is included.
Okuma Stratus V baitcast reel unboxing and review A good buy for the money
This is an unbiased review of the Okuma Stratus V baitcast reel, I believe an exclusive Dicks sporting goods model. I unbox the reel, go over some of the features and check out the feel. Then cast test it, and sum it up at the end with my conclusion.
How to fillet and skin a Catfish using Rapala and Mundial knives
This is the way I fillet and skin any catfish. I use a sharp Rapala fillet knife and a Mundial scimitar knife. Nice, boneless fillet every time!
Harbor Freight Greenwood torch flame thrower melting concrete steps
Two thumbs up on this Harbor Freight greenwood torch! Works great for melting ice on my concrete steps! 90133 This video is being managed exclusively by Newsflare. To use this video for broadcast or in a commercial player go to: https//www.newsflare.com/video/175195/other/harbor-freight-greenwood-torch-flame-thrower-melting-concrete-steps or email: [email protected] or call +44 (0) 20 3937 6280
Make a fishing spoon from a sink faucet!
In this week's video, spoon making continues! This one we make from a sink faucet salvaged from the trash! Now what used to provide water to wash your hands will help put nice fish on my table! The fun I get from making something from nothing!
Make fishing sinkers from nothing!
These sinkers were made from old stainless steel shower curtain hooks and a bit of coaxial cable! They weight almost exactly 1 oz each. Man do I enjoy making something useful from nothing! Like, share and subscribe! Tx
KastKing Perigee 7' baitcast rod: Just plain awesome!
Review and test of the Kastking Perigee 7' baitcast rod. Bottom line: this rod is light as a feather and tough as nails. This is a great baitcast rod. As an honest reviewer, I am not paid or sponsored by the companies whose products I review, I pay for them just like you would. Enjoy!
The best way to get worms for fishing! Easy way to get bait!
Catch earthworms, nightcrawlers for fishing the easy way using dawn dishsoap! In this video, the girls and I have fun gathering worms for bait.
Freetoo bite alarm review. BUY THIS! Cheap on Amazon
This is an unbiased honest review of the Freetoo bite alarm that can be found on Amazon for about $15 for a 3 pack. This product works GREAT! An absolute good buy!
Chinese silca sbb. DO NOT BUY
Chinese silca sbb
NES clone Coolbaby review part 1: The Mario section
NES clone coolbaby video game console. In this video I give a overview of the coolbaby video game console with 600 built in games. This review goes through several of the 25 games from the "Mario" section of games.
How to rig a hoochie with a treble hook using coaxial cable
This is my favorite method that I use to rig up a hoochie for fishing. It uses a hoochie 4 1/2 inches long, purchased anywhere, i buy mine on aliexpress 50 for 7 or 8 bucks. also needed is a reasonably good quality swivel and a bit of coaxial cable, and a #1 treble hook, I use mustad open shank treble hook. Try this and you will land more fish than the standard mono-filament double hook rig. You will never go back!
TROUT fishing on opening day of BASS season with KastKing Speed Demon!
So I decided opening day of bass season I wanted to try out my new KastKing Speed Demon baitcast reel and go fishing for TROUT! I am in love with this reel! While no trout were landed, I did have one hooked that spit, then i caught a big Carp, then a Fallfish! Any day I'm caching fish is a good day, even though it wasn't trout! Better than working, anyway...!
Easy Homemade Orange Marmalade
Easy to make homemade orange marmalade! Great recipe with chunks of real oranges! perfect, not too bitter method!
Holy crayfish! These were caught using those cheap green chinese bait traps! They work Great!!
2 crayfish traps set out in the apalachin creek for two hours, baited with dry alpo. Amazing result!
Schumacher Car Charger Repair
Repair of a completely flooded Schumacher car battery charger model SE40225. Reclaimed circuit board switch's from a junk Sylvania TV I was throwing out!
NES clone Coolbaby review part 2: The 545 in one section
NES clone coolbaby video game console. This video is part 2, where I review several of the games from the "545 in one" section. Some winners, and some dogs. Taking into account the good and the bad, this product remains an excellent value.
Making a flutter trolling spoon tutorial. Very complete, step by step video.
This video will show you step by step how to make your own flutter trolling spoon for fishing. The pictured fish in the thumbnail was caught in Cayuga lake October 2016 using a homemade spoon just like the one we make in this video. This was a 15.8 lb brown trout. I hope you find this video instructive.
Ford Fiesta trunk boot pops open randomly repair
this is a quick video of how I repaired my 2012 Ford Fiesta trunk latch from randomly opening. I hope this helps some of you out!
Coolbaby Super Mario 3 Review
NES clone coolbaby video game console. In this video I review the Coolbaby version of Super Mario 3 as requested by a subscriber. Thanks for watching!
How to make a Rooster Tail Spinnerbait!
A treble hook, coaxial cable wire, and an old toaster combine to make a cool rooster tail spinner bait!
Homemade solid cherry cutboard
Homemade solid cherry cutboard
"Dad! Are we gonna eat the TURTLE?!"
11 year old girl catches a ...... TURTLE??!!??!! Daddy daughter time produces surprise catch!
Zomei Q111 Professional Tripod, the best $30 tripod on the market!
I bought this Zomei Q111 tripod in an effort to increace the quality and presentation of my youtube videos. WOW!!! What a GREAT buy this is for $30 ish bucks!
Boating the Erie Canal by way of the Cayuga Mudlocks
Waiting to launch at Long Point I caught a goby on a tree grub. Then we cruised up to the mudlocks in Cayuga and went into the canal system through Montezuma wildlife refuge. We saw several heron as well as bald eagles. On the way back, we did a little tubing!
Homemade cream of mushroom soup. The best you have ever had! 100% organic. Can be made gluten free.
This is bar none, without a doubt, undeniably the best cream of mushroom soup in the entire world!
Tubing on Cayuga lake with Luger Williams and Zach. R.I.P. Luger...
Boating and tubing with my son and his best friend.