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Aamir Zaki's Guitar Piece for Asrar in Coke Studio Episode 0701
My edit to take Aamir Zaki's Guitar Piece for Asrar in Coke Studio Episode 0701
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3 Simple Tricks to Drape Saree with Ease
Once you see this, you will NEVER drape a saree without using these tricks. Never. Ever. Again. Source: Glamrs Style by Pooja Vakil
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Munfarid Zaidi from Pakistan, living in US rocked American Idol
Munfarid Zaidi born in Lahore, living in Texas rocked American Idol's auditions. I believe he is first Pakistani I am seeing in American Idol's auditions and leave an impression as well. Check the video to know how, it was fun.
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Baney Ga Naya Pakistan - PTI Song by Dr Tauseef Afridi
Baney Ga Naya Pakistan - PTI Song by Dr Tauseef Afridi
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Pakistan Motorway Road Accident stopped by Athar Yad Ali
Interview of family: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CSwyrRH-GXg Shaista Ali Khan Shared story of their road-trip-turned-adventure earlier on Facebook. We all should do what we can to make world a better place for us and for others too. "My husband my hero. This is one of reasons I loved , I love and I will keep loving you Athar Yad Ali. This happened on motorway salt range today. We saw a 22 wheeler driver and his 2nd Seater jumped out of it as the breaks of this monster failed. Athar Yad Ali ran and sat in it to take control and got it to safe stop after 2 km of trying different ways to stop it. He was appreciated by MW police and so many people who saw him doing this act of bravery."
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Hand made Concept Car made in Pakistan by Muhammad Tauseef
This uniquely custom car is handmade by Muhammad Tauseef, an engineer from Qasoor, Pakistan. The designs clues are taken from one of the toy cars available commonly in market and bring it to live within 2 and a half years, spending 11 Lakh Pakistan Rupees.
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Athar Yad Ali Stopped 22 Wheeler on Motorway Pakistan
Interview and Original video clip of Pakistan Motorway incident that was stopped by Athar Yad Ali. How did he stop 22 Wheeler on Motorway? Hear it out by himself and his family. The breaks were failed of this loaded 22 wheeler and driver, along with his helper jumped off the vehicle. A family noticed it, Mr. Athar noticed situation and saw coming slope ahead with passenger buses on the road and decided to do something before it cause some serious damage. Untrained but with Allah's help and faith he tried his best and got the non-stop monster on leashed...
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PTI Song Usman Dar Team Shukriya Pakistan for 30 November
"Shukriya Pakistan", A very melodious and soft, heart-warming PTI Song from Usman Dar Team for 30 November Massive Jalsa
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Munfarid Zaidi goes through American Idol's Hollywood and Group Round
(Sorry for quality, I need better software of course.) After Munfarid's memorable audition in American Idol, he cruise through first of Hollywood round with much colorful performance. In Group Round his group face number of challenges and go through it but expense of one member.
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Transporter, TV Series, Season 2 Intro
Transporter, TV Series, Season 2 Intro for Fans and Interested viewers.
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Scorpion TV Series Season 1 Intro
TV Series Scorpion, Loved the first episode but didn't thought it will catch on. Surprisingly it did and still going strong for me.
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Imran Khan Zindabad - PTI Song by Afshan Zaibe
A political song for PTI and Imran Khan, by Afshan Zaibe the first female singer to sing for PTI. Her gift for the PTI fans.
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Edhi Home, home for hopelesses
Message from Dr. Tahira, about Edhi Home and supporters of Edhi Foundation. It's always quite easy to crticise and difficult to stand by side and offer them helping hand. I want you to let it go but now it was necessary and important to speak about it! Because I was scared of being asked on day of judgment that did I fulfilled my duty when everyone was spreading hatred and false information! So we did record this video not as an answer but as literally piece of awareness I stand by my words, let us know how can we improve this system and we will join u we will follow u... Whether it's cleaning someone's flesh or floor of any hospital or old age home... We will.do that with u But please stop spreading hatred and hoeplessness. #IStandWithEdhi #LetsBeEdhi #LetsHelpEdhi
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Heels Launched Flagship Store at LuckyOne, Karachi
Heels launched its flagship store at Lucky One Mall, Karachi on Thursday 15 June 2017. The launch event was attended by celebrities and A-listers, besides socialites, media personnel, friends and family. Spearheaded by Ashraf Mayia, Jawad Durrani and Asim Hafeez, Heels strive to offer the best in footwear to its discerning clients. At the grand launch, the brand also introduced its latest Eid collection titled ‘A Festive Affair’. The evening commenced with the arrival of television stars followed by the ribbon cutting ceremony performed by Mr. Mirza Ishtiaq Baig and celebrated actor Minal Khan. This was followed by an entertaining fashion show showcasing the best of heels. Models could be seen adorned in smart western wear sporting smart and trendy footwear by Heels. The models had been beautified by Beenish Pervaiz. During the fashionable presentation, lip-smacking hors d’oeuvers and cocktails were also served to the delight of the guests. The event was well-organised promising to set a new milestone for the brand. Oorganised by T-Factor Events; styling and wardrobe by Thomas Fernandes. Media management and PR was handled by IDEAS Events PR.
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Sleepy Hollow, TV Series Season 2 Intro
Sleepy Hollow, TV Series Season 2 Intro
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How to use Pen Quran, with Full Intro, Price and Availability (in Urdu)
We are using Pen Quran for a long time and it is surprised to know not many people know how does it work. Got a chance during Book Fair at Expo 2016 to record a brief introduction.
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The 100, TV Series Season 2, Intro
The 100, SciFi TV Series Season 2, Intro
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Nokia X2 after Update demo Live Wallpaper and Some...
www.intouch247.net for more... Nokia X2 Updated today couple of hours ago and some of the new features are here under the camera including Live Wallpaper.
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Oppo F1S Smartphone Hands-on (in Urdu)
Hands-on of Oppo F1S by Mr. Ameen, in Urdu. P.s. Going through some Changes in setup. I will try getting more videos up of more devices, more apps and more games.
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Zombie Doom HD Free WindowsPhone Game on Lumia 535
Zombie Doom HD, Free WindowsPhone Game on Lumia 535. This game, well I am not fan of it, but in future it might be improved to be a good game. p.s. Why YouTube is not making Thumbnails of my videos?
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Lazzo De Cafe, Opening of French Food Center in Karachi
Opening of Lazzo De Cafe was one of the simplest, decent opening event I have been to. Inside, there are plenty of choices for diners to sit and enjoy their meal. Enjoy the highlights of the evening. Location: SMCHS, Main Roundabout
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From TV Series Arrow - Arrow, Nissa, Malcom Fight Scene S304
From TV Series Arrow - Arrow, Nissa, Malcom Fight Scene, Season 3 Episode 4. This fight sequence I like and wanted to share with some of my friends so uploading it.
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Huawei Experience Store, their First All-in-one Store in Pakistan
Highlights from the opening of Huawei Experience Store. Amma Tower, Saddar, Karachi. You will get all services and sales at one place.
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Sahara Village, Shelter House  in Karachi, Iftari and Dinner
Visiting Shelter houses and orphanages can change how you look at life and how you treat things, when you do it with pure heart.
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Tasneem Sadaf New Boutique Store Opening
I went to the opening of Tasneem Sadaf second boutique and it is on Zamzama. The evening was FULL of celebrity guests, for a change it was not public but her family, friends, some selected media personals and us people from digital media. On the new store Tasneem Sadaff, her new bridal collection with different colors was the highlight among other new design range. Camera: Samsung Galaxy S7 edge #TasneemSadaf #EventVideo #byS7edge
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Infinix Hot 5 Camera UI and Quick Performance
Infinix Hot 5, The Mobile Cinema has large 5.5 inch display, Front facing stereo speakers, impressive 4000mAh battery, 2GB Ram, 16GB Storage, average 8mp back camera and 5mp selfie camera, both with flash. Quad-core Processor and Mali400 MP GPU.
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Constantine, the TV Series Season 1 Intro
Constantine, the TV Series Season 1 Intro
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Nokia X Apps: Go Launcher EX, be Unique as you are
If you don't like Nokia X Tile-like Home screen, try Go Launcher Ex, Free App to make your Nokia X as unique as you are.
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in 5 minutes, know Everything about iDroid BALR X7 Smartphone's Performance
Know how iDroid BALR X7, an affordable Android smartphone performs, in 5 minutes. Available in Pakistan for Rs.9,500 at Yayvo.com exclusively. 5.5inch screen, 1gb ram, 16gb storage 1.3ghz quad core mediatek processor, mali-400 mp GPU Android 5.1 lollipop
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Drifting Cars, Bikes, Screaming Tires at Road Burnerz 2k17, Karachi Event
Event for Drifting Cars makers and lovers, Race and Heavy Bikes collectors, Performances of Screaming Tires at Road Burnerz 2k17, Karachi Event.
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Boom Boom Afridi by JO-G ft Jayhan with Lyrics
Boom Boom Afridi by JO-G ft Jayhan from JO-G Studio Productions Official Link with Downloadable MP3 file available here: http://soundcloud.com/jo-gmusic/boomboomafridisong This upbeat Boom Boom Afridi song for all the Lala Lovers www.facebook.com/jayogee www.facebook.com/jayhanmusic Lyrics: Jab pitch pay aata hai bowler kitna darta hai jab shot khelta hai woh har ik shor karta hai ab cricket ki dunya mai subse agay hai woh kaun Shahid afridi Jo mushkil mai kaam aata hai woh bolo hai yeh kaun Shahid Afridi One day cricket ka jisne scene badla hai chakkay aur chokon say jisnay game palta hai baray baray bowlers ko aisay dher karta hai Dharay aisay field mai jesay sher karta hai Jo ball utha kar bahir phenkay bolo hai woh kaun Shahid Afridi Jo andhian macha day yaro bolo hai woh kaun Shahid Afridi ab cricket ki dunya mai subse agay hai woh kaun Shahid afridi Jo mushkil mai kaam aata hai woh bolo hai yeh kaun Shahid Afridi boom boom boom tu lalay di jaan hai tu hit karay ya miss karay tu pakistan ki shaan hai Toun deal karay sirf chakkon main ballain stadium ki chathon pay jo bante thay ghar k shair ab pani unki ankho mai Sub stats guru ab boli jayen Final k liye hum qualify Boom Boom k Chakkon Nay Sub ko kiya hai Lalafied history repeat hui Phir Pakistan ki Jeet hui Big 3 humko kiya rok say Aaj uni ki defeat hui Jo wicket pay hasta rehta hai woh bolo hai yeh kaun Shahid Afridi Jo Palak Jhapak jitwata hai woh bolo hai yeh kaun Shahid Afridi ab cricket ki dunya mai subse agay hai woh kaun Shahid afridi Jo mushkil mai kaam aata hai woh bolo hai yeh kaun Shahid Afridi
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Imran Khan, Reham Khan Valima Lunch with Students
Wedding Pictures at: www.stylenart.com Imran Khan and Reham Khan shared their Valima Lunch with Students with simplicity. Have a look.
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Ideal Coworking Space - CoSpax in Karachi
We had a tour to CoWorking Space in Karachi, CoSpax. I find it an ideal space where the company is aiming to be more than just space providers but to form a community. #CoworkingSpace #CoWorkCommunity #CoSpax
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Tabba Heart Institute, Open in DHA
Tabba Heart Institute, a known name in medical within Country since 2005, now opens in DHA with new state-of-the-art facility. At this new prime location on Main Korangi Road, near Kala Pull and Tooba Masjid, Tabba Heart Institute open its own OPD setup, they will be providing Diagnostics and Consultation Services. Other services include Laboratory Tests, Pharmacy, Non-Invasive Diagnostics Tests such as ETT, Echo, X-Ray, Nuclear Scan (Thallium Scan), Holter Monitoring, Ambulatory BP monitoring, Tilt Table Test and ECG. For appointment and other details, reach at Information Desk or call 0312-0844844, 111-844844
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DPS Festival of Lights - Part 2. The Lights in the Night. Fire & Light Show
Part 2 of DPS Festival of Lights video is all about the performances after the sunset. This include Tron Dance, Fire Dance, Light Parade by cute kids and Fireworks.
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Runaway Truck, Free WindowsPhone Game, demoed on Lumia 535
Runaway Truck, A Free and Very Fun WindowsPhone Game. Your truck is on the road going down, with no driver in it. How long you can keep it going and how much coins can you collect is your task.
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What is Mini AC or Mini Fan (in Urdu)
What is this gadget firstly introduced as Mini AC for Rs.1500 only? It was re-titled to Mini Fan later. In shops of Saddar this same item is available for Rs.500. It is suitable for personal uses, inside car or desk near the person.
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Huawei Ascend G700 TV Commercial for Pakistan
Huawei Ascend G700 TV Commercial for Pakistan
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Store Opening: Interieur 360 - Fashion Luxury Furniture
Welcome to Intérieur 360. The Only Sophisticated Choice of Furniture. Faysal Quraishi inaugurated the first store of Interieur 360 - luxury furniture. With furniture as majestic as ours, you probably wouldn't want to leave your home either. We are proud to be the pioneers in the provision of the state-of-the-art office and casual furniture with a wide range of interior decoration from False Ceiling, Bedroom Designs, Kitchen Designs and more. Visit our virtual shop on Facebook and check out the wide collection of the services we provide. - Our first official outlet located at Ground Floor Shop No. 2 Building No. 11-C, Ittehad Lane No.7, DHA, Phase 6, Karachi. - Profile links: https://twitter.com/interieur360ofc https://www.instagram.com/interieur360official/ https://www.facebook.com/interieur360official/
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Pan Asian Cuisine in Karachi by Golden Bowl
Opening of Golden Bowl, an Authentic Pan Asian Experience in Karachi for everyone. "Residents of Karachi should prepare themselves for something amazing, an experience they have never had! Golden Bowl brings you a completely new thing which people have yet to see. They bring you the authentic taste of the Pan Asian cuisine. They take fresh food ingredients cooked for a few minutes over an intense fire, preserving maximum vitamins, minerals and fibers. A simple three step menu helps you choose the combination you love and personalise your own meal the way you like, the best part is that you can see all the things prepared and made right through the big glass wall making the experience remarkable."
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Rangers stall at Karachi Electronics Electrical Mobile Telecom Fair
Pakistan Rangers shared some of their gears with the public at Karachi Expo. Video credit: Wasim Sunny
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DPS Festival of Lights - Part 1. The Cause, Games and Rides.
DPS Festival of Lights, a fund raising event at Dawood Public School, Karachi was more than an entertainment event. In this first part, you will get to know that part of from Amna and Marium.
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School for Special Children: Moonlight Foundation School (in Urdu)
From Abilities Expo, see how this School for Special children "Moonlight Foundation School" is training them and engaging them with studies and education.
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Game Demo: Shadow Fight 2 on Numy AX1
More Reviews: www.intouch247.net Shadow Fight 2, what a game it is... I haven't play a fight game as intense and fun as this one. The details are out class. Loved every bit of it.
Views: 425 Munir Rahool
New Perfumes for Men and Women by Edenrobe Beauty
Edenrobe BEAUTY (IG: @edenrobebeauty) introduced two new flavors in their perfumes collection. Monarc (for men) and Roma (for women). Both perfumes were warmly welcomed by the finest of lifestyle bloggers and influencers of Karachi City at Edenrobe's store in LuckyOne Mall (IG: @luckyonepk). Faizan Haqqee hosted the event with perfection, filled the games with decent humor, Guests were entertained with his on-spot commentary as the games progressed till team Madeeha grabbed the grand prize and Samia (The Social Circle) came close-second. All other participants got prizes and it was win-win for everyone. The exciting launch party came to an end with cake cutting ceremony. Camera: Samsung Galaxy S7 edge #EdenrobeBeauty #Perfumes #EventVideo
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Khas Store for Clothing, Home, Bed & Bath - Launch Event Highlights
Khas Store in LuckyOne Mall officially start selling their Top Export Quality Clothing, Home, Bed and Bath products in Karachi. The evening highlights from Launch Event is present to you by Style & Art.
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Voice Xtreme V90 Android Phone TV Commercial
4.7inch HD Display, Smart Mute, Smart Message Call, Smart Swipe View, 1.5ghz Turbo Processor, 2GB Ram, 16GB Storage, 13mp back camera, 2mp front camera.
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Samsung Outlet Opening in LuckyOne, Karachi
The opening of Samsung's new outlet at LuckyOne Mall was joined by bloggers, media and buyers in the Mall. In this outlet, along with sales, services and authentic accessories, Samsung is offering a Gaming area where users can experience their finest devices for their game capability on large LED. Counters are neatly organized for customers to get hands-on of Samsung smartphones. Camera: Samsung Galaxy S7 edge Music: YouTube Audio #SamsungStore #S7edgeVideography #SmartphoneVideography
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How Nadia Jamil controlled her Epilepsy Condition - Full Speech in Urdu
Ms. Nadia Jamil, famous Pakistani actor came forward in support of Epilepsy (Mirgi) treatment and awareness campaign. She herself suffered epilepsy condition and control it by knowing what is it and taking regular medicines. She shared how it began, how she controls and what it is, it is a treatable medical condition. Let's hear it all from herself. Unedited version of her speech to a press conference. #NadiJamil #Epilepsy #Health
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