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BOBCAT EXCAVATORS E42 vs E35i Side by side comparison
While I had both machines and a very knowledgeable Bobcat Rep, we did a side by side comparison of the two machines. It is obvious to see the differences in the way each machine is laid out and designed. The E35i is a zero turn machine and is a more economical choice boasting a 24 hp diesel engine and weighing in at 8,143 lbs (long arm option) with a rated lift capacity at 10' out over blade of 2,866 lbs!! But the E42 is a beast weighing in at 9,722 lbs (long arm option) with a rated lift capacity at 10' out over blade of 4,603! Watch as we compare the 2 machines and do a walk around 360.
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OK, if you have even watched just ONE lake fill update over the last year you might want to have a look at this one. I'm not going to say that we are there just yet, but take a look and enjoy some suspense and beautiful Illinois scenery as I put the phantom 4 pro drone up in the air for today's lake fill update! Here are some past updates to show you just how much progress we have made!!! July lake fill update: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s0reZ1iN40A&t=24s October lake fill update: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f35tGe-rExM Thanksgiving update UP OVER A FOOT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jN0PkgoweiE Post thanksgiving Up over 32 inches in days: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2kAjw87TR7Y&t=163s Christmas lake fill update: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vaQq1rbBBGU&t=2s
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Reverse Drop Spreading Gravel from Dump Truck! This guy is good!!
Check out some Action from yesterdays rebuilding of the driveway. This driver was very skilled. We asked him to Drop Spread (aka tailgating in truck talk) in reverse due to the real soft, freshly graded and wet dirt, and to save time so our Builder did not have to move a whole Pile of gravel as we wanted to finish this project in one day (Which we did, stay tuned for more complete updates!). This dump truck might give you younger kids some farming simulator ideas! We have been building our dream country home, and it is now complete, so check out some of our more recent videos on Kapper Outdoors YouTube. Like and subscribe to follow all of our country living adventures, tractor and excavator projects, DIY landscaping, DIY excavator and tractor work, how to improve your property, food plots, watering holes, duck ponds and much more country living adventure. Kapper Outdoors, living the dream, One acre at a time.
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Fall food plot prep-9-4-16-Tilling the Nastiest of weeds with the Kioti NX6010
WOW.... check out what happens with my previously planted perennials and beans when the hideous weeds take over. Now, out of time, I am forced to till it up with 5 foot high weeds!!! Also, I point a major hazard to your tiller when tilling up weedy ground.
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Dream Pole barn update July 4, 2016 Amish Built!
See a quick update on the New Pole barn progress. I had to use several pictures because the Amish crew do not want me to video them, or at least not identifiable pictures of them.
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Bobcat Excavator My First Quick Exchange to the 3 foot bucket. Sweet!
After getting the new Bobcat E42 Excavator delivered, I was eager to Try out the New, larger buckets. So I did my first solo quick exchange to the 3 foot bucket. (On the first try i had it hooked! But then i wasn't sure, so tried it again...:)
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Why a locking rear differential is so important on a tractor
Living In hilly country I have had my tractor stuck in many spots such as this one, even while being in 4 wheel drive. I've had it stuck much worse than this, where I've had only 2 tires on the ground, but this was the first time I turned a camera on.
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Project 211 Is the Deal Off? Buried Tank, Home site, Hidden Treasure, Coyote & More
Are you kidding me??? Here is the latest update on the process of buying this 211 acre tract. Join Mrs. Kapper and I as we show her the property for the first time in person on Christmas Day and enjoy some fresh air. Oh, and this segment is action packed; Coyote, Home Site finds, hidden treasure, Deer, Tractor tires & More. Like and subscribe to follow this new series as we take you through the entire purchase process of buying land and then of course as we (hopefully) get to work on land projects to make the property much more valuable and useful for hunting and outdoor recreation. Kapper Outdoors, Living the Dream, One Acre at a time...
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OK, so, wow, this one is really crazy! We get to see tons of wildlife on our farm because it is quite remote and not near any other homes. So, on this day we were filming a new deer fawn that was bedded right near our home in the woods. We were documenting the all day bed down of the fawn. At one point our cat decided to go and check out the fawn. She has befriended deer in the past and has actually played with deer.. But this time something was different!!! I was filming the interaction of the cat investigating the deer fawn. We even tried calling her back so as to leave the fawn alone, as spooking it would have put it in danger being up on its feet on its own. So, as I filmed this whole interaction there was actually a 5 or 6 foot rat snake that was moving towards the fawn. The cat saw this and instinctively tried to intervene and protect the fawn from the huge snake! Grab some popcorn and your favorite beverage because this one is a nail biter. this is ALL REAL LIFE stuff that we document when we see it. Please share this video if you've enjoyed it and like and subscribe to follow all of our country living adventures, wildlife videos, land management, habitat improvements and much more. Kapper Outdoors, living the dream, one acre at a time. Hitman by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1300013 Artist: http://incompetech.com/
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HUGE DUMP TRUCK ALMOST TIPS!!! Find out what happened & why...
Well, the old Kapper Jinx came around again today... Had the 2nd load of sand brought in for the beach project. The first load was just fine, where he dumped it, no problem. But today is a different story.. Just for the record we have had a 50 year sub zero record for the last 7 or 8 days running. See what happens with this near catastrophe.... like and subscribe to follow all of our land management action and country living adventures. Kapper Outdoors, Living the dream, one acre at a time..
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Unloading the new BH26 bush hog and why I picked it
In a nutshell I chose Bush hog brand because it is the "heaviest duty" mower that will cut up to 3 inch tress, and none of the competitors will.
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Delivery of New Bobcat E42 Excavator!!! It's Finally arrived! 02-15-17
After a long month or more of the loaner Bobcat E35i, my brand new E42 has finally arrived!! Watch and pace with me and see it live as it happens as it gets delivered to our farm and Get a quick glimpse of the machine and a short lesson on the Quick Attach Hydraulic Bucket Exchange system!
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2017 Intimidator UTV 800cc Sport Package Walk Around
Check out the Brand Spankin' New Intimidator UTV Sport Package. I defensively traded in the HuntVe Junk pile UTV just to recoup some of the money from it and bought this gas Intimidator. I've had the Electric Intimidator for about 2 years now and it has been outstanding. Electric UTV comparison: https://youtu.be/S648AoSTTIU HuntVe Stuck in EASY mud: https://youtu.be/l1RwDuS87aU
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Video Response; Why I didn't use Geotextile Fabric on our Road
02-25-18. I received a comment from a subscriber and then could not find it on the video, or in my comments section on our home page. (Quite often there are YouTube glitches and comments actually get 'lost' somewhere in the digital universe...). Anyway, I thought I'd give my reasoning since this is such a hotly debated topic when it comes to gravel roads. Here is the video that I am referencing from last week: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1DSDqWNWYqU&t=25s Thanks for all the comments on all of our videos, we don't mind disagreements, we just won't tolerate blatant insults. Stay tuned for the next lake fill update coming shortly today! Kapper Outdoors, living the dream, One acre at a time.
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Custom Made Aluminum Construction Basket For Skid Steer or Track Loader
Check out this awesome Custom Made All Aluminum Construction basket that is designed to fit Skid Steer Pallet Forks. It is 4' x 12' and Weighs just 300 lbs.
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Big CAT Excavator pulling huge locust stump (I gave up with the Bobcat)
Check out this Big Cat excavator working over a huge Honey Locust, Stubborn, Tough stump... I dug at this stump for nearly 2 hours with my Bobcat and Gave up a few weeks back. Heck, even this BIG excavator had to really work at it!
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Well, if you are dreaming of buying property these are the kinds of things you might expect, especially with acreage. Join us on the investigation of the underground storage tank that we've located on Project 211 and see how things turn out. If this is a fuel tank, the deal is off. If it is not a fuel tank, we'll be good to go.. Like and subscribe to follow us on this new journey and process of buying this 211 acre piece of land and all of our management projects that will follow, whether it be on this parcel or another one if this one falls through. Kapper Outdoors, Living the Dream, One Acre at a time..
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Building A New Lake Day 9 Update LAKE IS DONE!  05-26-17
Well, the excavators are leaving the scene!! Although, they have left me with some work to do yet.... but the Pond is done as far as the excavation work! Now Its time to continue to work on adding structure, making rock piles, removing some landscape rock, reshaping the beach area... Only after all of this is done will I then cut open the dam to the other pond and make the connection!!
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.22-250 Long Range Driving tacks at 610 Yards with Stock Rifle!
This was my first time ever shooting the Weatherby Vanguard Bolt action .22-250 past about 200 yards! Since I now have a 600 plus range I thought I'd give it a try! WOW, this thing shoots tacks out that far! Me and my son were using Winchester Ballistic Silvertip 55 grain ammunition. The rifle is over-the-counter, fully stock. Please share this video if you've enjoyed it and like and subscribe to follow all of our new long range shooting series, tractor & excavator projects, land management and country living adventures. Kapper Outdoors, living the dream, one acre at a time.
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Sunflower follow up 8 24 16
After my experiment of planting expensive 'planting' sunflower seeds right next to cheap, store bought bird seed, I show you a brief look at the results a couple months later... I sure didn't get much help from mother nature on this.. Lets just say that there is such a thing as "too much of a good thing!" (Rain)
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trenching & installing 525' of 4 ot tri plex electrical cable
An update and visual on installing 525' for tri plex aluminum cable to run 200 amp service up to the new Pole Barn. We laid the electrical cable in the same ditch as the water line. the water line is at the bottom, then 12 to 15 inches of dirt, then the electrical line on top of that... Looking good!
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Adding Leftover Concrete to culvert ends 9 23 16
After pouring our garage walls & porch we used the leftover concrete by filling up a Bobcat bucket with the wet concrete and going to one of my ditch crossings: https://youtu.be/wkikmd0ugDw and spreading it on the ends to help protect them from severe storm/rain event washouts. This was a great use of leftover material that otherwise would have been wasted
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M & P Shield 9mm first shot out of the box. Dead On!! 10-03-16
Check out the awesome M&P Shield, compact 9mm as I take the very first shots with it right out of the box. You're not going to believe the very first shot.....
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Setting 1,000 gallon LP tank. A one person job?? 11-22-16
Check out the process for setting a new LP service tank, 1,000 gallons. It was quite impressive and took only about 30 minutes or so.
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Skid Steer Quick Attach for Tractors-How to change front implements with hydraulic lines
A quick video for those considering buying a tractor who will have to decide what type of front loader attachment to have put on it. The tractor makers; John Deere, Kubota, Kioti, etc all have their own unique loader quick attach system. However, if you use a model-specific attachment, you will be quite limited in the front attachment options. If you use a Skid Steer Quick attach, As I am demonstrating, you will have much more options for front implement usage, rental, purchasing used, etc. Like and subscribe to follow all of my land management projects, habitat improvements and country living adventures.
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WOW! It has been about 8 months or so since we built this new Lake behind our new home, which is now connected to the original pond that was here before we started building. What a journey it has been watching the 2 lakes fill, leading to this very day! Take a special look at some of the new features and fish cover that we've added to the lakes which are now under water. Please share this video and/or any other of your favorite Kapper Outdoor videos (the machine videos are awesome to share:), as it helps us to get the word out to others who might be interested in following our lifestyle and land management, habitat improvement, tractor & excavator projects and more. Kapper Outdoors, living the dream, one acre at a time.
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Buying Hunting Land-What to look for, Especially a "Diamond in the Rough" parcel
Here is the link to this property if you want to look it over before you watch the video of us assessing this property: http://www.homesandland.com/For-Sale/Equality,IL/1510_Dogwalk_Road/46384040.html Tag along with me and Curtis (Just got his Realtor License and now works for Whitetail Properties part time) to check out a Diamond in the Rough parcel that he found. This property was priced significantly below other similar parcels and had power and water on the site and a Pole barn with power already there! We thought this might be a good 'flip' property with some minor improvements. However, you will see just how a property can look great on pictures and on a website, even satellite photos, but when you get on the ground things can change very quickly..... Also stay tuned as we are looking for an investment property to divest anything we have left in our Roth & Annuity accounts to diversify. Tomorrow I'll be looking at another possible investment property for us with the goal of bringing in stable and substantial future income streams.
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10,000 subscribers! An in-depth look back at our Amazing Journey, Living The Dream..
Wow, what a journey it has been! In our quest to own our own nice property where we could live on it, we've been through meth/crack homes, junkyards on properties, dealing with bad neighbors, packs of dogs, trespassers and the list goes on... Join us in this look back at all of the 'diamond in the rough' properties that we ended up buying, only to sell each one due to issues... Mostly issues with people.... Somehow you can have the most beautiful property around and other people just seem to want to ruin it for you.. This is how we started documenting the journey on YouTube, the highs and lows, and everything in between. We are regular people, just like most, and we keep our channel Real; the good, the bad and the downright ugly.. Hope you enjoy sharing our journey with us, and a Big and Genuine Thanks not only to 'subscribers,' rather to the people that you are! Every day people, with struggles and success' of your own! Our now extended family who have shared with us in the journey! You Guys are awesome! (Except for the Trolls of course! LOL)
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My message to dreamers who want to buy land and 2 new vids coming..
A quick off the cuff message about taking some risks to get the property you've been dreaming about and several upcoming new videos; M & P 9mm Shield Mag guts extenders, 38 special first shots out of the box, and Test drive of a McCormick 55 hp, Hydro Compact tractor...
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KIOTI NX6010 Skimming nasty clay, Rescues Crane & Fun Bantering!
Another fun & cool Video of the Kioti at work. I had to come and skim 6 inches of nasty clay off so the Work Crane could get in position for the guys to get the Vinyl Siding on the East side of the New Home. Battling the elements of recent rain there was about 6 inches of slime and the Crane nearly got stuck before the Kioti Arrived! Enjoy! Don't forget to subscribe to follow us.
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Generac Generator Installed/Tested & Dream Home update-Appliances
Watch as the installation of our Generac Guardian Series 22kw Home Standby Generator is programmed & Tested for the first time! Now, we won't be victim to power outages any longer... Also an appliance update on the installation of the Cook top stove in the Breakfast Bar & the Wall Over/Microwave Oven, the first time we've ever had either of these fancy appliances.. :)
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DIY Basement Floor Stain and finish, 2 colors, Without Etching!
Will this project work without spending the big $$ on the Etching chemicals that are 'recommended' to help open the pores of the concrete up?? We think so :) Check out the results of a 3 part process: A) Apply brown stain covering everything, B) Dab some black stain randomly to break up the brown color, and C) apply clear coat to finish it off. Its that simple. See how it looks....
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Pole Barn is complete! And laying out the home site!! Kioti parked in barn..
Take a look at the completely finished pole barn and work shop! The only things left to do are install some lights & outlets in the Main area, exterior lights and a little bit of gravel work. Check out the way the exterior doors are laid out, as I designed this myself...
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Amazing Encounter with Baby Bobcats and Mother Bobcat 08-14-18
WOW, another great wildlife encounter on our very remote Southern Illinois farm (we are farther south than parts of Kentucky). This time it was a family of Bobcats and I got and up close and personal view of two of the kittens. They were out in the middle of our gravel road/pad right next to our Pole barn when I pulled up in my truck. I thought it was very unusual that they were out in the open without the mother nearby. The ran up to me several times. I heard what I believe was the mother in the weeds making a deep groaning sound. This could have been a warning sound or a distress sound if she was somehow injured. Watch as this awesome and a little tense encounter unfolds as I finally get a look at an adult Bobcat, although I can't say for sure if it was the mother or the Male. Please share this video if you've enjoyed it to help get our channel out there. Like and subscribe to follow all of our country living adventures as well as all of our land management and habitat improvement projects, tractor and excavator projects, food plots, watering holes, duck ponds and much more. Thank you! Kapper Outdoors, living the dream, One acre at a time.
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Spreading Gravel in Pole Barn - Kioti NX6010
This week I spread the last of 3 loads of gravel inside the new Pole Barn with the Kioti.
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Bulldozing Heavy Clay! Duck Pond food plot impoundment. Did the dozer work??
OK, so after several days of working on this project with the Mini Excavator, Skid Steer and Kioti Tractor I decided to call in a dozer to finish the project. (It did not work out this way...) Anyway so the excavator sent over a small dozer. Watch some progress of the dozer in action. After a short day my excavator and I disagreed on how big of a project was left. He estimated it to be $4,000 to $5,000 of work left even using a BIG Dozer and/or BIG excavator. That was all the motivation that i needed to get this thing done on my own....
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Changing Pond Overflow Dam with Compact Tractor Kioti NX6010
Watch as I physically change the location of the overflow on our 1.5 acre lake using the Kioti NX6010. The lake/Pond was designed to overflow roughly equally on both sides. However, since we are building our home on the East side of the pond I did not want it to continue to overflow and keep mudding everything up on this side of the pond. BTW, I also got quite stuck in the pond during the process, the links to those vids on how I got out are below. https://youtu.be/cznsJBza-us (Part 1 Stuck in Pond) https://youtu.be/ds7H9ler--4 (Part 2 on getting out of pond)
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Walk-around of the 12 ft Batwing Bush Wacker MD 144
My first video while recuperating after my total hip replacement a few hours ago! for those of you that have enjoyed following us you'll probably know that I am a little bit antsy at times and enjoy being productive :-) This is the 12-foot Bushwacker MD144 that I will be purchasing here in the not-too-distant future. while I don't have all of the specs handy I remember that it is over 3,000 pounds in weight, uses the heaviest gauge steel compared to all of the manufacturers who make a 12-footer, uses the heavy duty gear; 160 HP and 120 HP. And it is the only one that will cut 2 inch material. Like And subscribe to follow all of our Land Management and habitat Improvement projects, tractor an excavator projects, DIY Landscaping, Hunting, Fishing, food plotting, duck ponds, watering holes and all of our country living Adventures. Kapper Outdoors, living the dream one acre at a time.
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Kioti NX6010 Unloading 650 lb gun safe with Jury rigged pallet forks chained to bucket
OK, so I was being a little lazy in not wanting to take the 4 in 1 bucket off.. But I had a vision idea that if I chain the pallet forks to the bucket hooks, that it could work for unloading the crate... Well, lets see if it works
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Stocking Remote Pond and Creating a Big Bass paradise! Apr 2016
Watch as I take you through the entire process of stocking our farm pond this April. At the time it was a half mile back through rugged terrain so I had to improvise and use the Kioti tractor to handle the task. Also, AS PREDICTED in this video, check out this link to my recent BIG BASS catch after you watch the stocking video. I think you will enjoy the progress! https://youtu.be/_j1udhoJq7w
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Branson 7845C Tractor~FIRST Impressions & Cab insights...
The FIRST day of putting the New Branson 7845C, 78HP Utility to some real field work. Here are some of my (raw, open and honest) first impressions of the Branson tractor and some of the cab features. Also a few drone shots to help demonstrate one of the features that I REALLY LIKE ON THIS THING!! Like and subscribe to follow all of our Real world use with our new tractor as well as excavator projects, land improvement projects, food plots, duck ponds, watering holes, some hunting, fishing and country living adventures! Thanks for watching! Kapper Outdoors, living the dream, one acre at a time.
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Wild Bobcat footage on Kentucky farm
Awesome wild Bobcat footage taken while we were deer hunting in Kentucky a few years back.
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DIY Property owners where to build a new road in Hilly Terrain?
Another exploring video of our new Farm, but with a purpose. After not finding any antler sheds :( I walked our South Line to look for a natural terrain feature that would allow me to cut a road/Path down the ridge to access this part of our property. I got lucky for part of it and found an old logging skidder path! But this is the method I've used on several other properties in KY & MO to find the gentlest slope down a ridge and mark it for a future road. Let mother nature guide you on where is the best spot for your road/path to access your hilly terrain.
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The first Lake Splash Down!!! Seriously????? 06-02-17
Ok, time to have a little fun... Am I really going to jump off that cliff??? Sometimes a man's gotta do what a mans gotta do.... Just one little way to make it 'feel' like the dream is really happening!!
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Installing 1700' of water line, Driveway and Pole Barn update 7-14-16
A big day of success (finally...) on the farm and projects. We successfully tapped into a main water line that ran across our neighbors farm field and the crew got it trenched, connected the water lines and put a tracer wire in with it. Also an update on some regarding of the driveway and Pole barn for the 3rd time now due to torrential washouts over the last 2 weeks..
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Setting Half Ton plus Douglas Fir Trusses Part 2 of 2
Watch as we set the last two Custom Douglas Fir Trusses. The center one gave us some problem as the guys already put a few nails in it, when we realized it was not quite centered! But after a couple of grumbling words the boys got it fixed right up. The 3rd one had to be dropped in between two of the standard trusses.
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Lake fill update! Will the Silt Fence Work?? Its Raining! Finally... 07-05-17
6:40 a.m. It just started to rain. Watch as the trenches fill with water and hit the silt fence for the very first time... Will the silt fence work? My prediction was that it would be useless, but I always keep an open mind! Subscribe to follow all of the updates as our new Lake continues to fill with water!
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Project 211 Update! The Appraisal is in! Will this deal go??!!
OK, for all of those who've been following the entire land buying process and this purchase of 'Project 211,' this is probably the last hurdle that can derail this purchase; The appraisal! Watch and see how the appraisal came in and some helpful info on fees you can expect when buying land. Like and subscribe to follow all of the updates on the 211 acre investment property, all of the projects that will come with improving this land for deer hunting and all of our other land management and improvement projects. Kapper outdoors, living the dream, one acre at a time.
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Grading road (4,000 feet) with Kioti NX6010
Watch as I Re Grade the new driveway after Gravel and cement trucks packed it down, and pumped dirt up in the center and the edges. Also I fix a stretch where a Semi got stuck just that morning..
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Kappers New Mini Excavator Revealed!!!! Which one did he get????
Is it a Kubota, CAT or Bobcat??? OK boys and girls, here we go! For those of you following the saga since I hatched the idea of getting a mini excavator the time has finally come! Watch as I lift the veil, with a little suspense and divulge which Excavator I chose.
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