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Hood Trailer (2009 Teletoon/Disney XD project)
Promo trailer for an unproduced series created by Howie Shia for Portfolio Entertainment/Teletoon/Disney XD Europe. Dir. Omii Thompson Animators: Lillian Chan Shaz Enrico Lym Pasqualle Jon Ng Compositing/Edit Louis Norris Bg's: Ben Plouffe Storyboards: Omii Thompson Steve Barr
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The Haunted House English Ending Theme Song
Now streaming on Netflix. English version created by Ocean Productions. Recorded at Ocean Studios in Vancouver and Blue Water Studios in Calgary, Canada. Original song: "Ma Friend" by Oh My Girl.
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Tico and Friends/Tico of the Seven Seas English OP/ED
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Pretty Cure Splash Star English Dub Trailer
Following their dub of the original series, Toei Animation enlisted Calgary's Blue Water Studios to produce an English-language promo for the third Pretty Cure series, Splash Star. While I don't know if more material was used than in this promo, the show ultimately did not move into production. This trailer was hosted on Toei Europe's website: http://www.toei-animation.com/en/catalogue/pretty_cure_splash_star Blue Water lists the promo on their website on the Production page under the Pilots/Promo section: http://www.bluewaterstudios.ca/
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Detective Conan English Dub Sales Trailer
Narrated by David Kaye. Recorded at Ocean Studios in Vancouver, Canada. TMS comissioned a number of promos and pilots from Ocean years ago. This is one of them. I don't know if Ocean did a pilot (well, other than this one: http://lostmediawiki.com/Detective_Conan_(Unaired_English_Dub_Pilot_for_Fox_Kids;_Existence_Unconfirmed;_2000)# ).
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Tobot English Opening/Ending Theme Song [North American version]
Twin boys, Ryan and Kory lives with their father, Franklin. Although Franklin is disabled on a wheelchair after he lost his wife, he is also a scientist who creates robots called Tobots for his sons. Tobots are special friends of Ryan and Kory who can fight, run, fly, laugh, cry and joke with the twins. Ryan and Kory grow up and learn courage and friendship by fighting the villains to protect their neighborhood with Tobots.
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The Haunted House English Opening Theme
Now streaming on Netflix. English version created by Ocean Productions. Recorded at Ocean Studios in Vancouver and Blue Water Studios in Calgary, Canada. Original song: "Ghost Ball" (고스트볼) by 정준영 English version performed by Dave Steele.
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World Trigger English Dub on Primo TV
Produced by Ocean Media and its sister BlueWater Studios in Vancouver, BC, Canada and Calgary/Edmonton, AB, Canada. Maybe one day this will become available to more than 10 households?
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Belle and Sebastian (2017)
Coming soon to Radio-Canada, BBC Kids and Knowledge in Canada. https://imissbionix.wordpress.com/2017/09/04/ici-radio-canada-is-running-chis-new-address/
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Mirmo English Dub Trailer
Is that Andrew Francis narrating an English trailer for the Mirmo Zibang! anime series? Mirmo is a Muglox of Love and is a prince in his kingdom. While trying to escape from marrying his betrothed, Rirumu, Mirmo hid in a mug that transported him into the human world. By chance that very mug wound up in the hands of a junior high school girl named Kaede. On the bottom of the mug are strange writtings: "If you make a wish while pouring cocoa into this mug, the love muglox will grant your wish." When Kaede does as the mug instructs, Muglox Mirmo appears. In contrast to his cute appearance, Mirmo turns out to be a little arrogant and has quite an attitude. Yanked from: http://vizeurope.com/en/licence/mirmo Blue Water lists having done a promo for the series on their site. Is this what they were referring to??? http://www.bluewaterstudios.ca/
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YTV Fall 2005 Ad Sales Reel
"Great brand new shows like Mew Mew Power [gargling], Yu-Gi-Oh! GX (footage not from GX)" "Avatar: The Last Wind Bender" They tried.
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Mega Man: Fully Charged on Family CHRGD
A match made in heaven.
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Bakugan Battle Planet English Credits
From episode 1/2.
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July 8, 2002 - CBC Edmonton Yu-Gi-Oh! story
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Teletoon at Night Shutdown Promo
"I Miss Teletoon At Night" blog/YouTube channel/Twitter account when.
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Turning Mecard English Dub Comparison
Comparison between the Hong Kong dub released in Australia, Canada, and South East Asia and the US dub released in most other international markets. @0:00 to @0:02 Episode Card @0:03 to @1:34 Feline Follies @1:35 to @4:46 Isobel's Introduction @4:46 to @7:33 After School Antics @7:34 to @8:54 I'm watching my stories @8:55 to @9:57 Nothing beats a jelly filled doughnut @9:58 to @10:36 Nocturnal Mission @10:36 to @ 11:49 Tero-fying Note: For the first clip, Evan does not speak in the original Korean version.
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Z-Squad English Opening/Ending Themes
A Canada-South Korea co-production between Nelvana and Enemes, Z-Squad ran for 26 episodes in 2006/2007 in South Korea. The English dub was produced between 2007 and 2008, with it airing in the UK on Pop Girl in late '08. It appears to have gotten little distribution until 2013, when it premiered on the Nelvana co-owned overseas multi-national service KidsCo. As far as I can tell, the series never aired on linear television anywhere in North America, though it showed up on some Canadian cable video-on-demand services. I guess the fact they used the "Zed" pronunciation kind of signaled their acceptance of the show never airing in the US.
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Dragon Ball Super: Broly on CTV News Toronto
Aired January 20, 2019. For participating Canadian theatres, click here: https://imissbionix.wordpress.com/2018/12/11/canadian-theatrical-news-dragon-ball-super-broly/ Other newscasts probably covered the weekend box office, but of the Toronto stations CTV is the only one who posts their entire broadcast online.
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Adult Swim Channel (Canada) Promo: Real Fake Doors
They're unhinged.
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Beyblade Behind The Scenes / World Championship Highlights (2004)
A look at the production of the English version of the original Beyblade, as well as a sneak peek of then new products plus highlights from the 2004 Beyblade World Championship. Hosted by Ray voice actor Daniel De Santo. This originally debuted on YTV as part of the "Beyblade: Behind the Revolution" TV special on June 24, 2004. The special was later broken up into segments and uploaded onto Beyblade.com, as well as included as a bonus in Miramax's DVD release of Beyblade The Movie on March 22, 2005. If you have a copy of the original YTV version of the special, please share it somewhere. This video is from the Miramax disc, re-uploaded for better video quality.
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Super Dinosaur - Konami Code
Not an exact match, but close enough. From episode 18, "Multi-Player."
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Tobot Athlon English Opening/Ending Songs
Recorded at Ocean and Blue Water Studios in Vancouver, BC and Calgary/Edmonton, AB.
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Kongsuni and Friends English Opening/Ending Songs
From the creators of Tobot comes ... this? It's another South Korean CG-animated series dubbed by Ocean in Alberta and Vancouver. You can check out videos here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JZZsMwklTiw
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Happy Lucky Bikkuriman English Dub Sales Trailer
Narrated by Cathy Weseluck for an Ocean Studios project in Vancouver, Canada commissioned by Toei Animation. I don't know if they did more than just this trailer.
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YTV Sailor Moon Rerun Seizure Test Promo (September 2001)
Update: Thanks to some commenters, this promo has been marked as from 2001. On September 14, 2001, YTV aired a rerun of Episode 132 "Cutting it Close" in that slot. Original: I don't know what premiere this is referring to (Sailor Moon debuted in August '95 on YTV, as I've verified by going through newspaper listings) but you'd hope it was before the Pokemon epilepsy controversy ...
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Anne of Green Gables/Akage No An/Red-Haired Anne English Dub Preview
Want to watch the entire series or find out who was behind the English dub? Click here: https://imissbionix.wordpress.com/2017/04/09/wait-isao-takahatas-anne-of-green-gables-anime-series-was-dubbed-into-english/
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Chub City Animated Series Trailer
The beginnings of this unproduced series date back to 2009, when Dentsu purchased the Chub City brand from creator Jada Toys. In 2013, the company moved forward with the project, enlisting Nelvana and Fuel Entertainment for assistance. The trio brought the show to various tradeshows, advertising 52 episodes (later downgraded to 40 episodes) at an average budget of $300k/each. The series reportedly had a finalized bible, trailer (presumably what you see above), pilot script, game design doc, episode scenarios and a toyline. Originally due out in late 2015, and then 2016/2017, this series has yet to surface. "Based on the successful brand CHUB City and produced with Dentsu Entertainment (USA), Nelvana (Canada) and Fuel Entertainment (Canada), we follow Goh, his friends and his rivals, as their CHUB cars clash in the fast-paced and crazy world of gravity bowl battling. Our specialized drivers are there as soon as a gravity bowl appears, arriving in tricked out CONVOS that become the building blocks for an explosive "Instant City." This is CHUB City - witness the thrill of driving, drifting and defeating evil in an all out battle for power!" - MIPCOM 2013 flyer. "Based on the toy car property CHUB City from Jada Toys, this planned TV series follows the adventures of a group of teenagers who drive customized cars at Chub City rallies and one is eventually recruited to seek and secure a powerful energy force. Stories will focus on spectacle and character, with comedic situations being drawn from the teens' relationships with each other and with the very logical A.N.D.I., a computer program built into their cars. Chub City's show creators, who are vehicle enthusiasts, were inspired by the evolution of car-customization culture, Gymkhana-type cars and races, and the original style and vehicle design of the Chub City toyline." - Kidscreen Magazine, February/March 2014. http://www.nelvana.com/content/assets/news/mipcom2014_nel_newsletter_v3_lr.pdf http://www.nelvana.com/content/assets/news/mip_newsletter_2013.pdf https://issuu.com/carbon-media/docs/kidscreen_magazine_2
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Metalions English Opening Theme Song
South Korea-China co-production between the makers of Tobot, Young Toys, and Winsing. English version by Ocean Productions, recorded in Alberta, Canada at Blue Water Studios. Song title: "The Power is in You" by David Ramos. Sung by Dave Steele.
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Tenkai Knights Sales Trailer
Super fans of this Canada-Japan co-production should be able to spot some differences between this and the final version.
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LBX: Little Battlers eXperience / Danball Senki English Dub Comparison
Here's a faceoff between the two English language versions of LBX: Little Battlers eXperience/Danball Senki. First up is the Dentsu Entertainment USA version recorded in western Canada by Ocean and Blue Water Studios. The second is the uncut Hong Kong English dub produced for Animax. Did you know that Ocean produced a pilot English dub for Inazuma Eleven? http://lostmediawiki.com/index.php?title=Inazuma_Eleven_(lost_English_pilot_dub_of_anime_series;_date_unknown)#
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Black Jack English Dub Preview #5
Episode 16 preview. Recorded at Digital Sound Magic in Burnaby, BC, Canada.
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Tobot English Dub Comparison
Here's a video comparing the two English dubbed versions of Korean robot toon Tobot: the "North American" version recorded in Canada by Ocean/Blue Water Studios and the "Asian" version allegedly recorded in the Philippines. Which do you like more?
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Black Jack/Black Jack 21 English Dub Preview #2
Recorded at Digital Sound Magic Recording Studios in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada.
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BNN (10/26/16): Michael Hirsh hopes lightning strikes thrice with Wow! Unlimited
BNN's Catherine Murray speaks to Wow! Unlimited's Michael Hirsh to discuss the new company and some of his past. Read more: https://imissbionix.wordpress.com/2016/10/26/canadian-animation-news-rainmaker-no-more-and-the-new-nelvana/ Source: http://www.bnn.ca/video/michael-hirsh-hopes-lightning-strikes-thrice-with-wow-unlimited~980771 From the October 26, 2016 edition of Business Day PM. "Michael Hirsh, CEO and chairman of Wow! Unlimited, joins BNN's Catherine Murray for a look at how he hopes to build the next animation powerhouse after co-creating Nelvana and selling Cookie Jar to DHX Media."
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