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A kiss is but a kiss 💗 HD
Audio Story : A kiss is but a kiss Author : Karan Mummigatti Watch more : https://goo.gl/BQ1ADz Excerpts: " The man grinned, revealing his row of crest-white teeth. “No,” he said “You interest me.” Paul let out a small scoff, “Me? Give me a break.” He returned to his paper which had been folded to half its size. “No, I’m serious.” The man removed a cigarette and lit it up “Most men don’t go so easy. They kick up a fuss, scream, shout, bargain – you name it.” He took a deep puff and let it out “Some even trade to save themselves.” Then looking at Paul, “But not you, no, very few people trade the way you do.” Paul looked over at the redhead by the window again. She was staring outside at the fire and white smoke that was being dowsed by the jets of water. She looked over at Paul and he immediately averted his gaze. “Don’t worry,” the man said “she can’t see us, look all you want.” Paul readily returned his gaze to the woman. She was stunning - green eyes, small button nose, sun freckled cheeks, lips gently parted in the middle. “How could I not trade?” He said without taking his eyes off her. The man turned in the direction of Paul’s gaze and looked at the woman. “She is a stunner.” The man agreed. “But is she worth it Paul? It’s not every day you get the gift of life.” “She’s worth it.” Paul answered and went back to the paper, making a final few folds to bring it to its final form.... ."
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His Stolen Desert Bride 💗 HD
Audio Story : His Stolen Desert Bride Author : Carol Marinelli Watch more : https://goo.gl/BQ1ADz Excerpts: "...‘If I left it to you I would find out after the event.’ She shot her brother an angry glare and then looked back to her father. ‘I have told you that I shall not marry until all my family can be there. In the same vein I want to be there for James on his special day.’ ‘Impossible!’ Oman shook his head. ‘Yasmin, even I shall not be attending the actual service. It would draw too much attention.’ ‘You’ll be in Rome though?’ Yasmin checked. Her words were slightly tongue in cheek, for her father was a frequent visitor to Rome as he had gifted his lover with an apartment there. ‘Yes, I’ll be in Rome.’ Oman nodded. ‘I shall be in residence at Alim’s hotel—the Grande Lucia, where the reception is being held. That way I can wish James well before he heads to the service, and on the morning after the wedding I shall take breakfast with the newlyweds.’"
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The Wedding Secret 💗 HD
Audio Story : The Wedding Secret Author : Kianna Alexander The Wedding Secret [ Chapter I - time: 00:00 ] The Wedding Secret [ Chapter II - time: 32:09 ] Watch more : https://goo.gl/BQ1ADz Excerpts: " ...There, in a corner between shelves holding her floral foam and other supplies, was Shauna, her missing clerk. But she wasn’t alone. Renata’s fiancé had the young woman wrapped in a tight embrace. Renata shouted, “Gary! What the hell?” Gary’s eyes widened. “Ren! I uh…” As if sensing danger, Shauna ducked and slipped out of Gary’s hold, skittering away. As she passed Renata, Shauna said in a cautious tone, “I’ll be back next week to pick up my final check.” Without looking away from Gary, Renata shook her head. “We’ll mail it.” Not needing any further prompting, the young clerk disappeared. Still stammering, Gary moved in her direction. “Honey. Let me explain. It’s not what you think.” Tears gathered in Renata’s eyes and she dashed them away angrily. “Save it, Gary. The best thing for you to do is get out of my sight, immediately.” “But, Ren. Just let me…” Gary came closer, attempting to enter her personal space. Reaching out, Renata grabbed a pair of floral shears from a nearby shelf. With fire in her eyes, she warned, “Don’t. Just get the hell out ..."
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The Secret Billionaire's Mistress 💗 HD
Audio Story : The Secret Billionaire's Mistress Author : Dani Collins Watch more : https://goo.gl/BQ1ADz Excerpts: "...“Will you give me your number? I’d like to have dinner.” The invitation was so smooth, she caught her breath. And she was tempted, despite having learned at nineteen not to let men like him take advantage of her. “To develop a program?” She deliberately misunderstood him. His gave her a hooded look of reassessment. “You’re not here as a spokesperson? You work for Raise For Rights?” She wasn’t surprised he dismissed her as their pretty face, but she was disappointed, especially as she realized, “You recognize me. Let me guess. Swimsuit catalogues fall within your scope of interest.” Inside the dark gold frame of groomed stubble, his sexy mouth tilted into a self-deprecating smirk. “Sports of every kind. Purely professional.” “I’m sure. But I left modeling. This is my career.” She was not a supermodel trophy, she took pains to say. She was a low-paid office clerk. By choice. “Most of my duties are administrative. I presented tonight because my boss was unavailable.”."
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A Change of Heart 💗 HD
Audio Story : A Change of Heart Author : Thomas G. Schmidt Watch more : https://goo.gl/BQ1ADz
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An Evening to Remember 💗 HD
Audio Story : An Evening to Remember Author : Thomas G. Schmidt Watch more : https://goo.gl/BQ1ADz
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The Worst Hangover 💗 HD
Audio Story : The Worst Hangover Author : Adam Kluger Watch more : https://goo.gl/BQ1ADz Excerpts: " Monday morning. Booger dressed in a suit and long black coat with scarf. Walked into the restaurant and quickly sat down. He put his briefcase and another item on the chair next to him. Clara came by and quickly recognized Booger. Her delight when he said hello to her seemed genuine. “Feeling better?” she asked him. “Like a million bucks…you look great” “Thank you…what can I get you?” “Just coffee please” “One coffee coming right up.” Booger went into his briefcase and studied his work notes. He had an early edit scheduled with his favorite editor Drew to turn a package on a British novelty music act that had scored a hit song on MusicTV with a silly tune about shaking your little tush on the catwalk. The week was looking up and Booger asked for the check by looking up and nodding at Clara. She danced over with a smile on her face. “By the way, thank you for that really generous tip the other day. No one’s ever left me a twenty dollar tip before” “It was my pleasure. You helped me survive the worst hangover of my life.”.. ."
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Suicidal Girl 💗 HD
Audio Story : Suicidal Girl Author : Ryan Thomas Watch more : https://goo.gl/BQ1ADz Excerpts: " Are you planning to stay there all day? You know, cars go through there," he said, his anger ebbing as a deluge of sympathy swept through his heart. She looked at him, and he saw the display of her wet face with its pretty Asiatic features: soft, caramel skin, a tiny, bell-shaped nose, very soft eyes, and even softer, smaller ears. Still she smelled like a ubiquitous lemony perfume, at odds with the scent of grass and mud. Her tears stopped -- as if by abrupt turning of a knob -- and she smiled like her fortunes had changed. "Hero of mine...you saved my life," she said. Troy felt her ability to move was mind-boggling. Hero? "Tried to catch you, but, yeah, you fell harder than I expected. You weigh, what, one o five. Sorry." "It's okay," she said, then shot a glance at the portions of guitar strewn along the base of the hill. "It's broken! I must pay you for a new accoustic. That's what that is, right? How much?" "Don't worry about it. I got another." She turned onto her butt, swung her feet over the curb, and threw her hand out, behind. "Help me up," she said. "Sure." He pulled her up through mostly her effort. She was astonishingly unaltered by the fall, save the abrasions on her legs and the look of her hair. There was a little blood pouring from a cut on her right calf and from her scraped upper left thigh, but this wasn't necessary to call a doctor about. Grass stains on her clothes and roots clinging to the folds of her disheveled, plain black hair gave her a matching Mrs. Swamp Thing appearence. "Tabitha," she said, waving her hand whimsically like it was a wand for magic, taking steps up the hill. "That's who I am. And you are?" Troy bent his head leftward, and said, "Absolutely confused." Maybe his head craned toward the left in accessing the more creative side of his brain--a fact he'd learned in Psychology 100 last semester--hoping to find logic enough to distinguish this perennially surviving girl from that of a proper supernatural being. She wore the same outfit as yesterday but showing different colors. A green skirt, yellow blouse, and black flats adorned with a ribbon along the toes. The only difference was today he'd dropped her, and her chin had become a sand-covered strawberry. She didn't seem to mind the pain, or was ignoring it..."
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My Love Was Taken From Me 💗 HD
Audio Story : My Love Was Taken From Me Author : Saul Greenblatt Watch more : https://goo.gl/BQ1ADz
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Fairy Charmed Life 💗 HD
Audio Story : Fairy Charmed Life Author : James Manning Watch more : https://goo.gl/BQ1ADz Excerpts: " They walked into the kitchen. Grandpa poured the lemonade. Sarah watched eagerly wondering when he would start the story. They never began the same way. Sometimes he’d start with Once upon a time and other times he’d talk for 15 minutes before she realized everything he’d said was part of the story. “I want to tell you the story of someone really special. You’re at that age where I think you’d enjoy a love story.” “Love story? Like a princess?” “Yes. Yes, it is the story of a princess.” He sat at the table and began the story: We live in a world where technology gives us an opportunity to make connections in ways our ancestors couldn’t even imagine. At any moment in time one can engage with another soul thousands of miles away on levels once thought possible only with science fiction. It has made the world so much smaller; made it possible to be closer from distances and time zones that would be miraculous if not for the ubiquitous nature of the technology that drives it. And anytime you make it possible for people to connect, you make love a possibility. Now, there will be those who say you can’t possibly love through technology, that humans still must have a physical connection in order for love to fully blossom. But we know that is not true. The reasons fairytales are so popular is because in caters to the imagination that all things are possible. Today, there are love stories playing out across oceans, mountain ranges and time zones. This story is about one of those. It actually started off innocence enough. A few mentions on social media and they connected. The problem was she was far apart. So for a long time they kept things casual between them. They supported one another when the other was down. They created this entire world where only the two of them dwelled. ."
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She Danced In The Rain 💗 HD
Audio Story : She Danced In The Rain Author : J.Bishop Watch more : https://goo.gl/BQ1ADz
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The Broken Heart 💗 HD
Audio Story : The Broken Heart Author : Ian Fletcher Watch more : https://goo.gl/BQ1ADz
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Christmas at the Chatsfield 💗 HD
Audio Story : Christmas at the Chatsfield Author : Maisey Yates Watch more : https://goo.gl/BQ1ADz Excerpts: "...Lucy simply wanted to take this chance to start over. But she had one thing in common with the rest of the guests. She was wearing a mask over her eyes, offering the thinnest veil of anonymity. Making her feel as though she was watching all of those around her, while keeping herself hidden from them. Suddenly she felt a prickling sensation on the back of her neck and she lifted her head, looking into a mirror that was mounted on the wall in front of her. She could see herself, dark hair styled into loose waves, the golden mask fitted to her face, red lips, painted to match the crimson gown that formed to her slight curves parted as if in shock..."
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love and sad story 💗 HD
Audio Story : love and sad story Author : No Name Watch more : https://goo.gl/BQ1ADz
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Perfect Young Couple 💗 HD
Audio Story : Perfect Young Couple Author : L. Henry Watch more : https://goo.gl/BQ1ADz #Excerpts: " Vic put his face in his hands, leaning into his elbows on the table. Then he crossed his arms and looked up, into his girl's eyes. "Susan ... Becky needs you, here. She needs her mom ... here. How can you ..." Susan dabbed her eyes with a tissue. "Vic ... we've been over and over this. I gotta do what I gotta do. You know I'm trying ... I've been trying to find myself ..." "I just wish you could find yourself here. With me ... and Becky. Instead of finding kinky sex with people that chain you up and whip you like a prisoner ..." "Vic, I've told you over and over ... it's just role-playing ..." "Well ... you told me you needed to play these games to get yourself ... to fire up your sex appetite. It was all to help our sex life. But this sounds to me like you're ... you're replacing your real life with a ... a life of playing games ..." "Vic, you know it's way more than that. You know I have a ... a close and loving relationship with ... with Fiona ... and Maurice. A beautiful relationship. I wish you could see that ..." "I'll tell you what I see. What I see is two women chasing after a stud that has sex with them, then ties 'em up and whips their asses in appreciation... That's what I see." "Well, you've never understood. It's nothing like that..." A burly older guy came in the diner and sat at the counter. "Hey, Frank ..." Darlene greeted him. "Whattaya up for this morning? Cup o' coffee?" "Sure" said Frank. Darlene poured his coffee. "What else can I getcha?" she asked. "What I want," he said, focusing on her intently, "I'm looking at. But I dunno how much of it's on the menu ..." Darlene giggled, softly, flattered at the flirtation. "You'd hafta negotiate something with my hubby," she said, "and I dunno if he's in any mood to negotiate on that ..." She also gave a quick glance around the diner, including in Vic's direction. Vic had seen her looking at him.. ."
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👺Horror full HD - The Incident at Bella Vista
Watch more : https://goo.gl/BQ1ADz Audio Story : The Incident at Bella Vista Author : Thomas G. Schmidt Excerpts: " ...Haggerty and Edwards meet the next day on the gravel driveway of the Bella Vista estate as planned. Haggerty smiled as he opened the large oak door to the house, explaining to Edwards that he would be “impressed and enthralled” by the interior of the stately home. The oak door creaked as it opened, signs that no one had been inside for quite some time. Haggerty turned on a handheld floodlight to give the interior some lighting as the two men entered. Edwards was impressed as he took in the home’s ambiance from the central foyer. Tall, vaulted ceilings gave the house a prestigious appearance and elegant oak trim railings accented a circular staircase. Edwards tried not to show enthusiasm for the home out of concern that it could harm his bargaining position for the estate. Nevertheless, he couldn’t help but say “beautiful accents” as he ran his hand over the smooth oak handrail on the staircase. “Yes, it’s really one of a kind Mr. Edwards.” Inside the living room of the house, Edwards found white bed sheets covering most of the furniture in the room. He looked under the bed sheets when Haggerty said that all items in the house would be part of the purchase. The period furniture could add to his marketing plans. Yes, there was potential with this house..."
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Dark house - Horror Full HD
Audio Story : Dark house Author : Lake Loper Watch more : https://goo.gl/BQ1ADz Excerpts: "...I’d been speeding, pushing my old car through the shadows by Becker Lake, the place where the rich hide their weekend houses. The road is always smooth, each crack and pothole immediately patched and filled. A dark, burnt oil smell emanates from the car’s hood, poisoning the clean scent of woods. My running shoes crunch through gravel as I walk. A glow of house lights shines through the trees and, when I find a driveway, I head toward the light..."
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Why Did You Leave Me? 💗 HD
Audio Story : Why Did You Leave Me? Author : Saul Greenblatt Watch more : https://goo.gl/BQ1ADz Excerpts: " "I can understand it, Jason. That happens to a lot of people." She leaned forward in order to make sure he heard every word she had to say, and spoke with a touch of anger in her voice. "People pretend. People use people. It happens all the time." She sat back and sighed. "So, why did she leave you?" "She didn't tell me. All she did was leave me a letter on the kitchen table. I have it here," he said, took the letter from his pocket and read it to her. "Imagine, after so many years together. Gone." "Well, you're not alone, Jason. I know someone who experienced what you've experienced. She loved a man and she thought he loved her, but he didn't. He used her and then he left her, and when he left her, she thought her world had ended." "Boy, I know what she felt. The poor girl. Did I know her?" "As a matter of fact, you knew her quite well." "Really. What was her name?" "Her name? Oh, it's been so long, Jason. I can't remember her name." "I see. Uh, uh...what were you talking about? You started a business and you had a daughter?" "Yes, we had a daughter. Sadly, my husband died a year after she was born." "Boy, it must have been pretty rough raising a child all by yourself." "There were some rough times, but we made it. She's a nurse now." "Rough times. Boy, do I know about rough times," Jason said pointing at his chest with his thumb. "When my wife left me, I thought my world had ended." "I guess it must have been awful, Jason." "It was. It was. Before my wife left me, time flew. After she left me, time seemed to stand still. The nights were so long and so lonely. I never had any idea that anything was wrong. All of a sudden...boy, do I know pain. Oh, there I go again. Rambling. I interrupted you. You said you had a daughter? "Yes, we had a daughter, Jason." "That's great. Yeah, that's great."
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The Runaways 💗 HD
Audio Story : The Runaways Author : Frances M. Thompson Watch more : https://goo.gl/BQ1ADz Excerpts: " We gave notice for our marriage that afternoon. I clutched the confirmation so tightly it creased around my fingertips. It was a mixed happiness as two numbers abruptly slowed the pace of our plans. Seven was the number of days we had to live in the city before they would marry us. And fifteen was the number of days the notice needed to be displayed in the Registry Office before we could legally wed. They were bureaucratic necessities that reminded me of the real world and they made me question it all again. I asked Johnny if it was worth it. What about the hotel bill? What about those who would miss us and worry? Would they try and find us? What would we say afterwards? How would we tell them? What happens next? He soothed my fears and made arrangements for us to stay and wait – new clothes, a backgammon board and a pack of cards. I made a series of lying phone calls home and to Debbie, saying I’d gone on an unplanned creative writing retreat and that’s why I couldn’t be reached on the phone in my room. They knew about my books and my secret ambition to be a writer; they showed no sign of surprise and certainly no concern. Johnny was right, I needn’t worry… In those fifteen days I learned that Johnny liked to sing Frank Sinatra in the shower, that he flossed every day and that he drank half an inch of whiskey in bed before turning the light off. We were slow to wake up in the mornings but quick to never miss breakfast. Some days we took the train further west and I watched England’s endless green blur into cities I’d never visited before; Bristol, Taunton and Weston-super-Mare. Most afternoons we took to strolling around Bath hand-in-hand, often ending up in the tearoom I remembered from my first visit. We made friends with the owner, a stout woman called Rosemary who wore mismatched floral prints and turquoise eye shadow. We shared our secret with her and she called us the “young lovers”, forcing free cake on us during each visit. I feared my dress wasn’t going to fit. ."
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In a Heartbeat 💗 HD
Audio Story : In a Heartbeat Author : April Winters Watch more : https://goo.gl/BQ1ADz Excerpts: "...Sara, mất phương hướng, cảm thấy không đau. Cô nghe thấy giọng nói bị bóp nghẹt và cảm nhận chân đập thình thịch về phía cô. Một cảm giác nhẹ nhàng kéo tiếp quản cơ thể của mình, và cô cảm thấy ánh sáng và thoáng mát. Bóng tối mờ. Nổi, cô tăng lên đến di chuột vài feet trên đường phố ồn ào - một cảm giác thú vị kỳ lạ, nhưng cô trải nghiệm không sợ hãi. Từ vị trí này, Sara cuộc điều tra khu vực và quan sát một người phụ nữ, trong một cái áo màu hồng mơ hồ-nhuộm, nằm trên nhựa đường. hồ máu quanh đầu của người phụ nữ. Một máy nghe nhạc MP3 cầm tay gãy đẻ rải rác trên nhựa đường. Hơi nước tăng từ mui xe nhàu nát của một chiếc SUV nghiêng trong sự phân chia trung tâm, tài xế của nó giảm mạnh so với vô-lăng. Sara cảm thấy nhẹ nhàng kéo biến cô ấy đi, nhưng cô chống lại - có một sự quen thuộc mơ hồ về người phụ nữ trên mặt đất..."
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