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I love you by Jefri King
7/27/17 One of the best African (Ghanaian) artist coming out
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Midas touch by JefriKing
7/27/17 special talent out of africa
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Gang initiation takes a strange twist
My life stories
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RIP Nipsey We lost a good one,a King,a God & a Future
We need to do better as Africans/Black people
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The day Tupac man saved my life
My life story’s
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Trump said Africans and Haitians are from Shithole countries
Trump Said Haitians and Africans should not be allowed to come to the US because they’re from shit hole countries
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Africans are given up on their  Traditional names
We want to be westernize so bad, crazy
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So now I guess we are Mexicans
Black people in New York are celebrating the Mexican holiday called Cinco de Mayo like it’s there day
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Christmas in Ghana
Do not believe everything you hear Try to see for yourself
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Are you a polay?
New music by the legendary Hiplife artist T Blaze
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The fall  of New York City nightlife
Nightlife and entertainments
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How I got the name africa
I was Proud to be born in Africa
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Is it A Coup In Zimbabwe and is Robert Mugabe Reign Over
Political issues in Zimbabwe
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We Lost One of NYC Night Life Legends
We Lost Troy of Gater Pro. One of the top Promotional companies that Ever did it In NYC Night life in MY My Era
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How I got the name Tech LO
My life story
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Back on my bullshit
That gym life,feels good to be back at it
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My First Love and How I Became Obsess
my life stories
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Af, Talks Xenophobia in South Africa
My feelings about how my African people treating each other
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South Africans are F clowns, yes I said it!
Killing your own people, so now your Tough when it comes to your own
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One Of Those NYC Street Days
My Dancing Day and my Lo life day
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Af, The First Time I Saw That Real Money
My life stories
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Af, How I Got The Name Elevator Man
My life stories
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Sex move by JefriKing
7/27/17 One of the hottest new artist coming out of Africa
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I like LJ but your not stoping MJ in the Playoffs
The difference between LJ and MJ
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Come on,for 2019 just STOP the bullshit!
Stop Expecting us to have all this things in a country we don’t live at anymore
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How They Have convince the world that the victims are  the bad guys
How Europeans have made the world believe that Africans are the bad guys
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I guess their life is more important than ours
7/26/17 what black people go through in America
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Conversation between myself Family,Tribe
The love for My culture and Tribe
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Love and Hate
How can you love people that hate you
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Mood, competition is nada by hip life legend T blaze
7/28/17 legendary artist T Blaze with some new heat
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Slavery in 21st Century Africa
Modern day Slavery in Africa, WoW i am in disbelief of what is going on in Libya
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At the 2018 Ghana VGMA
Ghana Music award show
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