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Review on sailor dress
Please like share comment if you enjoyed. If you have a suggestion for my next video please ask in the comments below. Link Packitcute Girls' Dresses Sailor... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07DL7N2TJ?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share
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Luckyma99 sponsors this video THANKS SO MUCH This scarf is so cozy and and amazing!!! My Instagram is lolita_kawaii_420 Link for scarf http://h5ip.cn/JRVg Also for my viewers i know i talk alot in my videos and I ushally only review one item per video . That’s because if i did alot in one video it would be to long. I have a.d.h.d. So i get distracted alot and talk about others things that pop in my head. I try to edit out most of it .
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Demonia damned 225
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Pink spiked choker review
Please share to feinds who would enjoy.
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WISH review
Unfortunately the skirt I bought has been discontinued .you can check out my Instagram channel also its lolita_kawaii_420
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skirt for sale
I made this myself i can make one in another color if someone is interested in buying.
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My Instagram followers requested a diy video . If you enjoyed please like subscribe and share.
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How to cut a wig
This how i cut my wig please like share comment and subscribe!!
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Tik tok lgbtq+
That feeling when your hair is on fleek . Please follow me if you enjoy this video thanks for watching!!
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Lolita dress review
Its wonderful so conferable good size everything is perfect. Link to buy one is below enjoy!! BLESSI Women's Sweet Tea Cup Printing Lolita Dress Polyester (M, Blue) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B077KG36LC/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_W1tlCb8T8V7NS
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Please if you enjoyed share n subscribe!!! Thanks for watching :-) Disclaimer this is not Disney sponsored I bought this on my own. I think this dress is for night wear I recommend it for a summer night. I try to post weekly most of the time if you viewers have have ideas for more videos i can do please let me know in the comments!!
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How to bleach/tone roots
This is how I bleach my roots always. Ive been doing this for about 2 years n half If you have a different method please tell me in the comments!
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Re-dyeing hair
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