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sawbill canoeing
camping and canoeing with wooden canoe enthusiasts in northern minnesota
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knife from a file
a seven year old and his dad make a knife (with help from the local blacksmith) from a file complete with a nice handle
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a short trip on the river completing with swimming
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asaph in england again
a jolly nearly seven month old enjoys family and his mothers chin in england
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asaph travels in west africa
an adaptable nearly eight month old crosses 7 borders in 2 weeks and still smiles
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asaph sails
an inquisitive seven and a half month old goes for his first pirogue ride across the senegal river
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asaph leaves minnesota
A handsome two month old embarks on a journey to a faraway continent.
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asaph canoes with prinsburg folks
a water loving nearly twenty two month old canoes with friends on the minnesota river near renville
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asaph enjoys a morning on kamarakunda
a cheerful nearly four month old enjoys interacting with friends at his home in africa.
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asaph visits gabu again
an internationally known ten month old makes his third visit to guinea-bissau
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asaph goes to guinea-bissau
a hardy four month old takes a trip with his parents to a neighboring country in west africa to celebrate easter
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Asaph takes a trip up the Arun
a very hardy and adventurous nearly 5 year old goes on a two night canoe trip with his dad
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asaph near dakar
a gregarious three month old enjoys a week with friends near dakar
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asaph plays
a happy four month old enjoys playing and sitting and smiling in his home in africa
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asaph rides in senegambia
a content three month old joins his parents and friends on a trip in west africa
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asaph and his dad on the cloquet
the first father son canoe trip took place on a beautiful little river in a forest north of Duluth
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asaph on a train
a strong five month old rides a train through england and scotland with his parents
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asaph on an overnight motorcycle trip
a little boy and his dad go to visit a friend
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paddling the panchange
the first solo canoe paddling for a 8 year old boy in africa
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asaph rides to basse
an enterprising sixteen month old rides to a nearby town
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asaph eats and walks
a playful thirteen month old performs some tricks mostly in a modern kitchen
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asaph turns 4
celebrating with friends by camping and biking and then eating together
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asaph fixes a bike
a mechanically minded fourteen month old fixes a bike
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asaph on a sandy bike ride
a rugged twenty three month old goes on a bike ride with his dad
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asaph is 8
besides lots of cards and cake, this 8 year old received a bike and a guitar!
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asaph swimming
a nine year old and his sisters enjoy a pool
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asaph swims
a patient four month old goes for a dip in a river in africa
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asaph at the beach
a daring three month old touches the sea for the first time
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asaph camps at anambe
an explorative seventeen month old camps with his parents and friends by a river in senegal
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asaph and his friends
a congenial eleven month old hangs out with his friends while his mom works in the garden
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a makeshift skateboard
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
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asaphs first birthday
a distinguished one year old celebrates his birthday with a few hundred friends in a village in africa
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asaph back home in africa
a maturing twenty three + month old hangs out in africa
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asaph tours england
a dashing nearly three month old dazzles family and friends in southern England
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asaph breakfasts on the beach
a two year old joins his parents for breakfast at the atlantic ocean
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asaph goes to banjul again
a growing nine month old journeys to the coast to fatten up for a week
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asaph rides a camel
this was a very funny and very painful ride that thankfully didn't last too long
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asaph in the bwcaw
an at-home-in-the-wilderness twenty month old goes on his first long canoe trip
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asaph travels for health
a still smiling ten month old travels around in search of better health
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asaph strolls
a serene nearly five month old goes for his first ride in a stroller in a village in england
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asaph does some pushups
a healthy three month old mostly minnesotan performs some exercises
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asaph celebrates christmas
a blessed thirteen month old celebrates christmas
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asaph in scotland
a joyful six month old enjoys six weeks in scotland
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asaph turns two
an amazing twenty four month old celebrates his birthday with his parents and friends and then spends the night by the river
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asaph in sweden
a multilingual-yet-indistinguishable nearly twenty month old spends a week in sweden
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ducks and a pond
a boy and his sisters get started raising ducks
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asaph travels round the us
a popular twenty+ month old travels with his parents
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asaph on arran
a bonny nearly six month old enjoys a day on the isle of arran
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asaph returns to sabi
an agile eleven month old climbs some stairs and returns to his home in the village
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asaph goes canoeing
a hungry eight and a half month old enjoys his first (albeit short) canoe trip
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