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Spicy Thai chicken soup noodle RECIPE 泰式咖喱汤
Perfect thai soup recipe. must try! In the video, I explain everything about the soup, include how to serve it. You can also find out how to deal with lemongrass at the end of my video. So, Enjoy my recipe! And like it! More info: http://www.lacuisinezeng.com/ Sunny
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Chinese fried chicken RECIPE 盐酥鸡
Hi everyone, this time I will share you a fried chicken recipe. Check it out and try it at home right now! You will love it! Subscribe my cooking channel for more classic Chinese recipes. HAVE A GOOD DAY!
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Potato,Corn,Beef Hot Pie RECIPE  AKA Pâté Chinois 中国肉派
Today, I will show you the origanl Chinese pie recipe. Simply and easy to do, feed your whole family! It is a Typical Quebec dish. Since I live in Quebec city, this dish is became the reguler friend of our dinner table. You will need: 4 potatoes medium size 1 can of corn cream 1 onion 125ml milk 60ml butter 1 lbs ground beef salt, pepper, paprika
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Stinky Tofu & Canal Town, Street Food Tour & Sightseeing in ShaoXing China 绍兴
Today I visited Shaoxing by myself ALONE. With a nice weather which is not common for winter, I walked for 14 kilometers, I did hiking as well. With two million people living here, it’s not crowded in China. Roads are clean and wide with multiple fonctions for all kinds of transportation methods. This city has more than 2300 years history. It combines ancient town and modern districts. I can see the government is trying to put more trees and gardens to the city. It’s also the hometown of LuXun, the greatest modern China writer and thinker. He went to Japan to study about medicine and then give it up. He said medicine can’t make China a better country. So he became a writer. This happened about 100 years ago while China was been thrown a Old and New, East and West period. Government was always changing. Débats between the thinkers were so common on news paper. Some people chose to study abord. We call it 民国, Republic of China. The hiking was good and refreshing. I really like Shaoxing and the people there. To be continue...
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Southwest China Food Market in GuiYang 贵阳美食
Street food is a city’s soul. This is the first time I’ve traveled in the Guizhou province. It’s in the southwest of China. The capital is called GuiYang. It’s a city built on the mountains. People here love rice noodles or rice paper, it’s similar as Vietnam. Go to my profile page and click the link to watch the lasted Food Vlog of Real China serie. #streetfood #chinesestreetfood #loveeating #ontheway #gateway #southwestchina #guizhou #guiyang #vlog #foodtour #foodvlog #food porn
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Breakfast in GuiYang City China 贵阳清晨
I did this video is for showing you a real city life in this nice sunny day. Summer is cool in GuiYang, spring is coming. I had an authentic breakfast in a local restaurant. The owner is so hospitalized and passionate about his work. Be honest, the local accent is a little bit difficult to understand. When a ladybug saw me eating the tofu in a wrong way, she is very nice to help me by showing me how to eat it. The breakfast cost me about 2.50$ us. The salary in GuiYang is not high comparing to the eastern China. Around 500-600$ us per month. And the price of the goods is more expensive than I thought. It’s not that developed, but it’s famous for its landscape and cool weather. To be continue...
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1$ Breakfast in Wuhan China
In Wuhan, we say « passing breakfast 过早» instead of « having breakfast ». And you can find the breakfast all day long. You can have it when you want and where you want. In this video, I ordered only two kinds of local favorites. 豆皮 烧卖 Not like western breakfast, in China, our breakfast is normally savory. I like both kinds of breakfast. I think Chinese breakfast should add more veggies and fruits. And western breakfast should reduce the fat and sugar. And then we will have peace and love. To be continue … #1$ #breakfast #chinesefood
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Sea Cucumber Sashimi Osaka Japan 大阪鱼市
Not like Kuromon Food Market, Turuhashi fish market is too local for most of the tourists. Only private tour will bring you here. Today, with the help of their PR manager, we had a a wonderful adventure with the fresh raw meat. And! We met a tv crew, and participated for their show by dancing. Let’s check it out!
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Inside Chinese family condo, Wuhan
Hi there. This is my first vlog from China. This is about where I come from and I live. And in this video I will show you a real Chinese residential community and local market. 0:18 My parent’s house tour 1:10 residential community garden tour 2:56 local market tour #chinesevlog #vlog #lifeinchina #housetour #localfood #traditionalmarket #realchina Enjoy!
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One minute Thai Milk Tea RECIPE一分钟泰式奶茶
Making the Thai Tea with my friend Bour who is a real Thailand girl. She told me a secret to make Thai Milk Tea fast and simple. And in this video, we will tell you how to choose good Thai Tea Mix. Let me know your comments!
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Matcha Tea Garden Tour, Shao Xing 绍兴抹茶
绍兴 shaoxing is a city near Hang Zhou. Today I took a five hours high speed train from Wuhan to Shao Xing. My plan is to visit the one of the biggest matcha Tea Garden in China. Check my adventure via this short video. I will visit Hang Zhou city in the next few days. To be continue...
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Épicerie asiatique: Montagne Dorée
Si vous cherchez des aliments asiatiques dans la ville de québec, je vous recommande l'épicerie qui s'appelle Montagne Dorée. 652, rue Saint-Ignace, Québec, QC G1N 1P1 418-649-7575 9am-8pm 7 jours par semaine
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Temple Food Market Kyoto Japan 伏见稻荷大社
00:05 Food Market Tour 07:00 Temple Tour & Hiking Fushimi Inari Taisha (伏見稲荷大社) is the head shrine of the god Inari, located in Fushimi Ward in Kyoto, Japan. The shrine sits at the base of a mountain also named Inari which is 233 metres (764 ft) above sea level, and includes trails up the mountain to many smaller shrines which span 4 kilometres (2.5 mi) and take approximately 2 hours to walk up. First and foremost, Inari is the god of rice, but merchants and manufacturers have traditionally worshiped Inari as the patron of business. Each of the torii at Fushimi Inari Taisha has been donated by a Japanese business. More than 10000 toriis on the mountain. ——————- Today I uploaded the last video about my two months trip in China and Japan. Everything was wonderful. I am grateful for all the experience I have. Merci. Thank you for watching. #vlog #japan #kyoto #shrine #youtubechannel
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Chinese Classic Pork Dumplings (recipe include) 饺子
Hottest occasion recipe for family and friends! You will need: nappa cabbage, mince pork, soy sauce, potato starch, ginger, garlic, water, salt, pepper, dumpling wrapper .. Tasty treats! by lacuisinezeng.com
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EARLY Childhood Education Center in China
Today is 小年 December 25th in Chinese lunar calendar. All the shops are preparing to be close for two weeks long Chinese New Year holiday. This is the last day of this YiXuanYing Education Centre. They offer supplemental classes for school kids and artist training such as painting, music instruments and dance. This center is open by my friend and her husband four years ago. Now they have five different education centers in Wuhan. They are planning to open five more this year. The children who come to this place is around 4-12 years old. After elementary school, art and music education will be out of education program. Parents will let their kids to focus on school classes such as Chinese, mathematics, and English. A few kids will continue to come here for art classes. But it’s more like a way to release the stress. The fee is 300$ to 600$ per session per subject, it’s about 25 hours. According to the statistics, the average salary per month is 600$ in Wuhan. Normally kids don’t take only one class per session. Due to one child policy ( now is two children policy), parents and grandparents are willing to pay for all these fees. It’s a common sense in China. Education is everything. To be continue …
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Chinese Village GuiZhou 贵州黔南
Today we went to have a little walk on a mountain at an altitude of 1210 meters in the south of GuiZhou province. There are five mountains like this one. Flat on the top, people can build the house and grow something to eat. They call the mountain TAI SHAN. If you ask me why they came here at the first place, the reason is maybe to avoid the war and mafia. To be continue..
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加拿大狗拉雪橇体验 Dogsledding in Canada Vlog
坐标:魁北克城 人物:魁北克城导游曾晨 项目:狗拉雪橇 室外 -11 摄氏度
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Countryside in China, Hubei 中国农村
Today we went back to the birthplace of my mother. She is from countryside, like 70% of Chinese population. When I was born, Chinese had two types of identity: Farming People and Non-Farming People. It is writing on your id card. When it is Chinese New Year, people will go back to their birthplace to visit family and give them gifts and money. When the vacation is over, they will go back to the cities and work. Sometimes they will leave the kids at their hometown. One thing we did at countryside, we went to the field of the village and send our greetings ro our ancestors. It is very important. With my IPhone 6, I want to record the real China. Thanks for watching. Share and like my video. To be continue...
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Chinese New Year Party
Today 2018-02-16 is the first day of Chinese Lunar Year! This is the year of dog. We held a big family party at my parents’ home. Let’s check it out! I use iPhone 6 for the video. #chinesenewyear #dogyear #familyparty #狗年 #中国新年
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加拿大社区冰雪节 Canada Winter Fun
今天我们去参加村里的冰雪节,来看看我们都玩了些什么吧! 葵花正在积极学习汉语,请理解。 语言:汉语,法语
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Wuhan East Lake fun
Hi everyone! After three days of heavy pollution, we had a super sunny and warm day today. We went to East Lakes 东湖 of Wuhan. In this video, I will show you how and what we eat for picnic in China, the facilities of the park, and the activities we did. To be continue...
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Go back to my university neighborhood 昙华林 || Real China
Today I went back to my university in China. It has been 7 years since I visited it. The neighborhood has changed a lot. Let’s check out. To be continue...
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How I plan my trip to China as a LOCAL
In this video, I will talk about three main questions about trip planning to China. If you have some questions, please leave the comments below. I will be happy to help you. 1, When and how to choose your airplane tickets? 0:18 2, WiFi rental and luggage shipping services at the Pudong airport. 1:49 3, Over-night train and 20 $ Airbnb. 4:30 4, How I pay all these from Canada 8:45 Website and applications mentioned in the video: Wechat Alipay taobao.com aircanada.com Thanks for watching! Give me a thumb up if my video can help you a little bit. And tell me what do you want to know about China and what to eat!
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Urban Parenting in China
That is how we spend our day with kids in China. 0:20 Wuhan university 1:45 Han commercial street 3:48 Fancy cotton candy Finally we pass jet lag period. Today we went out to meet our friends. The weather is a little bit grey and lightly polluted. So we went to the beautiful camps of Wuhan university. My friend P has a little girl like Vic. They are happy to play together. Vic can speak and understand Chinese, so they are ok with the communication. And then we had lunch at a commercial walking street. Vic spent all day with her “skate board”. It’s really useful for kids to travel around. During the lunch, my friend talked about how eager that she wants to go back to work. Because nobody can pickup the kid from kindergarten ( they close at 5 pm), she chose to be a stay home mom. Her husband works 6 days every other week, so he can’t really help with housework and kids. But fortunately, P will start a job in one month. She is really happy to be back. Of course she will faces a lot of challenges. Normally in China, the grandparents will take care the grandkids until maybe 8-10 years old. But not everyone has this benefit due to all sorts of reasons. Lacking of quality day care service, Chinese women sometimes have to give up their career for 3-4 years. Everyday we walked a lot! Like today, we walked more than 5 kilomètres. Maybe this is more than one week of walking during the winter in Canada. To be continue... 😊 Go to my profile page and check the link of my video. . . . #lifeinchina #chinavlog #traveltochina #chinesekids #parenting #love #holiday #urbanlife #chineselife #lifeinchina #vlog #travelwithkids
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