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Damage by Fit For Rivals- Official Music Video
Official music video. I DON'T OWN ANYTHING!!!!!!
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Life In Battery City | Mag
Guitar (2 tracks), bass, drums
Views: 53 Hardly_Harley
String Medley | Mag
Piano, violin, cello, and bass (many tracks)
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Nelson | Mag
Might have been a little high when I made this idk. It’s just a song made of lines from Shane Dawson’s Boyfriend Tag and Phantom Truck, a video by a smaller YouTuber, Mikey Manfs.
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I’m Not Scott | Mag
A diss track written about an ex friend. The intro and outro were added in post based off an inside joke.
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Move, I'm Gay (Enjolras)
I don't know why I was compelled to make it, but here's Les Miserables parody of a popular Vine (rip) video.
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Wind Power PSA
I'm doing a school project on wind energy so I'm using this as reference.
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Mama Kangaroo | Mag
This song is composed of quotes from various YouTubers including Shane Dawson, Mikey Manfs, Filthy Frank, and Maxmoefoe. Maybe. If you squint.
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Kinetic | Mag
Keyboard, bass, drums, acoustic guitars
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