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NEW Sea Fishing Bite Alarm....Bitelyte 3
New Bitelyte 3 3rd generation of this great rod tip bite alarm from Slater Angling. New technology means a lower price to all anglers. buy/purchase from our shop - www.slaterangling.com
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Sea Fishing Bite Alarm
Sea fishing bite alarm/detector for beach/shore fishing. Very light in weight and suitable for thinner rod tips. See our website wwwslaterangling.com for more details. Also see our other bite detectors - FyreFli and Picolo.
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Carp margin fishing. A new bite alarm for surface fishing at night.
New Bite Indicator from Slater Angling. Patent Pending Designed for margin fishing in the evening or night. Increase for fishing time and no need for complex set ups using fixed alarms. Fully self contained needs no batteries as unit is fully rechargeable via a USB connection. Visit www.slaterangling.com for more details.
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PICOLO Bite Indicator for Beach/Shore fishing.
Swing arm bite indicator for beach/shore fishing. Can be used for large Coarse fishing such as Pike, Zander or Barbel. Can be installed on a standard threaded fitting. Extra holes for you to make personal fixing. Easy to use. Gives clear indication of running bites and best for seeing drop back bites , which we all miss or cannot detect.
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Catch more Carp.Bite Alarm for Carp fishing in margins at night
In this video some common questions are answered. Footage of the FYFREFLi in action. Video of the fish caught in early Spring 2013. For more information visit www.slaterangling.com
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Slater Angling Products 2014
A detailed presentation for our NEW products
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NEW Slater Angling Products for 2014
Slater Angling product profile for 2014. Bitelyte 3rd generation, Fyrefli 2, Carrier, Rod Spike, Pendulm and Mag Bag. Visit www.slaterangling.com for more detials.
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