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Give Rapunzel a Chance
She's doing her best to fix her mistake. Stop giving her a hard time.
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A new video coming soon.
I'm gonna post a video regarding the season finale of Tangled: the series. I'll let you know when it'll come up. Thanks fir being patient.
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Mermaid Melody Kibou Kane oto ~ Love goes on~
Me singing a song from the anime mermaid melody. I don't own the song. I'm just singing it.
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Sketch Maker season 5 review
I don't own half of the images shown. Half belong to Hasbro except for my Original Character. Enjoy
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Help LaDix
Also YouTube brony reactor is in need of a new computer. Help him get a new one.
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Mean Ol' Moon from Ted 2 sung by me
It's me singing that song from Ted 2. There are some parts where I lip synch because I was worried how I was able to hit the note. I don't own the song. I'm just singing it. Enjoy.
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Rainbow call
Silver quill told his fans to do this call to celebrate Rainbow Dash's birthday anniversary.
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Crazy car
A friend of mine in Google + named Dark Storm posted this and I asked if I could post it. He said yes so enjoy.
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I don't like fire brand.
It's just me letting out steam. I'm not trying to be a troll I'm just giving an opinion.
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