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Solo for flute by Niklas Skog
This will be the final version of Niklas Skogs beautiful solo for flute. He is a very young and a prodidgy when it comes to composing only 19 years old. He has writen this piece to me and I,m greatful and very happy to play it for you all here on youtube. If he writes anything more I,m gladly posting it here on youtube. The movie was taken by my good friend Mats Wendt who is (or actually was) the the vicar of St.Petri church in Slagsta Eskilstuna.
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Sing louder little river....
Music from the swedish composer Björn J:son Lindh. A wonderful piece called "Sing louder little river"
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This is me again. Stil playing the wonderful music of Lars Egebjer. This is a more sharp version and I hope you will like it.
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