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Bimmers of Sweden AFTERMOVIE 2017
Bimmers of Sweden at Mantorp Park 2017, big thanks to everyone involved. Great event and a perfect weather.
Bimmers Of Sweden AFTERMOVIE 2018
This years annual Bimmers Of Sweden-meet at Mantorp Park, Swe. Swedens biggest BMW carmeet. A huge thank you to everybody involved with this event! Song: Broiler - Mirrors Shot with a Canon 70d and DJI Mavic pro for the drone footage.
Falu Snowpark opening
Me, Rasmus Strand and Joel Svelander went through the new park in Källviksbacken, Falun.
Differential oil change BMW 525d
DIY on how to change the differential oil, I'm doing it on my 2011 525d f10 RWD.
Redbull Homerun 2013 Åre
Mitt åk i Redbull Homerun 2013 filmat med GoPro.. fan va vilt! 114 plats med en tid på 5.53sek, skutan till timmerstugan.
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Progression Gym motivation
good friend of mine is getting some work done at his local gym, Må Bättre (Falun, SWE).
Black Bmw e61 - Ceramic Pro Gold package
As the title, Black BMW treated with ceramic pro gold package.
Bringing you the annual "Bimmers of Sweden" carmeet from Mantorp, Sweden. Thank you all for this years event and see you next time! Song: Disarm you (Illenium Remix) - Kaskade Film and edit by me, for more pictures and videos check out "areivant" @ instagram
Bimmers of Sweden 22-23/5 2k15
This years Bimmers of Sweden carmeet @ Mantorp Park, thanks to everybody involved! Songs: Shots (Broiler Remix) - Imagine Dragons It's you (Broiler Remix) - Syn Cole
Barkarbyträffen #1 2015
This years first carmeet at Barkarby, Stockholm. Big thanks to everybody involved in this meet and to Baked Society. Song: G.D.F.R - Flo Rida
Song: Hollowed - Flybear Discgolf at Lugnet, Falun (Swe)
320d e91 LCI 240hp dpf off + rear silencer sound!
A sound check from a standing start with hard acceleration, a rolling shot with slightly lighter acceleration, and last a rolling shot with normal acceleration. The car is a BMW 320d e91 LCI with the 177hp stock engine. Remap with dpf off and a removed rear silencer, the numbers are around 240hp and 500nm.
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When at Yoump, Borlänge!
I captured todays visit at Yoump, a trampoline-park in Borlänge, Sweden. Linus Hoffman is the person jumping around: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_iKaApwHME-ICJrAh7LZWw Subscribe to my channel if you like the content.
Through season
Some days through season 15/16, skiing by Rasmus Strand, Adam Svelander Reivant, Joel Svelander, Alexander Lagerqvist and Måns Nyberg. Song: Panduh remix - Lux.Impala For more, areivant @Instagram
BMW 335d e92 DPF off + original exhaust revs and acceleration
335d with a straight downpipe instead of a DPF, the remap is made by V-tech and it's their stage 2. Exact numbers hp and torque is presented to you when we have benchmarket it. This is not a flat out or downshift, just a pretty hard acceleration on second and third gear. Original exhaust besides the replacement downpipe!
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Westaroze Streetmeet #2 2015
Hällameet #2 at Västerås, SWE. This time the weather decided to be with us. Clean cars and a great show! Edit made by: Adam Reivant (Me)
KIWI laps
Adam Reivant icy laps at Källviksbacken, Sweden Pacewon & Mr. Green - Who I am
Kallar jag detta för vlogg?
En totalmiss till Tierp Arena, Watercross i Rättvik & Poker-Runn 2018 i Falun. Allt och lite till skulle jag nog säga :)
A day with snowblades! Just for fun :D
Testhoppning FaluSnowPark 2016
3 nya hopp för i år!
I verkstan med M-Bilar Dalarna 1.3 - Invigning
Ihopklipp från vår invigningshelg där man bland annat kunde provköra ett flertal M modeller från BMW, stort tack till alla som deltog. Vi ses i Borlänge!
How To "M Performance diffusor" on F31 LCI with towbar
Showing you how to mount a M Performance diffusor on a BMW f31 2016 that has a fully electric towbar.
E.R Bilvård detail BMW M3 e92
E.R Bilvård in Falun, SWE A detail on a BMW M3 e92, with angelwax products like resurrection, redemption and a new product called enigma.
Summer Recap 2016
A edit I recently put together with my new editing program that doesn't co-operate with me yet, but I'm trying atleast! Hope you like this years recap. Song: You (Phsycic Type VIP remix) - Galantis
Adam Reivant 14/15
Some skiing recorded from this season, big thanks to EasyThing Media and friends & family for helping me capture it on camera. Song: Old thing back - Matoma
DIY 5-series F10 reverse light removal
How to remove the stock reverse light bulb and replace it with a new one. Quick and easy DIY. Car is a 525d F10 2011
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Soundcheck! 335d Straightpipe + DPF off
A soundcheck I did with first straightpipe exhaust with the DPF installed. And then with the DPF off and remap so I dont get any faultycodes. I will go back to stock exhaust with DPF off but here you have a soundclip without any mufflers.
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Running wild
I've put together a motocross edit for the first time, it's two good friends of mine that are running through a local track here in Dalarna, Sweden. Song: Run Wild (Manse Remix) - Hardwell feat. Jake Reese
ER bilvård S3 N' Snowmobile
Ceramic pro Gold package on a new Audi S3, also showcasing a snowmobile.
Adam Reivant
Some skiing from me, season 11/12 Music: Kid Cudi - Mr. Rager
Solution to the ac compressor sound!
This is the solution for my problem with the AC compressor/alternator sound (i thought the compressor were the problem). You hear the sound in the beginning of the video then ill show what really was the problem.
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Simon Eriksson got moves!
A friend of mine riding his BMX, a young talent for sure!
Fälgrengöring Mikrofiber.se
Recension av mikrofibers fälgrengöring "Kahlan's touch"
I verkstan med M-Bilar Dalarna 1.2
Jag ger er en unik preview av vår nya anläggning i Borlänge, invigningen är då 7-9 juni (fre-sön) Varmt välkomna!
Cardetailing Audi RS4 bagged N' Ford Mustang GT
E.R bilvård har varit i farten igen och putsat på en Audi RS4 samt testat nya enigma serien på en Ford Mustang GT.
Bimmers Dalarna
A local BMW-meet at Dala Airport, Borlänge. So a short edit to show you how it looked like. Song: On & On (feat Daniel Levi) - Cartoon
Turtle wax Color magic+ test
Testing out TurtleWax Color Magic+ wax in the color black, this is a wax with color pigments in it that will darken stonechips, see the result and a comparison from before.
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Summer Recap
Some random stuff from this summer!
M Bilar Group Dalarna X Bjursås skicenter
En riktigt fin dag tillsammans med M-Bilar Group Dalarna, platsen är Bjursås Skicenter under Bjursås Sessions.
Bimmers of Sweden 2014
This is what i captured from the annual BoS meet in Mantorp Park, Sweden. A really good time and a fantastic meet, see you all next year! Song: Nobody to love - Sigma
Greece 2018
Captured from our trip to Rhodos, Greece.
E.R Bilvård CLA45 AMG & BMW Z4 3.5i
Another video I made for my friends company called "E.R Bilvård" located in Falun, Sweden. The BMW is sealed with ceramic pro, and the Benz with Angelwax products.
M-Bilar Group on top of the mountain!
M-Bilar Group at a event in Bjursås 5 of April 2019, we brought the X5 with us.
2019 M4 Competition revving sound (Valves closed/open)
A brand new BMW M4 Competition rev-sound (efficiency and sport plus mode) + light acceleration
Mikrofiber "Sapphire schampoo"
Ett nytt test på mikrofibers senaste avrinningsschampo. Jag skall tillägga att jag vinner ingenting på att hylla detta schampo, skulle produkten vara dålig så skulle ni få veta det! Håll till godo
Snowmobiling in Noppikoski, Sweden
A short edit I made from our trip to Noppikoski together with my sister and her boyfriend, captured with a DJI Mavic Pro.
WeScrape-meet 2015
A small edit by me from this years WeScrape-meet at Uppsala, SWE. Cool cars and great meeting, hope to see you all next year! Music: Latch(Garlyn Remix) - Disclosure
En magisk kväll med M-bilar Group Dalarna
M-bilar Group bjöd in till ett företagsevent där även BMWs nya X5 låg i fokus.
I Yoump© too
Big thanks to my friend Rasmus Strand that helped me capture the footage of me jumping. From todays playground, Yoump Borlänge. Song: Ehrling - Mode