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Python sys.argv[ ]
Python sys.argv[ ] I show how Python keeps track of the arguments you key in at the command line.
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Python strip, lstrip, rstrip
string editing
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Integral of e to the 3x power
Taking the antiderivative of e raised to the power of 3x is made logically simple as all the steps are slowly and painstakingly drawn out for you to see, absorb and write down thusly exercising the kinesthetic sense - enhancing your learning experience. Good luck.
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Python split and join strings to arrays and back
I take a space delimited string and split it into a List then I join the list back into a space delimited, then comma delimited string
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Python path.join, and listdir
I demonstrate how these 2 functions / methods work: x=os.path.join(somn,somn-else) and listdir(x)
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Haskell WinGHCi first program
Haskell is a non-strict functional programming language I make a program file, load it into Haskell run the program, it worked. Me = happy
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Python - Read a text file into a dictionary
A comma delimited text file is read into memory, divvied up, the length minus the \n character is determined and that many characters are assigned to the dictionary value that is mapped to the dictionary key.
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Python Tkinter 06 Link Buttons to Function
python-tkinter is used to make functions that are called by ttk buttons linked to the same via the config() command
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Python: Map Multiple Lists into a Dictionary
Python: Map Multiple Lists into a Dictionary Here, I map a list of cities, and a separate list of countries into a single dictionary.
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Python Pretty Print:  pprint( )
Python Pretty Print: pprint( ) pprint as a way of rapidly seeing the methods available to a standard library function.
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Python, MySQL and the Cursor
The Question is: What is the Cursor ? Tis a structure in memory that holds the result set of a query. It has limitations.
Views: 2803 george boole
Twos Complement, 8 bits, it's magic !
65 minus 15 using two's complement. Made super clear.
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Firewall State Table
Firewall State Table Stateful Firewalls have a State Table. We'll take a look at it.
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Network Plus: T568A Standard - memorize fast
Network Plus: T568A Standard. memorize fast Pin to Color code of Wire is shown in a way that makes it easy to remember.
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Python:  Self ... The Trap !
Python: Self ... The Trap ! Why self is used, its purpose, and what happens when you don't use it as required.
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MYSQL Setting up the Environment Variable
I have Xampp on my system. I need to use sql from a dos prompt occasionally so I need to set up the environment variable in the path. Here is how to do that with Mysql.
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60 cycles per second (cps)
60 cycles per second (cps) Frequency (f) and time (t) are explained. Short and to the point.
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Python split function
python split function is looked at, and viewed in 3 practical examples
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Triac, clearly explained...
Using conventional Hole flow theory, I show the flow of holes through a super simple circuit with a triac.
Views: 142502 george boole
Python - Open, read, display a text file
Using Python, I open up, read in, and display a text file onto the screen. Super doooper fun
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Python Lists - extend vs. append, pop vs remove
extend vs append pop vs remove
Views: 4285 george boole
Simplifying Boolean Expressions:  A or NOT(A)B
simplifying expressions through substitution and logic...fun
Views: 18726 george boole
Python: Lists, Loops, Append
Python: Lists, Loops, Append Create an empty list, jump into a loop that continues to append it's iteration variable value into the empty list.
Views: 14675 george boole
Matlab Command Line Import Data from Excel
From the Matlab command line I do the following: ====================================== 1. Import and entire file 2. Import a specific slice of a files worksheet.
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SCR Switch Circuit Analyzed...
A motor is SCR switch activated. Logic walk through is done to determine how.
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Python Read Email
I inadvertently deleted out a single quote and open parens after I tested this out...I put it back in via annotations editing in YouTube...it looks a bit awkward...but you'll see it. apologies...clumsy me.
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Network Plus:T568B Standard memorize fast
T568B Cabling Standard memorize fast. I show it derived from T568A. Starting with the T568A, I show how to easily construct the T568B. Follows the same pattern as the previous video on: T568A
Views: 951 george boole
Python Directory and File Operations
make. change, and remove directories and files. I rename a file also.
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Python Convert String to List to Tuple
I convert a python, string, to a list, and then the list to a tuple python,string,list,tuple,tuple( ),boole,
Views: 10025 george boole
Python: Read File into GUI Textbox & Edit Data
Python: Read File into Textbox and Edit Data
Views: 3839 george boole
Python GUI read file contents into TextBox
Python GUI read file contents into TextBox Call up a Windows dialog box, choose a file, and load its contents into a textbox in your Python GUI Window. Work in Progress. Code is pinned into comment section at top. Good luck.
Views: 9138 george boole
RStudio rm (list=ls())  explained
More detailed explanation of the rm ( list = ls() ) command which removes all vars in the workspace
Views: 2625 george boole
Statics Engineering   Load, Lever, Fulcrum
Statics Engineering, Load, Lever, Fulcrum, leverage,boole, mechanics,
Views: 1524 george boole
Learn to do Python: Lists and Loops
Learn to: make and populate a list loop through the list and print it out
Views: 3236 george boole
Python tkinter 07 Place Picture on Button
I make a root window, put a button on it, and then a picture onto the button. Oops, its too big, so I use subsample() to make it smaller.
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Matlab Basics 09 format short, rat, long
I format the pi/2 expression in different ways.
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Packet Tracer (5):  Enable Password & Encryption
Packet Tracer (5): Enable Password & Encryption I show how to implement the Enable password and how to encrypt it.
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Python try except ValueError
A program that excepts for the wrong value keyed in by the user.
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Python Dictionary Pop function
Using the pop function with dictionaries
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Python Enumeration, Printout of ranged Lists,Tuples
python, list, tuples, range, enumerate, for loop, iterate, boole,
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Python Reverse Dictionary Order
I reverse the key:value order of a dictionary using a dictionary comprehension.
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Python OS.WALK( )
i walk thru 2 folders printing out all subdirs and files.
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Python While loop 3
I use a while true loop to input some chars, eval their length, exit if the letter: q is entered
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Python Open: MySQL Dbase, Print All Records
Open a MySQL Dbase, select all records from a target table, execute the query, fetchall from the cursor, place into a variable, iterate through and print it out.
Views: 4301 george boole
Engines bdc, btdc, tdc, atdc
Piston movement within the cylinder.
Views: 40543 george boole

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