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Brytec fly reels - 2/3, 3/4, 5/6 Trout reels and 7/8 9/11 Salmon fly fishing reels
...WWW.ARCFISHINGSUPPLIES.CO.UK ... for Salmon Fly Fishing Reels - Salmon / Trout Fly Reels. If you need and help just contact us at or 01900823907 OR email [email protected]
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Fishing bite alarms
THIS IS OUR BEST SELLER...600 SOLD IN LAST 4 WEEKS New to the UK and only available through brytec-fishing-tackle.co.uk Fishing tackle. Item name: Strike alert attractor Product Description: 1. Size: 3mm& 5mm Character 1. Visible from 100 yards. 2. Fits onto a majority of rods. 3. Automatically activated when fitted onto a rod tip section. 4. Water resistant. 5. 2 Sizes feet inside dia. 3mm & 5mm, can fit all kind of fishing rods. 6. Green FLASHING Ready 7. Red FLASHING: Fish On!. PLEASE TRIAL POSITIONS ON THE ROD LENGTH TO GET SENSITIVITY TO MEET YOUR NEEDS. ps if you can supply wholesale fishing tackle very cheap - please contact us
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