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DRUM COVER TIME - Chop Suey by System Of A Down
I do not own this song, this is a cover for fun. All rights go to their owners, namely System Of A Down. hope you enjoy :)
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Evolve stage 2 gameplay
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FUNNY MEMES!!! - Friend requested meme
The music is not my own, it is a shooting star meme, so the music (Shooing Stars by Bag Raiders) is not mine. This is a quickly edited video for fun, I hope you enjoy :)
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ITS HERE - Overwatch retrubutions - Overwatch gameplay and funny moments
sorry for the quality of the recording, it is just raw video at the mo. more videos will come out soon, so just wait. Hope you enjoy :)
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Hey, me and my friends were playing Overwatch and wanted a break from quick play and the new arcade mode. So I whipped up this game mode. the rules are: Teams of 2 all cool downs zero re-spawn instant damage dealt and received 500% Healing dealt and received 500% Health 500% Have fun and don't be and a**hole those are the rules off the top of my head that I remember Hope you enjoyed :)
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Why do i play this game? - Fortnite Gameplay
I don't play this game that much, but twitch prime gave out some free stuff so I decided to make a video on it. hope you enjoy :)
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DRUM COVER TIME - F*** You by Cee Lo Green
I do not own this song, this is just a cover and all rights and privileges go to their respective owners. This was pretty fun to play, I hope you enjoy :)
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DRUM COVER TIME - Toxicity by System Of A Down
I do not own this music. All rights go to System Of A Down. This is purely for enjoyment and fun. hope you enjoy
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A Ragtag squad of Idiots - Golf with Friends Funny moments
Sorry for not posting recently. This was some gameplay with my friends over at Amethyst Gaming. They are a group of people that I know well from college. Check them out, I think you will like them. Here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMMjmBllLdE-3fTMcTiRo1g
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DRUM COVER TIME - Drive By by Train
I do not own this song, I am simply playing it for fun. All rights go to their respective owners, namely Train.
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Doobert's Demise - Golf with friends funny moments
Hope you enjoyed the video :) friends in video: Amethyst Let's Play and other individuals link to Amethyst Let's Play: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMMjmBllLdE-3fTMcTiRo1g
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The Demise of Halo308 - Overwatch Gameplay and funny moments
Hey, so this is a comp match that Halo308, Hetaliaaru22, Beano, and myself were playing in. we were playing earlier so coming into the game Halo was upset already, so this game just made him angry enough to alt+F4. Hope you enjoy :)
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And so it Begins - Overwatch Funny Moments - Game 1
Hey, this video is the starting of our night of throwing. We were not throwing in this game but we were later. My friends and I decided to throw to lower our MR and this video is the beginning of the night. We started on Total Mayhem (this video) and then moved on to Quick Play where we purposely threw (coming soon). Hope you enjoy :)
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DRUM COVER TIME - Kill The Lights by Set It Off
Hello, so I do not own this song at all. I am playing it for fun. All credit goes to Set It Off for their song and to Equal Vision Records for the lyric video. Hope you enjoyed. link to Equal Vision Records: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4sPlX6igstaXBAAgiwddVg
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