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Portal Chamber 17 - Enter Button Room With Cube
Enter the incinerator button room with your companion cube. GlaDOS will open the door and keep it open permanently.
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Binary Boy Usenet Newsreader
Binary Boy is a Usenet Newsreader with many features that makes it easy to download files from newsgroups. Check it out at http://binaryboy.com/
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Smokey Inspects the Snow
Smokey inspects the snow after the March 16th snow storm.
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Binary Boy and Smokey
Binary Boy walking Smokey
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Smokey in Feb 2010 Snow Storm
Smokey walking through the snow during the Feb 2010 snow storm.
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HITMAN - The Blackmailer - Elusive Target 19 - Silent Assassin + (Santa) Suit Only
Assassinated Walter Williams, the blackmailer/Elusive target #19, wearing Santa suit only and Silent Assassin.
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Smokey's Walk in the Snow - Jan 26, 2011
Smokey taking a walk during the Jan 26, 2011 snow storm.
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Hitman Hokkaido - Silent Assassin/Suit Only (Santa) - Professional Difficulty
Hitman Hokkaido mission on professional difficulty, Silent Assasin/Santa Suit Only using Mastery Level 1 spawn point. Note: The guard and mortician in the garage are tricky. Wait until just after the mortician exhales, then hug the wall.
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