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:) @dollarstore koolaid sour blue raspberry drink πŸ’—
:) I am Mariah Nieves is on the right and my sister Cynthia on the left yes we are sisters and related by blood β™₯οΈπŸ’—πŸ˜Š lol I love how Cynthia is not listening to me just ingore me like she does best 😁
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:) this is my sister Cynthia and my mom doing the Cupid shuffle πŸ’—πŸ˜
My family loves to dance ❀️ alot and have fun πŸ˜€πŸ˜Š
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I'm singing 🎼🎡 my fiance Miguel been verbal abuse yelling at me non stop 😿
:( this is my real Alto vocals I'm honoring #maryjblidge her song 🎀 just fine β™₯️
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:) the Nieves sisters doing a funny dance 😊😁
:) I am in the blue shirt and my sister Cynthia is in the white shirt πŸ’— yes we are sisters and related πŸ‘πŸ‘ we are just having fun together β™₯️
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Yesterday I was at Costco in commack Rd here long island New York 😊
Because I had to go little food shopping for my family πŸ‘πŸ˜Š
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:) this is me and my mom are walking to deer Park stop and shop on long island New York πŸ’–
:) my mom is walking ahead of me and not waiting either πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜πŸ“½οΈπŸŽ¬
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February 25th premire episode of @shadowhunters πŸ‘
This is Clary woken up relax she wasn't back home in new York City , now Clary finally meets her real brother Johnathan in the fresh , Clary is very confused what in front of her . Then Johnathan told her we are bonded with a spell that lilyth left for us . So pretty much Clary is stock with her real brother for a long time and she not happy nope . Jace is missing her so much 😿 and most of all Isabel , now everyone at the instrute knows Clary is died not alive anymore . The leader of the shadow hunters said let's make memorial service for her .
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πŸ’’πŸ‘ΌπŸ™ happy Ash Wednesday of 2019 πŸ’—
:) today I was vlogging about what was doing earlier in the morning 😊 I wanted to share with you πŸ’— make sure like comment suscribe let's get to 1000 likes today 😍 I need ur guys help to do that !!
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:) this is my idol @rita ora β™₯️ singing her cover song 🎼your song 🎼
:) this is my Alto singing voice 🎡 this is real not fake πŸ’—
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:) Putting On Makeup
:) my mom is putting on makeup on my youngest sister Cynthia πŸ˜ŠπŸ’„
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We are playing uno cards πŸƒπŸ˜πŸ’—
My name is Mariah Nieves β™₯️ in the black shirt and my youngest sister Cynthia is in the red shirt we are the Nieves sisters 😍 today is a snowing day 🌨️ we are playing cards πŸƒ to have fun together 😁
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:) my name is Mariah Nieves πŸ’— I love sing 🎀so much πŸ’“
🎀I am Alto vocalist 🎼 🎡 I started to sing when I was 11 years old until now 😁u hear it in my voice πŸ‘‚ the song is called suave kiss me by @pittbull
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:) on April 9,2019 my mom is in the pink jacket β™₯️and eye glasses
:) my mom wanted to have a relaxing day in the city with me and my youngest sister Cynthia is in the grey shirt πŸ˜πŸ’“we were waiting for @thelongislandrailroad we were at the deer park train station on long island πŸ‘πŸ˜Š I was making my mom laugh and giggle β™₯️
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:) me and my sister Cynthia are so close together πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜€ tickling her ear πŸ‘‚
We love to have fun and be silly πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜πŸ’“
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Yesterday April fool's day 😊 we saw a cave spider bug
Cave spider is a hybrid between a spider and a cricket they love to live in basements and warm Clements where the air moist . So we found one ☝ in my cousin Victoria laundry bag was so scary 😱 to tip it . Then when I put the flashlight near it ! I started to jump and scream so did my cousin Victoria on top of the washer machine . Because me and her are afraid of bugs like no joke . (Aka: me) I am afraid of snakes , spiders , crickets , cave spiders , centerpeade it makes my body shake and I start to cry 😭 my body starts getting itching , chills , my heart goes in my stomach when a bug makes me jump this is real phobia I have .
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:) this is me on the right and Cynthia on the left we are sisters lol 😁 πŸ’–
We we're making made up boredom rain sing so it can stop raining all night long β™₯️ as sisters we started play fighting together πŸ’—β™₯️
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:) Suffolk community college Brentwood long island New York mother camboli carnival
August 25 , 2018 the ride is name hi rooler 😁😊β™₯️
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#supernaturalvlog #1 me and Cynthia are honoring the show and singing together 🎀
We found out this year 😿 @supernatural is not gonna be on anymore but we have one more season to go 15 :( but when 2020 comes they are not going be on air not tv either :'( I call out all the supernatural fans let's come together as a nation let's give them love πŸ’ and support most of all honored the greatest show ever ! Number #1 in my heart ❀ in this video πŸŽ₯ me and Cynthia are singing for real u can hear πŸ‘‚ it as I am recording the video the title of the song is : brother πŸ‘
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:) the title of the song 🎼 🎡 is brokenhearted came from Zumba core Wii game β™₯️
;) yes I am a Alto and this is the real me 🎀 u hear πŸ‘‚ πŸ“£ singing for real I'm not faking nope I'm not .
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:) my dream is become very first learn disability singer of the century πŸ’—β™₯️🎼
:) I do have a learning disability 100 Percent As Alto vocals passion of singing of mine β™₯️ I'm singing meant to be by Florida Georgia line 🎼
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#supernaturalvlog #2 @jensenanckles this is real singing voice I love it πŸ’—πŸŽ€
:) me and Cynthia say we love you so much 😘#supernatural πŸ’— but one ☝ thing u r family to us and we are very sad 😒 u guys are leaving us πŸ’˜ but I wanna honor you guys keep the memory alive πŸ˜€πŸŽΌ listen to supernatural music soundtrack πŸ‘ supernatural legendary tv series all over the world 🌏 graduations of the 300 episode that just past already πŸ˜€ me and Cynthia are singing along with @jensenanckles on our television that is awesome πŸ‘ u guys keep up the good work πŸ‘
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🎼 this is me singing for real 🎀 in the back round of the video πŸŽ₯
The song title name is: my year from Disney channel original movie πŸŽ₯ @zombies πŸ’—
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:) this is my mom in the red shirt dancing and having fun β™₯️
:) when my mom was little girl she was in dancing school all her life πŸ’— it's been her dream have a dancing job 😊 become a dance teacher too 😁 hey dancing in her blood for sure β™₯️ so any famous dancers comment on this dance video πŸŽ₯
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:) this is my sister Cynthia arguing about being old and her birthday is coming up 😁lol
:) u hear πŸ‘‚ in the video of the back round of the video πŸ“Ή ❀️ saying I am not old and not grandma πŸ’—
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:) I am singing rewrite the stars from the greatest showman
My depression act up last night when I singing I'm hurting inside 😿
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This is me and my fiance Miguel song 🎼 🎡 my two sisters ❀️ having a great time πŸ’—
:) this song first came about when I was bringing my fiance Miguel best friend Dylan back home on the train. When we saw a group of street racers at deer park train station here long island New York πŸ’– they were playing this song 🎡 like loudly the whole town heard it ! πŸ‘‚
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:) we are rewatching the old Disney songs 🎼 from the past 😊
:) u hear πŸ‘‚ my singing voice 🎀 in the back round of the recording of the video πŸ“Ή and having fun with my cousin Victoria too 😊 πŸ’—
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Today my sister Cynthia was giving our Daisy a stretch little bit Daisy love πŸ’ it
;) I was giving Daisy belly rubs she was smiling alot β€πŸ’œ
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:) this is the first person on American idol got the golden ticket πŸ‘† 😊
:) he is twenty years old β™₯️ he Sang very good and well πŸ˜πŸ’—
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:) I made this homemade orange wig by myself 😊
I'm showing you guys all my YouTube suscribers fans πŸ˜πŸ˜ŠπŸ’— my creative and silly , sassy side of me β™₯️ posing with my cute pink eye glasses ☺️
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Today me and my mom in the grey shirt had cabin fever shopping in stop and shop on long island
:) because we swallow to much air so we have case of the giggles 😁 through the aisles in stop and shop long island New York πŸ’—
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VR experience is (the room )is the scariest of all
:) I think @jameswang should direct this movie πŸŽ₯ it's name The Room is similar to the conjuring trilogy . More scary 😱 it's alot of parmonal stuff we put in the movies and @lorenwarren should be apart of it also see is actually real place or something .
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:) this is Serena and Cynthia playing uno cards πŸƒ and being silly β™₯️
This was the night of my car 🚐 accident 😿 after that everything has changed πŸ’—
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:) this is my cousin Victoria singing a song from her friend πŸ’—
This is a friend she knows from school πŸ’“
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#suprisebirthdayvlog for my mom πŸ’“
:) I got her Selena t-shirt her favorite singer of all 😊 I made my mom dreams come true when she opened her eyes scream of happiness and jump and down 😍 thanks to me , Cynthia , my fiance Miguel getting it for her πŸ’“ plus she loved it ! Give me a very big hug πŸ‘πŸ’˜
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:) I'm hanging out with my sister Christina boyfriend Gage
:) yesterday me , Christina , Cynthia all of us were hanging out with my cousin Victoria πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘ my sister Christina boyfriend Gage πŸ’™ spending time together β™₯️
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Flying a drone lol β™₯️
:) on Easter Sunday my mom got my sister Cynthia a tiny drone and she loves it alot β™₯οΈπŸ‘ just she needs to practice of landing , gliding , moving up and down , using the tiny driving sticks on the machine 😊
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:) I rake four big pile of leaves πŸπŸ‚ put it in four trash cans
Every year when spring comes around my lovely nana wants me and Cynthia to rake the leaves πŸ‚πŸπŸƒ in our backyard and I hate doing it ! Because I have very bad seasonal allergies and when I go near the leaves I start snizzy like crazy and my nose runs have running eyes plus more annoying mine itching spasms get randomly . This is why my nana should hired a professional to do it or have my cousins do it they are the only ones don't do nothing 😒 who rake the leaves me, Cynthia, my nana three people .
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@jensenanckles u r out there we were singing ur song 🎼🎡 to honor you πŸ’—
:) me and Cynthia are very excited to see you at the @supernatural conversation if we have the money to go 😍β™₯️ and we are big fans of ur show πŸ’—
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:) 2018 lip sync battle free on demand πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ‘
:) u hear me πŸ‘‚ in the back round singing along with my television and watching our show 😊β™₯️
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:) showing a video cleaning my Betta fish tank πŸ‘πŸŒΉ
Today I really needed to clean my Betta fish blue tank Because when I look at it was all cloudy and the gravel needed to be changed πŸ‘ I'm narrating showing u guys how to clean a Betta tank probably and not using commercials not at all. I hope 🀞 u guys love my video πŸŽ₯ remember βœ”οΈ like comment πŸ“ suscribe to my channel please that would help me alot πŸ’
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🎀the song cover : just fine 🎼 🎡 by the legend @maryjblidge πŸ˜€
singing for me is my safe place tune out all the noise in the back round . When my depression acts up the music calms me down when I have a stress day or not in the mood to talk to anyone . With my music in my universe and my fantasy world 🌏 I feel im a star ⭐ with my learning disability I'm trying to keep up with all the trends song covers is one of them is very good thing πŸ˜€
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:) this is my whole family singing 🎀 happy birthday to my sister Cynthia in the red shirtπŸŽ‚πŸ°
:) my sister Cynthia is wearing red and black jump suit yes sis ! U r killing it in ur outfit and being a queen on ur birthday πŸ‘πŸ˜€πŸŽ‚πŸ° we are singing Happy birthday 🎈 plus adding something extra lol 😁 πŸ’– counting numbers out loud πŸ‘πŸ˜ŠπŸ’˜
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:) this American idol person angel singing voice ❀️😊
:) I love ❀️ his voice put away his twing voice away and do pop singing voice instead that would be much better ❀️
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:) the song : shallow from the movie πŸŽ₯ @thestarisborn πŸ’—
Created with Smule - https://www.smule.com
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