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BDA-380, 30+ years old
I carried this Browning for years and have thousands of rounds through it. I keep telling myself, Self it's time to retire the 380. There's nothing wrong with it, it's as dependable as it was the day I bought it, so why retire it? Well after 30+ years, and thousands of rounds if something is going to happen it's time.
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Singer XL5000 Should I keep It oops
Deciding if I should try selling or keeping the singer xl 5000 sewing machine.
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A Quick vid on CB antenna for vehicle
This is a quick vid on CB mobile antennas and placement. It's not a how-to but something to think about when buying and installing a CB antenna
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Back pain, Dr Ho's & Tens unit
Back pain after surgery. What was L5-S1 is now S1, S2, S3. and pain 24/7 for years. I use both but not at the same time and depends on the day and time. I still use my prescribed meds but these do things the meds don't.
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Yeasu FTDX-1200 FFT-1 Tight wires fix
Wires to tight? Here is a fix
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Sccy  Good gun but bad mags?
I like our Sxccy's but had a few mag problems, nothing I couldn't fix. I will be feed them a few hundred rounds soon.
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Repairing a CB radio.
While setting up a communication consol for the van I lost the receive on the Uniden CB that has been sitting in the van for a few years. Started with checking the mic but ended up being cold solder joints.
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Bond Arms 45acp
I was given this as a semi retirement gift today. NICE!!!
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A quick holster HiPoint 45
A friend needed a holster for his HiPoint 45 a hand canon. lol.
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Mini Actuators, Great for trap doors
Trap doors, hidden compartments, lock and unlock. They come in all sizes.
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Ithaca 12ga. Putting back together an Ithaca, Reassemble  part 2.  MP4
Reassemble, putting the Ithaca 12 ga. back together ...
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Home made Kydex press 2 and 3
This is the completion of my homemade kydex press. Hope it gives those who are thinking of making one some ideas.
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Up with rge 4BTV antenna
Sorry about the time and editing. Buzz P. O. Box 523 Branford, Ct. 06405
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Generac Battery replaced 8000/10000
The Generac 8000/10000 is a good unit except for the battery. I did a video in the past as to my fix but here is an update.
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Taking Apart Ithaca.  Part 1.  MP4
Taking apart an Ithaca 12 ga.
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The Wind Turbine not turning
Not at the right height
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Holster made with Worbla
Worbla is a material that's wused to make costums.
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Paint lettering on shirt
Needed a shirt quick.
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Cleaning a few guns and BS'ing
Clean guns, Bull-crap about nothing.
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Country Line 22 ton Log Splitter
You've seen one you've seen most. Just a quick look in operation with weak wood.
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Hitachi saw fixed
Fixing the lower guard on a Hitachi. A lot of BS'ing with poor editing. lol
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Browning BDA 380 MO
Finally found a color I like. This was do last year and I think it was my first YT project. Sorry but I noticed some videos haven't any audio.
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Forming worbla
A quick forming of a holster to show how.
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Dash Cam with GPS Tracking
Polaroid PD-G55H. So far not bad for the buck.
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OK, I did it
A new toy for the lawn.
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Kydex or Worbla ?
It's up to you. Both are good, Worbla maybe earier or maybe not.
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Ithaca 12 ga. Shotgun, Duracoat last time..MP4
Ithaca 12 ga. pump shotgun.
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Charter Arms, My Final Thought.
Going by the on going problems with the Charter Arms 22LR I would not buy another, nor recommend their 22LR
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Astro Van Rear Heat
I got lucky, just a few vacuum lines.
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Shop Fox Drill Press
I like it but needs more throw.
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Buffing the camera lens
I do not recommend doing this.
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Sand Blast mirror
Sandblasting a design into a mirror.
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Mossberg SA-20 Autoload
It came in today, I ordered it the day I bought the Remington 870_20. Today when I picked this baby up I ordered a Beretta 92 compact 9mm.
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Steal vs Fiberglass Antennas.
Witch is Best and how does fiberglass transmit?
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Dropping a double trunk tree
This was a two trunk tree making it a pain in the butt to drop.
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Another pulley on the light pole
Adding a pulley to the pole Buzz P.O. Box 523 Branford, Ct. 06405
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A problem with Ryobi bandsaw
A 9 months to a year old and part is no longer made. Never again with Ryobi.
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A MINI Winch  lol
Checking out Winch
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Wheel Spacers A problem
A problem with the lugs and mounting spacers.
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Small Air Compressor PT 4
Air compressor conversion is complete and working.
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Uniden PC68 CB radio
CB and a goody box
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Stake down a tarp
Making stakes to hold a trap over the wood. Buzz P. O. Box 523 Branford, Ct. 06405
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John Deere 54 inch Middle Deck
After calling JD dealer for a u-joint for me belly deck at the price of $194+tax and them not wanting to give me a part number, I found a cross NAPA # C410 for $24.99. More then a $175 savings after taxes.
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I returned a Telemarketer's call
I left them a marketing massage on their answering machine. I use the S%(T word.
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Final Thoughts on the SCCY-CPX-2
I like, I would buy again, Yes. I have two reliable Sccy-2 that I trust.
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4BTV  antenna almost done BORING lol
All radials up and laid out
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Small Air Compressor PT 2
Still working on the tank add on.
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My BDA 380 is retired
Browning Double Action 380 is retired. A quick paint job, and off to the safe. I will still use it at the range, but as a carry, no more. It serived me well for about 35 years so time for retirement.
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Beretta 92F, 30 year old
Here is my 92F that I bought about 30 years ago.
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CB radio, power supplies, antennas
A quick vid on CB, Antennas, and Power Supplies. Just some plain BS KISS
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