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Confused Little Girl meets her Dad's Identical Twin Brother for the First TIme
Confused little girl meets her dad's twin brother for first time. The double take she does with her wide eyes is priceless
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Public Enemies - Courtroom Scene
Louis Piquett representing John Dillinger in the movie Public Enemies
Views: 55439 May Ling
Guy Sings Whole New World - BOTH Parts
Nick Petara sings Disney's Aladdin's Whole New World. Starts off pretty normal, but wait until you see who sings Jasmine's part... OMGWTFBBQ!!! ...wait for it!!
Views: 38054 May Ling
Angry Black Guy Prank Calls Himself
Prank called an angry using a soundboard of his own voice! MEET ME SOMEWHERE!
Views: 84550 May Ling
The Magic Staircase
The infamous magic stairwell that has confused many but... fooled no one
Views: 72262 May Ling
Exercises to prevent Tendinitis & Carpal Tunnel (cps)
Perfect for gamers, programmers, or anyone who spend too much time using a mouse and keyboard.
Views: 7159 May Ling
Holy Wayne takes Nura's Pain - Full Scene
From the Leftovers S01E06 - "Guest"
Views: 5674 May Ling
Alone Forever - The Drop (2014)
Bob Saginowski explains his take on an afterlife for a sinner.
Views: 9283 May Ling
Atlanta Road-Rage takes an unexpected turn
Gangsta gets caught off guard
Views: 19952 May Ling
American Tourist Picks the Wrong Thai Girls to Solicit ... Gets Smacked Down
How NOT to solicit a woman (and her friends) for sex. Three Thai girls beat the crap out of an American tourist. AHHHHH MY EYE. https://www.youtube.com/user/tempguest11?sub_confirmation=1
Views: 145573 May Ling
Tavis Smiley and Cornel West react to Bill O'Reilly
Bill O'Reilly claims that banks haven't broken any laws; Tavis Smiley and Cornel West react appropriately.
Views: 45655 May Ling
Christiane Amanpour predicts OBL's whereabouts in 2008!
CNN's Christiane Amanpour knew where Osama Bin Laden was hiding in 2008 and said so on Real Time with Bill Maher. Of course, they laughed at her.
Views: 9625 May Ling
Super-Tectonic Girl a/k/a "killmoone"
Girl teaches a friend how to dance by busting an impromptu move in a parking structure in Russian Song: John Louly - Poum Poum Pi Dou
Views: 39788 May Ling
Watermelon vs Face
See what happens when you launch a watermelon into your face using a high-powered slingshot.... and how your mentor shows "empathy."
Views: 5481 May Ling
Crazy Kid's Reaction to Hot Pepper is Priceless!!
He opens with a "jackass style" introduction, then begins to realize how hot a pepper can actually be.
Views: 6363 May Ling
Proof that Cats can Read your Mind
A small cat who is seemingly unaware of being recorded by the human behind her sits patiently and reads his thoughts. As the human attempts to entertain himself by using the forced perspective of the camera to make it look as though he is scratching the head of the cat, the cat decides she isn't going to have any of that. The cat then quickly reacts by jumping straight up, and using the humans own primitive method of forced perspective to, in turn, scared him. The cat the casually walks off, as she has had enough of it. Basically, a mind reading cat.
Views: 10069 May Ling
Holy Wayne takes Nura's Pain - Best Leftovers Scene
From The Leftovers S01E06
Views: 11516 May Ling
Obama exits a press conference ... LIKE A BOSS!
SUBSCRIBE!!! Obama doesn't have time to be messing with no doors. This time, without annoying advertisements embedded in the video. http://www.kh-plc.com
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Woman Poo Muncher Caught on Tape
SUBSCRIBE!!! She's eating the poo poo. Woman caught on candid camera sticking her hand down her pants, then munching the fruits of her excavation. Probably one of the most disgusting videos you'll ever seen, but one of the funniest as well.
Views: 24394 May Ling
The Funniest Interview You Will Ever See!
Interviewer can't hold in his laughter as he interviews an unintentional and inadvertently funny guest. A Dutch TV interviewer can not stop laughing at a guest on his show who he didn't have time to meet before the show! Things go from bad to worse. One of the funniest things I have ever, ever seen!
Views: 6094 May Ling
Oppa Gangnam Style Self-Defense
Self Defense done in the style of Oppa Gangnam
Views: 22862 May Ling
Olympic Committee Woman checking out Usain Bolt's Ass
She couldn't help but to sneak a peek.
Views: 30989 May Ling
Super-Tectonic Girl a/k/a "killmoone" - Part 2
Follow-up to the girl who taught a friend how to dance by busting an impromptu move in a parking structure in Russian. Now she's showing her moves in the grato. Song: Monpax - Ice Coffee
Views: 7080 May Ling
Detroit Jacuzzi (Typical Detroit Pool Party)
Typical Detroit Pool Party Basically a big fat black girl goes gets stuck in and tub of water and goes apesheet in an attempt to free herself. https://www.youtube.com/user/tempguest11?sub_confirmation=1
Views: 259199 May Ling
In Soviet Russia, YOU stop for bus!
A street camera captures an out of control bus in Russia running over two pedestrians crossing the street. One of which seems to be an old lady. :( Apparently the bus driver thought he was playing Grand Theft Auto. A bit graphic so brace yourself.
Views: 10288 May Ling
Obama Giving a Speech ... Like a Boss!
I uploaded a better version (it doesn't have advertisements embedded in it). Check my other videos!
Views: 8449 May Ling
Mitt Romney - Oppa Gangnam Style
Mitt Romney does Psy's famous dance from Oppa Gangnam Style https://www.youtube.com/user/tempguest11?sub_confirmation=1
Views: 94616 May Ling
The Most Informative Scene in Homeland
Yummy, yummy, yummy, yummy
Views: 13195 May Ling
Mitt Romney with a Tiny Face
Mitt Romney with a Small Face. It's just so funny you can't stop laughing!
Views: 11097 May Ling
Batting Practice ... LIKE A BOSS!
SUBSCRIBE!! Guy juggles baseballs using nets which bounce back the the balls in a diamond pattern continually using a baseball bat. Starts off as impressive as he uses one baseball, becomes extremely impressive when another ball is thrown into the mix.
Views: 3640 May Ling
Ludacris Bison
I don't have to run faster than the wolves, just you, Bison. GET OUT THE WAY!
Views: 1393 May Ling
Fan Hits Soccer player with Paper Airplane During Match
Heather Zhang, 20, of Cresskill N.J., posted the amazing throw on YouTube, which occurred during England's 3-0 win over Peru Friday. Defender Hansell Riojas turned and was struck in the head by the surprising throw.
Views: 1540 May Ling
Moments of Obama reminding us that he is still Human
Those rare moments where Obama reminds us that he is just one of us.
Views: 510 May Ling
Girl knows how to shake it to "Poum Poum Pi Dou"
She knows how to do it! This song was actually added in post filming. It matches up pretty well though, huh? ;)
Views: 11770 May Ling
Kitten plays with an iPad
Views: 157 May Ling
Spherical Flying Machine
Views: 124 May Ling
You need to talk to me....
Audey, I think you need to talk to me
Views: 137 May Ling
Gas Price Rage
Apparently this guy was pissed off at the high gas prices and decided to take it out on those responsible... the gas pumps! EDIT: He views the security cam through his blackberry so it's actually 'only' a video of a video. Either way, that's the way he sent it to me.
Views: 1428 May Ling
Falcon Destroys a Pigeon
I didn't get the initial strike on video (that was the best part), but still cool nonetheless.
Views: 864 May Ling
Guy gets knocked out by hot girl
Girl punches stupid looking guy in the face
Views: 6971 May Ling

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