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Homemade angled fireworks fountain board, 35 fireworks fused together!
A special angled board I made and fused up. Went a lot faster than it should have due to crossfire, but was still pretty cool. At the end my dad videoed some of the neighbors good bootleg stuff. :)
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Phantom fireworks Gargantua fountain
A freebie I got. The last 2 tubes did not fire.... A pretty decent fountain, but I would not pay Phantom's price for it.
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Firework fountains made less boring
Black Cat ammo clips, lava lamps, crickets, tons more on a 6 cue wireless system. Some nice burn marks on the ole ladder!
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Grants Pass OR  fireworks on the river
Boatnik is a yearly festival where drag boats race on the river, there is a carnival and fireworks on Fri. and Sun. of memorial day weekend. Here is a short clip
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Firework set piece, pinwheels, fountains, etc
Safe and sane fireworks allowed here, you gotta try and make them more interesting!! Next time need to space them out more...
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High power rocket on Aerotech M motor Brothers Oregon
Rocket is Angelfire flown by Vern Knowles. The motor was an Aerotech white lightning M.
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Upscale Arreaux on an H180W
OROC Spring Thunder 2018
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4 inch diameter high power rocket O motor cato! NXRS 2012
Oops. Oegon rocketry NXRS experimental launch July 2012.
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6 inch diameter O motor rocket flight in Brothers Oregon NXRS 2012
Not my rocket. Beautiful flight to at least 25,000 feet, however I think it came in ballistic and was not found...
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BSD Horizon level 2 certification success Aerotech J-350
Only got the up part. Perfect flight to about 4000 feet and landed only 100 yards away! Flight was in Brothers Oregon during an Oregon Rocketry launch in 2010.
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Aerotech HV Arcas on G-75 Metalstorm sparky motor
Neat flight on a great G motor. Stupid auto focus!!!
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OROC Spring Thunder 2018
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Brothers Oregon L skidmark high power flight
Not my rocket, was from a flight in 2010. The club I fly for is Oregon Rocketry. As you can tell from the audio it was pretty damn windy that launch.
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DOT Class C Friendship Fountain
A classic safe and sane item, packs a good punch for a little box fountain
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PML Miranda on an H112J
OROC Spring Thunder 2018
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M Motor launch at Spring Thunder
Great launch, not my rocket
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DOT Horse Brand color magic rings
Neat old hanging spinner goes from red to green to blue, rare old item
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High power rocket M motor flight from a distance, great delayed sound!!
While I was out over a mile from the flight line looking for my rocket I heard the announcement on this one. This was one of Vern Knowles' rockets on an M motor. I got the camera out just in time to catch it.
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PML Miranda on an H178DM Sparky
OROC Spring Thunder 2018
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4th of July fireworks set piece
A set piece I made for the 4th. It starts out with crackling crawfish, a bunch of fountains on top and there is a morning glory waterfall that lit prematurely in the middle (I was hoping to light it by itself). I used a couple different types of fuse and a little 4 cue firing system.
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Small fountain board New Years 2018
Quiet little board
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