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Directed & Edited by : Dimas Bagus & Naila Syarif Music: Romaine by Luvian // www.soundcloud.com/luviansound http://eeargasmm.tumblr.com/
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What is a Creative Life
After my experiences of travel and being abroad for quite some time i learned how it feels to actually live a creative live, and i would like to show you my point of view and benefits of living beyond fear. ­­­­­­­------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ All My Social Media Links Instagram: http://instagram.com/dmmmmms Tumblr: http://eeargasmm.tumblr.com ­­­­­­­------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Inspired by : Elizabeth Gilbert ( Big Magic ) Music : STWO - LOVIN U ­­­­­­­------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hope you can enjoy :D
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sacred adolescence
every scene in this video was just an act and nothing was real. we were just bored lol Music : Blue - Pools
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