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Updates with Tsukune and Kid [1]
A few updates on what I've been up to lately. Just to clarify, I'm looking for more members of my team. Please comment on it, rate, and subscribe. Thank you so much. /\_/\
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Updates 1 with Vamp
My first ever voice update. If you guys want any cards for any number Xyz or anything, even to duel me, just ask me. Also, if you want anything for me to discuss about, just comment on the box below, as well as any Team Ultra suggestions. I'm still working on the logo for the team to be shown on YouTube, so don't let the symbol in the video fool you. :3
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My first vid! (please watch)
This is my first vid that I ever created!!!!! I seriously need to pick up the pace!!! Everybody else is still way ahead of me. I need to move fast!!!!! X3 Please post a video response!!!!!
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