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The Wheel Fell Off The Car | Jason visits McDonalds Kids Story
Jason wants to visit the McDonalds with his brother when something happend to the Car! The wheel fell off! Luckily they solve the problem and can continue their trip to the Mc Donald's!
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Jason Jokes around with Invisibility Cloak! Funny Kids video by FunToysMedia!
A funny video where Jason jokes around and surprises his brother with a invisibility cloak! Whenever Jason wants to play with some toys, he becomes invisible! He has a lot of fun playing with this cloak! Have fun watching and seeing Jason get the thanos gaunlet and lightning mcqueen truck! Don't forget to subscribe kids!
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Jason Pretend Play with Magic Playhouse for kids, Funny video
Jason made another video with his brother where we pretend play with playhouses! Jason builds his own house using magic because his brother pretends like he can not get in. After that Jason sprays water and plays outside! This is a funny kids video, hope you like it!
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Do You Like Broccoli Ice Cream | Kids Songs with Jason
"Do You Like Broccoli Ice Cream?" is an original and simple food song from FunToysMedia starring our own beautiful Jason! The Song is made for Children, Toddlers and Babies. Have fun watching, and subscribe if you like our content!
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Bath Song Nursery Rhymes Song for Kids with Jason
Bath Song Nursery Rhymes Song for Kids with Jason! Hope you like it, subscribe to our channel for more! Our instagram: https://www.instagram.com/funtoysmedia/
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Playing Hide and Seek with Friends
Today Jason played Hide and Seek with his friends in New York from HZH tube Kids Fun! Hope you like the video! Subscribe to FunToysMedia on YouTube!
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Funny Cat eats Breakfast and Plays with Jason
Jason had a lot of Fun this Morning because our Funny Cat on the Ipad joined us to eat breakfast! Everything Jason says, the cat repeats after him. Jason had also a lot of Fun playing with the Cat! Have fun watching this video, and hopefully this video helps your kid to eat a healthy breakfast just like the Cat and Jason!
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Jason Ride on Toy Racebike & Pretend Play with kids toys
Jason Pretend Plays with Ride on Toy Racebike, he plays with toys and more with his brother and have a lot of fun in this kids video! We really hope you like the video children! Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/funtoysmedia/?sub_confirmation=1 Jason's Instagram: FunToysMedia
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Collecting Colors Stacking Rings with Finger Family Songs for Children
We had a super big stacking ring. But the colored parts were all divided over our garden. Jason starts collecting the colors stacking rings! Children and Toddlers can listen to Finger Family Songs, while Jason finds the Stacking Rings! Have fun watching and Learning! This song is protected by copyright, any use without written consent from FunToysMedia will be taken down and removed.
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Jason and Family Trip to the Play Park
Jason and Family go on a Trip to the Play Park! There were a lot of fun activities in the Play Park for children! Hope you like the kids video!
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Learn Tools Names with Handyman Toys Pretend Play Set for Kids
We have a big play set for Kids, with Toy Tools. Children and Toddlers can have a lot of Fun Pretend Playing with the Play set! Jason Pretends to be a Handyman and tells us the names of the Tools and sorts them! Have fun watching and Learning kids!
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Funny Jason's Brother School Morning Routine
Today we have a funny video about Jason's brother who's way to late for school! He has to hurry up to get to school so he goes to school as quick as possible! Be sure you are always on time! Have fun watching! Subscribe if you like the video!
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Playing and Learning with Ball Sports for Kids
Today Jason played different kinds of Sports! Kids can Learn different sports easily with this video! Jason played golf, soccer, American football, basketball, badminton, tennis, baseball and bowling! Have fun watching children!
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Collecting Colors Animals with Choo Choo Train Toys
Jason is outside in the park and walks around with his Step 2 Wagon Toys. He starts Collecting Colors Animals with Choo Choo Train Toys! Hope you like the video from FunToysMedia! Don't forget to subscribe!
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Five Little Babies Jumping on the Bed | Kids Song with Fruits
We made a song for Children, Toddlers and Babies! It's called Five Little Babies Jumping on the Bed! But we made our own twist because it's a Kids Song with Fruits. We loved the idea to promote healthy fruits with this Baby Song! Have fun watching and you would support us greatly by subscribing!
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Jason Learns Colors for Kids with Slime Buckets
The video begins with identifying and sorting out the Slime later on we take the slime out and put it in the color glass. Enjoy!
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Watermelon Smash Challenge for Kids with Jason!
We had super much fun playing the Watermelon Smash Challenge! You can use this fun toy watermelon for so many games! Check out how we played with this great toy! This is a funny video for Children and Toddlers with Jason from FunToysMedia!
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Collecting Colors Animals with Finger Family Nursery Rhymes for Kids
Today all our Animals went missing! We've hidden them in the Garden and Jason started collecting them. Children, Toddlers and Babies can learn colors with the Animals and they can also listen to Finger Family Songs! Great Nursery Rhymes for Kids! Have fun watching!
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Pacman In Real Life vs Jason!
Pac-Man in Real Life visits Jason and wants Fruit! We call him the Fruitman! He only likes the Fruit Banana!
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Jason Playing with Magic Spinning Wheel for Kids
Jason plays with a Magic Spinning Wheel which was really funny! Every time Jason spins the wheel, some magic things happen! Have fun watching kids, and don't forget to subscribe for more videos!
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Excavator Truck with Ball Pit Balls Pretend Play
Fun Toys Excavator Pretend Play for Kids Work. Great Toy for Kids who love to Play with Big Toys. This Excavator Looks just Like a Real Excavator. Instead of Sand we Play with Colors Ball pit Balls. Have fun Watching this Educational Learning video for Kids.
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Jason Pretend Play with Toy Hot Dog Food Chart
In this video it's really cold outside and Jason's brother wanted something hot to eat! Jason sold him some hot dogs in this great adventure! Hope you like the video! Subscribe to our channel if you like our content! We appreciate it, have a great day!
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Learn Colors with Bandage for Kids | Jason visits Mommy the Doctor
Jason visits his Mommy at the hospital to get some colors bandage after he fell in the playground. Kids always have to be careful playing at the playground, Jason pretended in this video like he fell just to visit his mother! Hope you like the colors bandage that Jason gets for his arms!
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This Is The Way Song Nursery Rhymes | Funny Morning Routine for Kids
This Is The Way Song Nursery Rhymes. Performed by our own Jason from FunToysMedia! It's also a Funny Morning Routine for Kids! Hope you like the video!
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Jason orders Pizza for Delivery! Funny Kids video by FunToysMedia
Jason orders four big Pizzas for Delivery! He had to eat his vegetables first and then he could order some pizzas! The pizza delivery man brought the pizza to our home and Jason and his brother started eating some delicious food! Funny Kids video by FunToysMedia!
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Do You Like Broccoli Ice Cream | Kids Nursery Rhymes Songs with Jason
"Do You Like Broccoli Ice Cream?" is an original and simple food song from FunToysMedia starring our own beautiful Jason! This is the second version of the Song we made for Children, Toddlers and Babies. Have fun watching, and subscribe if you like our content!
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Water Bottle Challenge for Children and Toddlers
Today Children and Toddlers can Learn Colors with a Fun Water Bottle Challenge. Jason shows the Water Bottle Colors but it's actually a Prank! Have fun Watching this Kids video! Remember this is an Educational video for Kids, have Fun Learning!
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Jason orders McDonalds Happy Meal for Delivery, Funny Pretend Kids Video
Jason is playing with Numbers and Teaches kids to count. His brother invites him to eat some fruits because it's super healthy. Jason doesn't feel like eating fruit but wants some McDonalds. They agree that Jason has to eat some fruit before he can order McDonalds! Have fun watching this kids video!
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Jason had a Fun Day Playing with Toys! Trip to the McDonalds Restaurant
Jason and his brother had a fun day going to a play park and having some dinner at the McDonalds restaurant. We had fun playing together! Hope you like the video!
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Jason Play a Restaurant with Pretend Toy Socks Food
Jason and his twins are running restaurants and a cafe. They sell all kinds of food! Every time his brother Alex from the Family tries to order something, the food turns in to clothing. Not just some clothing, but socks! How this possible? Please hit the red subscribe button and help us out! Did you know we also have a instagram called FunToysMedia, follow us!
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Jason and Brother Pretend Play with Playhouse for kids
Jason and Brother Pretend Play with Playhouse for kids. Jason has a children's play house. He wanted to play there alone and did not let his brother play along. Then Jason made his own PlayHouse. Then the brother goes to Jason's house with a present and the they start playing together. Funny video for kids! Subscribe to our channel for more videos! https://www.youtube.com/funtoysmedia/?sub_confirmation=1
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Jason Plays with his Car and Hoverboard | Funny Story for Kids
Jason is playing with his car, and his brother is playing on the Hoverboard! Jason got some car trouble, and his brother came to help him! Have fun watching this funny kids video! Thanks to Gyroor for sending us the Hoverboards! We had a lot of fun playing with it! https://gyroorboard.com
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Learn Colors with Balloons Inflator and Finger Family Songs!
We love to play with Colors Balloons kids! Jason is inflating balloons for his siblings! Also we're singing finger family nursery rhymes! We had so much fun doing this video as we love balloons and we love to sing songs for children and toddlers and even for babies! Have fun watching and don't forget to subscribe to our channel kids!
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Learn Colors with Fidget Spinners for Children and Toddlers
Jason has fidget spinners with a lot of different colors! He spins all the fidgets and learns colors for children and toddlers! This video is super educational and fun for kids! Jason has fun playing with the toys and teaching other kids their colours! Have fun watching!
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Funny Kid Jason in Car Helps Repairing the Wheel | Video for Children
Jason was driving with his brother in the car when all of a sudden the wheel fell off! His brother repairs the wheel and Jason helps him in a safe way! Have fun watching this kids video!
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Jason and Family have Fun Day at Home
Jason and his brother from the family have a Fun Day at Home! They play together which caused some funny moments. Hope you like this kids video! Check out our instagram.com/funtoysmedia Subscribe to our channel: FunToysMedia
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Learn Colors with Sprays for Children, Funny Kids Video
Jason's brother was playing with slime while Jason was doing a great job giving water to the plants and cleaning his toys with water sprays! Jason helps his brother cleaning his hands, after that Jason keeps making jokes with him by spraying also some water on his face! We hope that your kids find this video funny! Have fun watching children and toddlers! Support us by subscribing to our channel!
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Learn Fruits and Vegetables with Coloring Pages for Children
We made a great video again for Children and Toddlers to Learn Fruits and Vegetables! We got ourselves some fruits and vegetables from the Supermarket, and some nice coloring pages and paint! Jason and his brother painted the pages! Have fun watching and Learning kids!
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Jason Plays in a Restaurant, Funny Kids video
Jason is playing in a Restaurant, his brother visits him to eat some food. Enjoy this pretend play video for kids! Hope you like it!
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Funny Neighbors Play Jokes in Little Playhouses
Jason and his brother play jokes on each other in playhouses! What will happen today? They pretended to be funny neighbors and that resulted in a fun video for kids!
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Brother John Nursery Rhymes, Baby Song with Balloons
Jason was playing on his Ipad when he found out that a lot of balloons were not sleeping. In this pretend play video he puts the balloons in their bed to go and sleep! It's a funny kids video with nursery rhymes. Are you sleeping brother John, great baby song!
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Collecting Colors Bowling Pins and Finger Family Rhymes for Kids
We made a beautiful video today were Jason was finding and collection some Big Inflatable Bowling Pins in six different Colors! We Created our own Finger Family Nursery Rhymes especially for this video! Have fun watching and learning Colors! Hope you like the video!
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Jason Orders Noodles from the Supermarket
Jason wants to get Noodles from the Supermarket after his brother asked him to eat some healthy strawberry! Jason decides to eat a strawberry and then goes with his brother to get some delicious Noodles!
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Learn Colors with Balloons Finger Family Nursery Rhymes for Kids
Jason has a lot of Colors Balloons in the Garden! The Balloons were super big. But all of a sudden they were gone! Someone has hidden all the balloons in the garden! Jason goes and Collects all the Colors Balloons! This video includes Finger Family Nursery Rhymes Songs for Kids! Have fun watching kids!
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Funny Chicken in the Tent, Learn Animals with Pretend Play Sounds
Jason was playing Animal Sounds in his Tent, his brother thought that there were Real Animals! Jason also pretended to be a Funny Chicken! With this video, children and toddlers can learn animals trough sounds! Have fun watching and learning!
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Pretend Play w/ Giant Fruits Pillow Kids Food Toys
Jason pretend play with giant fruit and vegetable pillow toys for kids! His sister has a lot of fruit and veggie pillows and Jason really wants to play with them.
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Jason Pretend Play Builds a Playhouse for Kids, Funny Video
Building a Pretend Play House for Kids! Super Fun video where Jason and his Brother start building a Playhouse for Children and Toddlers! Jason builds it together, the house was super easy to build! We had a great time unboxing, building and pretend Playing together! Have fun watching kids, and don't forget to subscribe!
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Jason Pretend Play Repairs his Toy Car Wheel Skit
Jason was Driving his Kids Car when all of the sudden the Wheel fell off the car, so he drove to the garage and left his car there for the Handyman to repair. The handyman made the car ready to go again! A fun skit for Children!
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Jason Pretend Play Selling Sand Ice Cream, Fun Kids Video
We've had an amazing day where Jason was pretend playing to sell Ice Cream! His brother came along to buy some Ice Cream, but unfortunately he dropped the Ice on the ground! Jason was really nice and offered him a brand new one, his brother gave him a free balloon to thank him! Both kids were super happy! Have fun watching this fun kids video!
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Jason Orders Sushi for Delivery, Funny Kids video by FunToysMedia
Jason is playing with his toy cooking set when his brother calls him to eat some healthy fruits! Jason actually proposed he wanted to eat some Sushi and order it for delivery. But, the question is, does Jason really like sushi? Find out in this video, have fun watching children!
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