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Disney Couples- "Love Story"
I've been dying to do this video for many months, but after seeing The Princess and the Frog, I knew I had to wait for the movie. Well, I think the wait was worth it. Anyways, I hope you all enjoy it! Disclaimer: Clips: Courtesy of the Walt Disney co. Song: Love Story Performed By: Taylor Swift
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Disney Couples- "Can I Have This Dance?"
If it's one thing all Disney Couples want, it is a chance to dance with the ones they love. Disclaimer: Clips Curtosy of: The Walt Disney Co. Song: "Can I Have This Dance?" From the Soundtrack: High School Musical 3: Senior Year
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Disney Couples- "A Thousand Years"
We all dream of finding that one person we want to spend the rest of our lives with, and for the Disney Couples that idea was never truer. Happy Valentine's day everyone! Disclaimer: Clips Courtesy of: The Walt Disney Co. Song: "A Thousand Years" Performed By: Christina Perri
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Treasure Planet- Bet On It
Jim is becomming a man and so expects to be trusted like one. Clips: Treasure Planet Song: "Bet On It" Recorded By: Zac Effron
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Jack Sparrow is a Professional Pirate
This is a request from my brother. Jack explains the basics of being a professional pirate. Disclaimer: Clips: Pirates of the Caribbean Trilogy Song: "Professional Pirate" From the Soundtrack: Muppet Treasure Island
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Maurice Saw a Dragon
Maurice swears he saw a dragon, but all anyone else thinks is he is a lunatic. Yes, it's just a silly little video inspired by my love of Pete's Dragon. Disclaimer: Clips Courtesy of: The Walt Disney Co. Song: "Saw a Dragon" From the Soundtrack: Pete's Dragon
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Disney Couples- "I Can Love You Like That"
Belle dreams of finding the perfect guy, and remembers some of the greatest love stories as she experiences her own. Disclaimer: Clips Curtosy of: The Walt Disney Co. Song: "I Can Love You Like That" Performed By: All 4 One
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Disney Dads and their Daughters- "My Little Girl"
This was a video made for my dad for Father's Day. So, I hope everyone enjoys it, and remember to give your dads a hug. Disclaimer: Clips Courtesy of: The Walt Disney Co. Song: "My Little Girl" Performed By: Tm McGraw
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Disney Couples- Time of My Life
With their significant other, each lover has had the time of their life. Clips: Beauty and the Beast Tarzan The Little Mermaid Song: "I've Had the Time of My Life" From the Soundtrack: Dirty Dancing
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Butterfly Kisses
This video was a present to my dad, because it our song that we share. This also showcases a few of the Disney Dad's and their daughters. So, this is for all of "Daddy's Little Girl"s.
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Disney Couples- "Right Here, Right Now"
When it all comes down to it, it's all about living in the moment for all of the Disney Couples and making the most of it. Disclaimer: Clips Curtosy of: The Walt Disney Company Song: "Right Here, Right Now" From the Soundtrack: High School Musical 3: Senior Year
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Disney Couples are Back at One
All of the Disney couples realise that no matter what happens their love is strong, as long as they remember the 5 simple steps. Disclaimer: Clips Curtosy of: Walt Disney Co. Song: "Back at One" Performed by: Brian McKnight
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Disney Couples Are Far Longer Than Forever
Disney Couples have something special. Their love represents the fairy tale romance that we can only dream of, and it is that love that lives far longer than forever. This was supposed to be my Valentine's Day video, but I was busy moving, so it was not completed in time. Explaining my alterations to the song... I really wanted to use the song, but didn't think the beginning of it worked well for a video. (Works great in the movie for the plot.) So, I remembered one of the score tracks had the same theme and decided to use that to lead into the song, so it would not just start without an intro. Disclaimer: Clips Courtesy of: The Walt Disney Co. Songs: "Derek Finds Odette" and "Far Longer Than Forever" From the Soundtrack: The Swan Princess
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500 Days of Summer Trailer- Jim/Meg Crossover
This is my first fan trailer, and I hope you all like it! Cast: Tom- Jim Hawkins Summer- Meg Tom's sister- Alice Tom's co-worker- Eric Disclaimer: All rights for clips and sound belong to the Walt Disney Co. and Fox Searchlight.
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Disney Couples- "Your Song"
All of the Disney guys want to impress their girls, so they figure singing is the best way to express their love for them. Disclaimer: Clips Curtosy of: Walt Disney Co. Song: "Your Song" From the Soundtrack: Moulin Rouge
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Disney Couples- "Don't Go Breaking My Heart"
A fun little Disney Couples video. Disclaimer: I do NOT own any of the video clips or music rights. Clips Curtosy of: The Walt Disney Company Song: "Don't Go Breaking My Heart" From the Soundtrack: Ella Enchanted Credits Song: "A Whole New World" From the Soundtrack: Aladdin
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Remember the Magic- 200 Subscribers
I want to thank everyone for following and enjoying my vids. I love making them, and am even more thrilled when I find out how much everyone enjoys them. So, once again thank you. Disclaimer: Clips Courtesy of: The Walt Disney Co. Song: "Remember the Magic" Performed By: Brian McKnight
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Long Live the Disney Characters
Disney characters are timeless and so are their dreams, friendships, and relationships that they share. I want to dedicate this video to everyone, as to remind us all about our everlasting dreams, friends, and family. Disclaimer: Clips Courtesy of: The Walt Disney Co. Song: "Long Live" Performed By: Taylor Swift
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Jim is Looking For Just That Girl
Jim is considered a heartthrob amongst all the different girls, and each one wants him for herself. However, Jim has his own dream girl, literally, and he goes on a search to find her, while having to encounter all of these sirens. Disclaimer: Clips: Courtesy of the Walt Disney Co. Song: Just That Girl Performed By: Drew Seeley
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Ariel is the Loreley
Eric discovers that Ariel is indeed his Loreley. Clips: The Little Mermaid Song: "Loreley" Recorded By: Blackmore's Night
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"A Hundred More Years"- Triton/ Athena and Ariel/ Jim Hawkins
Triton remembers what it felt like to be in love and must come to terms that his daughter Ariel is deeply in love with Jim, like he was with Athena. A/N: This is my first time using DTV footage, so I may do some more videos with DTV footage in the future. Disclaimer: Clips Courtesy of: The Walt Disney Co. Song: "A Hundred More Years" Performed By: Francesca Battistelli
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"Whenever You Remember"- Belle (Wendy) and her prince (Jim Hawkins)
I have seen this song used several times, and wanted to put my own spin on it, taking a different road then everyone else. Basically, what if this song was talking about a couple, who grew up as best friends, rather than just best friends? Story: Belles true love has just died. Not long after he is gone, she goes to look for things to remember him by, and soon all of her memories from when they were kids coming flooding back through this journey of hers. Belle= Wendy Darling Prince= Jim Hawkins Black- Present Sepia/ Old Film- Childhood memories Color- Memories all grown up Disclaimer: Clips: Beauty and the Beast, Peter Pan, and Treasure Planet Song: Whenever You Remember Performed By: Carrie Underwood 3rd Place Winner in LittleFanMade's Disney Fanvid contest!
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Elizabethtown- God Must Have Spent a Little More Time On You
Drew thinks that God must have spent a little more time on Claire. This is my first music video! Disclaimers: Clips from: Elizabethtown Song: "God Must Have Spent a Little More Time on You" Recorded by: N*SYNC
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Disney Dreams Come True
It just goes to show, that no matter what Disney movie you are from, ranging from Snow White to Enchanted, if you just believe, your dreams will come true. Clips Curtosy of: Walt Disney Co. Parade Song: "Disney Dreams Come True" Located in: Walt Disney World Song Link: http://media.putfile.com/Disney-Dreams-Come-True-Parade-Music
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Hercules- For the First Time
Hercules and Meg love eachother, but Meg has difficulties dealing with her emotions. Clips: Hercules Song: "For the First Time" From the Soundtrack: Tarzan on Broadway
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Dream Seekers
Aladdin, Ariel, Jim, and Belle are all looking for the place where they truly belong. The Ariel/ Jim love crossover was not my idea, it was someone else's who did a beautiful video for it, that has unfortunately been removed. Disclaimer: Clips: Aladdin, The Little Mermaid, Treasure Planet, Beauty and the Beast Songs: "I Will Go Sailing No More", "Just Around the Riverbend", "Strangers Like Me", "Colors of the Wind" From the Soundtrack: Disney's On the Record
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Ariel/ Jim- "How To Save A Life"
Please read first! (Color at the beginning) It all starts with an argument to show that Jim and Ariel are no longer as happy as they used to be. Back story (Black and White Images) After being married for awhile, Jim and Ariel are now in constant fights it seems. Theyve been growing apart and Jim is not sure as to anything anymore. He wants to talk with Ariel about it, but he returns back to his ways of just walking away from his problems. All Ariel wants is to be happy with him, like she used to be when they first met and got married. She dreams of it, and even contemplates talking to him about it. When she does go to him, she cant bring herself to say anything, until Jim walks away and then she finds it useless. Ariel then prays that things will work out between the two of them, as Jim goes off by himself to think things over. Time goes by and the arguments get worse, as Jim is constantly yelling at her and Ariel just takes the talk. In trying to calm himself, Jim takes off solar surfing to just relieve the stress. After his ride, Ariel approaches him to try to work things out, and she sees the guilt and depression in Jim in his responses and actions. Her emotions cant take any more of what has been happening, and so she stays away from Jim, in tears. Present (Sepia) Jim decides it is best to leave, until he can figure things out. So, he heads out into space. Unbeknownst to him, Ariel sees him leaving and is completely crushed. It is only at the start of his journey that he seems happy, until he starts talking to his shipmate, Silver, about Ariel, and he realizes his love for her is still strong. As this is happening, Ariels despair is slowly over taking her being, and all she does is sulk and wish for Jims return. When Jim finally realizes that he must return to Ariel, he is taken captive by pirates and then tossed into the molten lava of Treasure Planet. News then reaches Doctor Doppler and he tells Sarah of her sons murder. Ariel over hears the conversation and feels her heart torn apart. She retreats to the sea, which was the only place she felt she could connect with Jim and breaks down in tears. As she cries, a wave of happy memories fill her mind from the time they first saw each other up through their wedding. In the end she returns to the place she feels was the last place she was when Jim drew his last breathe. Color- Dreams and happy memories Disclaimer: Clips: The Little Mermaid and Treasure Planet Song: How to Save a Life Performed By: The Fray
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Some Imagination
Come and join us in a Fantasmic setting... at the Disney Messageboard: "Some Imagination"! http://www.someimagination.proboards.com/ Credits: Clips: FantasiaGoddess7 Sparkles: PearlSparrow13 Disclaimer: Clips and Songs Courtesy of the: Walt Disney Company
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Disney Girls- "Fearless"
This was more of an experiment than anything else to play around with some different effects, but I did want to do a vid to this song. Disclaimer: Clips courtesy of the: Walt Disney Company Song: "Fearless" Performed By: Taylor Swift Credits Song: "Belle (Reprise)" From the Soundtrack: Beauty and the Beast
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The Glow
Remember, that you can do anything as long as you put your mind to it, and that's when you can achieve great things. Featuring the official 10 Disney Princesses. Disclaimer: Clips Courtesy of: The Walt Disney Co. Song: "The Glow" Performed By: Shannon Saunders
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Gift of a Friend
This video is dedicated to all of my awesome friends, who have always been there for me. Disclaimer: Clips: Courtesy of the Walt Disney Company Song: Gift of a Friend Performed By: Demi Lovato
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Sleeping Beauty- If I Never Knew You
Aurora and Phillip talk of what it would be like if they had never known the other. Clips: Sleeping Beauty Song: "If I Never Knew You" From the Soundtrack: Pocahontas
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Elizabethtown- "You and Me"
In a sea of millions, no one else matters to Drew like Claire does. Disclaimer: Clips: Elizabethtown Song: "You and Me" Performed by: Lifehouse
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Beckett Thinks He Is Fabulous
This was a requested video by a few friends. Because Beckett only does good bussiness, he obviously only wants fabulous things. Disclaimer: Clips: Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Man's Chest and At World's End Song: "Fabulous" From the Soundtrack: HIgh School Musical 2
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Disney You've Got a Friend in Me Tango
I've loved this song, since I first heard it, and I knew I had to make a video to it. Disclaimer: Clips Courtesy of: The Walt Disney Co. Song: "You've Got a Friend In Me (Para El Buzz Espanol)" From the Soundtrack: Toy Story 3
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Disney "Unwritten" **100 Subscribers!!!**
I reached 100 subscribers this weekend! Thank you all for your support, and I hope you continue to enjoy my videos! Disclaimer: Clips Courtesy of: The Walt Disney Co. Song: "Unwritten" Performed By: Natasha Bedingfield
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Naveen and Gaston Are in Agony
Dedicated to my friend, Sam. Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday! Naveen and Gaston have fallen in love with two sleeping princesses that they can't reach... oh, the agony! Disclaimer: Clips Courtesy of: The Walt Disney Co. Song: "Agony (Reprise)" From the Soundtrack: Into the Woods
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"If I Loved You"~ ArielxJim
I know it's been awhile, but I've returned with a rather lengthy vid featuring my favorite crossover couple and a song from one of my favorite classic musicals, Carousel. It was that moment of attraction between Ariel and Jim when they first laid eyes on one another. However, the other does not know how to tell them how they feel, and only thinks what would happen if they did love them. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Spoiler Ending: Knowing that he should not let himself fall in love, Jim let's Ariel know that it will never work, only leaving them back to their thoughts. Disclaimer: Clips Courtesy of: The Walt Disney Co. Song: "If I Loved You" Performed By: Sierra Boggess and Julian Ovenden
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Disney Villains Want Just a Little Peck
Happy Halloween! Dr. Facilier brings back some of the most devious villains, and has a plan to destroy the heroes/ heroines by splitting them up, and each villain taking the heroine/ hero for his/ herself. Spoiler: It is only thru Taran finding a magical sword that he is able to bring the heroines/ heros out from under the villains' power and the reuniting of each couple that the villains are destroyed. Disclaimer: Clips Courtesy of: The Walt Disney Co. Song: "Just a Little Peck" From the Soundtrack: I Kissed a Vampire (Season 1)
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Everyone Wants to Be Ryan's Girlfriend
Dedicated to my friend, Sam. The wildcats just discovered that Ryan is the biggest catch at East High, after hooking up with Kelsi. Now they're all doing what they can to win him over and make him forget about his new girlfriend. They're doing a great job at hypnotsizing him, because he almost gives into them. The only problem is Ryan still has his heart set on Kelsi. *Yes, there are a lot of different pairing in this: Tryan, Ryella, Chyan, Rypay, etc. If you don't like those, then you better steer clear of this vid. **This idea is based off of another video about Pirates of the Caribbean, concerning Will Turner. ***I did edit the one curse word out at the beginning. Disclaimer: Clips: High School Musical Trilogy Song: "Girlfriend" Performed By: Avril Lavigne Credits Song: "What I've Been Looking For" From the Soundtrack: High School Musical
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Lucas is the Ladies' Choice
Lucas Grabeel is the Ladies' Choice, from sun up to sun down. Each day is something new, but Entertaining is always up at the top of the list. This video is purely fanmade, and is in no way saying that this is Lucas' daily life. Disclaimer: Clips Courtesy of: ~The Walt Disney Co. ~Focus Features ~Cold Spark Films ~Open Pictures Song: "Ladies' Choice" From the Soundtrack: Hairspray Credits Song: "Bop to the Top" From the Soundtrack: High School Musical the Concert
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Sharpay is What Hurts Ryan the Most
Please read first! Ryan is constantly being taken advantage of by Sharpay. He does his best to please her, but its never good enough for the drama queen. The fights are now getting worse, and it starts to darken Ryans days, because all he can see is the bad stuff, even as he tries to remember the good stuff he used to do with his sister. All he can really focus on is Sharpay not giving him the time of day, but wanting to spend her time with Troy. This causes him to fall into depression whenever he is alone. When Ryan finally goes to her, after his amazing solo performance, and Sharpay ignores his acomplishments, that is the final straw with him. He finds his depression has taken over his being, and is drawn into the idea of suicide. It is only once he is finally alone, that he is drawn into a room and commits the vicious act. Sharpay is then drawn into this dark world upon hearing the news of her brothers death, and thinks back to her last few months with her brother. The good and the bad times, when she noticed them starting to drift apart. When Troy comes in, she talks of Ryan, still not wanting to face reality. It is only when she is finally alone that she comes to the realization that her brother is really gone, and so she tries to remain strong infront of others. However, when the memory of her brother enters her mind, her emotions can no longer be hiden, and she becomes as souless as her brother was on the day of his act. Key: Color- Present Black and White- Ryan/ Sharpay's dark days from their point of view Sepia- Memories Sequel is up: "Sharpay Remembers the Day Ryan slipped Away" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vtQTdWMuocM Disclaimer: Clips: High School Musical Trilogy Song: "What Hurts the Most" Performed By: Rascal Flatts
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Will and Elizabeth Don't Want To Miss A Thing
Willabeth video This is a song about how much Will and Elizabeth love eachother, and because their time together is so short, they try their best to make the most of the time they have. Disclaimer: Clips: Pirates of the Caribbean Trilogy Song: "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing" Performed By: Aerosmith
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How Could This Happen to Ariel (Ariel/ Jim Crossover)
Having a hard time remembering just what happened, Ariel searches for Jim, only to find ghostly images of him. She tries to get help, but everyone thinks she's crazy because they know that Jim is never coming back. It is only as time passes that she slowly remembers the supposed fun day of adventures that went horribly wrong when pirates showed up... and knows it is all her fault. Disclaimer: Clips: The Little Mermaid/ The Little Mermaid 3: Ariel's Beginning/ Treasure Planet Song: "How Could This Happen to Me" Performed By: Simple Plan
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Ariel, Butterflies Don't Lie (Ariel/ Jim Crossover)
Since Valentine's Day (National Singles Awareness Day) is next week, I thought I'd do another Ariel/ Jim crossover. When Ariel first sees Jim, she instantly developes an infatuation over the spacer. However, is she really in love or is it a crush? She wonders whether she should do what she can to tell Jim how she feels or keep the emotions to herself. And when she does finally get to be with him... was it all a dream? And would going back to her world and forgetting Jim be for the best? Disclaimer: Clips: The Little Mermaid & Treasure Planet Song: "Butterflies Don't Lie" Performed By: Kaci Brown Credits Song: "Part of Your World (Reprise)" From the Soundtrack: The Little Mermaid
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Gabriella Misses Ryan
Ryan and Gabriella were the best of friends, and when Ryan passes on, Gabriella realises just how important he was to her. Key: Black and White: Present Color: Memories Hue: Ryan's spirit is with Gabriella Disclaimer: Clips: High School Musical Trilogy Song: "I Miss You" Performed By: Hannah Montana Credits: Song: "When There Was Me and You" From the Soundtrack: High School Musical
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Disney Crossover- A Holiday Love Story (Jim/ Ariel)
Please read first! Key: Present- Black and White Past/ Memories- Sepia Story: Ariel caught Jim's eyes long ago, and since that moment, they have loved eachother and spent as much time together as they could. That is until one day Jim was being sent out on another voyage... They both did nothing but cry, missing eachother. Several years later, nights before Christmas Eve, Jim was finally coming home, and Ariel did not know how to celebrate. Belle finally suggested to her that she should throw a big holiday party, and Ariel loved the idea. Meanwhile, Jim was getting excited about finally returning to see the love of his life, and everyone on the ship celebrated his excitement. Not long before the party was to start, Ariel went to go and escape the exhaustion and just remeniced in her memories of Jim, until she found them so real, that she went to go and call out to him, but remembered he wasn't back yet. Meanwhile, Jim too was thinking of his memories with Ariel, until it got to the point he knew he had to find his own way back home to get there faster, and as Ariel sang her heart out to him, he flew back to her, just hours before the party. All of their friends then started coming to the party and shortly arrived. Ariel was still upset Jim was not back yet, but was happy to see her friends having a good time. Ending (Stop, if you don't want to be spoiled.) Two police men then burst through the doors, shocking everyone, and then revealed Jim had come home. Everyone celebrated, and to end it all, the Blue Fairy granted one wish to make ariel and Jim's dreams come true. Disclaimer: Clips Curtosy of: The Walt Disney Co. Song; "Suite from Polar Express" From the Soundtrack: The Polar Express Credits Song: "Part of Your World (Reprise)" From the Soundtrack: The Little Mermaid
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Disney on Broadway
This was made for my "Broadway to Hollywood" class for my presentation of "Disney shows on Broadway". Disney brought about a new twist on Broadway with visually stunning shows, phenominal music, and un-forgetable stories. This montage showcases their 6 shows: Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King, Aida, Tarzan, Mary Poppins, and The Little Mermaid to music from Beauty and the Beast, Tarzan, The Lion King, and The Little Mermaid. All clips and songs belong to the Walt Disney Company. Songs (So, I don't have to answer the questions in my comments): ~ "Be Our Guest" (BatB) ~ "Two Worlds" (Tarzan) ~ "He Lives In You" (TLK) ~ "Under the Sea" (TLM) ~ "Beauty and the Beast (Reprise)" (BatB)
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Pocahontas- For Good
Pocahontas and John Smith have never regreted meeting. In fact, if it wasn't for the other, they would have each never become a better person. Clips: Pocahontas Song: "For Good" From the Soundtrack: Wicked
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Disney Princesses- Into the West
The Disney Princesses experience hope and despair on their paths to happiness. Clips: Curtosy of the Walt Disney Co. Song: "Into the West" From the Soundtrack: The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
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