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Need for Speed Most Wanted |PSVITA|
Here is some gameplay of need for speed most wanted for the playstation vita along with a bit of multiplayer enjoy!
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LBP Vita Beta Level "watch out for spikes"
Heres a vid of me playing my own level on Littlebigplanet vita called "watch out for spikes" im new to the whole creation side so please let me know what i should do to improve theres always alot you can do to a level so i wanna continue with new level ideas and what not thank you so much for watching please subsribe!
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Lego Batman 2 Vita and 3DS Comparison
A little vid of Lego Batman 2 of the PSV and 3DS. ENJOY SUBSCRIBE
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Madden 13 vita Blocked Field Goal
I blocked a field goal on Madden 13 for the Playstation Vita to make sure I won the game! I was playing on All-Pro. ENJOY! SUBSCRIBE
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Madden 13 Vita Gameplay
Heres some Madden 13 for the Psvita. There is some mess ups but keep in mind this is the demo that I think was from E3 so lets hope its not in the final product! ENJOY SUBSCRIBE!
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Virtua Tennis 4 PsVita Gameplay
A little gameplay of Virtua Tennis 4 for the Playstation Vita. Enjoy and please subscribe! More game vids to come very soon. Thanks for watching!
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Madden 13 vita Pick Six
Here we have my faithful Seahawks rubbing in a pick six against the Patriots! Enjoy!
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Resistance Burning Skies Gameplay/Mini Review
Heres a little video on R:BS, I show you a little bit of the campaign and attempt to connect to multiplayer, but like many know its down at the moment which sucks! I hope you enjoy. I give this game a 7.5 out of 10. Mainly because its nothing that blows me away but it doesn't disappoint me. Campaign is good not great and when online MP works i have a blast! The game delivers a FPS but not the best FPS. I think if your an FPS fan get it! If not try the demo out and decide for yourself if its for you! SUBSCRIBE THANK YOU VERY MUCH!
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Madden 13 Psvita Kickoff Juke
Here we have some great blocking and a nice juke to get around the defense on a kickoff return. Please subscribe and enjoy this vid more to come over time!
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Madden 13 Tipped Ball Catch
Here we have M13 for the PS vita and the NY Giants throwing a ball and having it tipped by the Patriots but the Giants still get the catch! ENJOY!
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Madden 13 vita WR gets SLAMMED
I decided I'd record some vids of me playing M13 for the PSVITA so you can see some awesome plays that happen to me on madden ENJOY!
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TABLE TOP TANKS Mini review/Gameplay
A little bit of gameplay with a small review. This is Table Top Tanks for the Playstation Vita. Please subscribe to my page for more reviews to come. Thank you very much.
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Gravity Rush Gameplay
A little bit of Gravity Rush for the Psvita check it out and subscribe please thank you!
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LBP Vita beta "Bob's Great Adventure"
Heres my second level it has a bit more detail but still needs some work so please let me know some things i should do thank you!
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LittleBigPlanet Vita
Its out guys it came out early call your local gamestop and see whats going on! Check out this vid of me playing one of the story levels of the game! Enjoy please subscribe thanks for watching!
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Madden 13 vita Catching a swat!
Heres my created player on superstar mode catching a swatted pass against the Green Bay Packers @ Seattle ENJOY!
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