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How Dr Jordan Peterson changed my life (as a woman).
Dr Jordan Peterson, thank you. I cleaned up my room and that sh*t really works. No edits, no filters.
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I'm Marni. Ask me anything.
Hey there. Chances are, you're here because you read a comment of mine that intrigued or pissed you off. If you seek an honest, unfiltered perspective, opinion or insight about anything at all, feel free to ask. That's my jam..
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The most amazing YouTube comments section, ever. (Dr. Peterson follow-up)
Your incredibly powerful, touching and honest comments to my Dr. Peterson video created something I've never witnessed on Youtube before. Even the critiques came from a true place. Thank you.
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How can you become whole again? (livestream & JP event).
Join me for the Integral livestream tomorrow here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vF4zNO8HhPs Send me a message if you'll be at the JP event. Have a beautiful weekend.
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The effects of discovering Dr. Jordan Peterson (Q&A pt 1)
Part 1 of an interview series with Trent Charles about life, philosophy, Youtube, and of course, JP.
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How Dr Jordan Peterson's Message Beats Feminism, MGTOW & Gender Roles
Mainstream left ideologies and identity politics create chaos between the sexes, our communication and relationships. . How can we interact as men and women to understand each other and better society? What values can help overcome flawed gender perspectives? Honest insight into the male and female mind with the honorable Norman @Moving free Norman
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The Things That Steal Your Happiness (How to self-actualize)
Livestream with Jason Grant, CEO of Integral (http://integral.me/) It's a long talk, so here's the breakdown. We discuss: Self-actualization and ego dangers - 06:45 The effects of repression and negative self-talk - 16:11 Why the challenging times are important 18:31 Actualizing as a woman vs men and problems with feminism - 22:01 God Mode, religion, purpose, and fear - 29:38 Transcending fear, archetypes, Dr. Jordan Peterson's depression and traps of religion and knowledge - 42:00 What I do in life - 48:57 Dr. Peterson's impact, and the meaning of life - 01:06:22 Alignment and sexuality - 01:13:36
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Waking the F*ck Up & Jordan Peterson | Ft. The Philosophist
For all my like-minded seekers out there... Yesterday, I was on Jay-Kob aka The Philosophist's Facebook Livestream. Feel free to leave your thoughts and any ideas for topics worth discussing. No edits, no filters. Philosophist on FB: www.facebook.com/jaykob.el.92 Philosophist's YT Channel: https://goo.gl/E59UBA "Wisdom is asking the right questions" - The Philosophist
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