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A Dad's Little Girl Dies of Cancer. Then He Does This...
Please help me honor the memory of my daughter by putting smiles on the faces of kids with cancer by supporting this great cause. Click the link to read the story behind this video and how your support will help 1000s of kids with cancer: https://give-ccrf.networkforgood.com/projects/11600-chad-barrett-s-fundraiser
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Newsboys Interview on Evangelism (InspiringEvangelism.com)
Fear in evangelism? Felt like you messed up when you shared? You're not alone. Check out this interview with Michael Tait and Duncan Phillips of the Newsboys. Then go to www.InspiringEvangelism.com and see how you can overcome fear and learn how to share the gospel effectively!
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Expedition for Hope: Kristina's Story
Go to ExpeditionForHope.com! After losing his 12-year-old daughter, Kristina, to cancer on June 21, 2014, adventurer Chad Barrett climbed to the summit of Mount Hood near Portland, OR. His goal? To raise $25,000 for the foundation that helped his family and helps thousands more like his: Children's Cancer Recovery Foundation. Go to ExpeditionForHope.com to help Chad reach his goal of $25,000! Check out ChildrensCancerRecovery.org to read the amazing ways this foundation brings smiles to the faces of thousands of kids fighting cancer. Chad's passion is to share with the world the comparison of the painful journey of childhood cancer with the dangerous trek of climbing a mountain. This documentary brings hope for those who are facing childhood cancer and enlightenment for those who try to understand what childhood cancer is like. Go to ExpeditionForHope.com to read more of Chad's climb and Kristina's story, and there you can donate to Children's Cancer Recovery Foundation. Thanks for watching and please share!
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Kingwood Bible's Love People Initiative
Kingwood Bible Church was inspired by God to help the people of Trinity Bible Church in Lafayette, LA rebuild the walls of their homes. September, 2016
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Barrett Fam Dance
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Illustration of Asking Our Father to Adopt Us
An illustration of what our Father may feel when we are adopted as His children by faith in His Son.
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More Than the Sand
Ever wonder what God's thoughts of you are? Or how many times He thinks of you during the day? This song is dedicated to my daughter, Kristina, who is battling a rare cancer. His thoughts of her are precious and many. So are His thoughts of you! Enjoy. - J. Chad Barrett, NoonDay (visit www.InspiringEvangelism.com)
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KSBJ Interview Oct2012
Kristina and I got to be interviewed on Houston's 89.3FM KSBJ! They asked about her voice over in the new VeggieTales movie The League of Incredible Vegetables! It was so awesome how God used Make-a-Wish Foundation to make this possible for Kristina and our family to be together in Franklin, TN at the VeggieTales Studios!
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ChurchTeams App Install and Usage
This video is about ChurchTeams App Install and Usage
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Hank and Cheryl
Hank and Cheryl are loved by Skydive Spaceland and Kingwood Bible Church. Cheryl has battled many medical issues, resulting in mounting bills. A staff meeting was called, and what happened next is pretty cool!
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Mt Hood Volcano Clip
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TCASC Winter Retreat 2017
This video is about Retreat ending
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Like a Sunrise
I used to be riddled with anxiety and depression. Then my daughter was diagnosed with cancer. The next 4 years were painful, beautiful, brutal, and amazing. God showed me how to escape that heavy darkness through living this experience. Dedicated to my daughter, Kristina, this song is a bit of that story.
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Expedition for Hope with Chad Barrett and Sabir Hussain
Expedition for Hope is a guided adventure for anyone to participate in, and it's purpose is to raise awareness and funds for worthy charities. Our 1st trip will benefit ServeNow (weservenow.org) and Children's Cancer Recovery Foundation (childrenscancerrecovery.org). Our website will go live and ready for you to sign up on March 1, 2015!
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OFFICIAL TRAILER Expedition for Hope: Kristina's Story
A true story of a dad finding hope in the aftermath of the tragedy of his daughter's childhood cancer. Full documentary coming to YouTube 09.04.17. Visit www.ExpeditionForHope.com. ©JCB J. Chad Barrett. All rights reserved.
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Outside the Camp-Short
Dare to go where Jesus went--willing to sacrifice to reach people in need of His good news! This is part of the IE Conference. For more info about this conference and more cool evangelism stuff, go to www.InspiringEvangelism.com!
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Childhood Cancer Recovery Foundation Fundraiser
Kristina was a spunky, fun, energetic, and our loving daughter who passed away of childhood cancer on June 21, 2014, at the age of 12. She's my daughter, and I miss her very much. She inspired so many with her giving spirit. That's why we want to give back to the foundation that helped us! We are asking for 100 people to give just $20 each this week so we can reach our goal of $10,000! September is Childhood Cancer Aware Month! Let's do this! You can give safely and securely here: support.childrenscancerrecovery.org/InspiredByKristina Thank you so much! Love to you all!
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I Love My Family, by Kristina Barrett
Recorded at Purple Songs Can Fly, Texas Children's Hospital, 2011
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Jonathan's Bungee Jump
The Barrett Family enjoyed a fun day at Houston's Livestock and Carnival today (thus the cowboy attire). And Jonathan felt a little adventurous!
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Uptown Funk --  High School Lip Sinc Battle
My son, Jonathan, and his friends! Hilarious!
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The Extremist
Current series at Element City Church.
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Expedition for Hope: Mt Hood Official Teaser #2
Chad Barrett's daughter, Kristina, died of cancer at age 12. Because of her inspiration, Chad is determined to bring hope to other children suffering from cancer. And he's going to use his love for adventure to do so. Expedition for Hope: Mt Hood will be a full-length documentary of Chad's story and the climb his team will do June 2016. The documentary will benefit Children's Cancer Recovery Foundation.
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Love People Initiative: The Barsenas Family
The were flooded. Then got flooded again... this time with love. Element City Church, in partnership with Idyllwild Bible Church in California, was able to completely put back together a home of a dear family who lost everything in the flood of Hurricane Harvey in Houston. We wanna do this with another family if any church wants to help!
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IBK Whipple.Forrester
InspiredByKristina surprises this family with a cool trip!
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Life grinding you down?
I'm on a week long backpacking hike with friends in north Georgia. The challenges are awesome!
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The RADIUS Initiative
Get my new novel, The RADIUS Initiative, at www.JChadBarrett.com!
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Expedition for Hope: The Experience
This climactic and motivational presentation is perfect for youth and adults: Disciple Nows, church retreats, schools, conferences, and more. For more info, visit www.JChadBarrett.com/E4H.
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Expedition for Hope: My Motivation
Read the rest of my story at http://expeditionforhope.com/why-im-going-to-mt-everest/ This is why I'm motivated to trek to the basecamp of Mount Everest! What's yours?
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Speaking Demo
Brief demo of Chad Barrett speaking.
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Thrive Skydive
I'm Chad Barrett, and one of the things I'm learning from my daughter, Kristina, who battled cancer bravely for 4 years, is to live life to the fullest. That's the life Jesus gave me. So when I jump... I jump for Kristina! It's one way I #ThriveNotJustSurvive!
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This video is about For LCBC
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E4H Base Short
This video is about E4H Base Short
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ECC Vlog 1 BBQ
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CCRF Fundraiser 10k
Let's together reach our goal of $10,000 for Children's Cancer Recovery Foundation! Go here to give safely and securely: support.childrenscancerrecovery.org/inspiredbykristina THANKS!
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E4H The Summit - Hello Hope
This is the culmination of a great expedition to find real hope. It's from Chad Barrett's 3rd sermon of a 3-part series.
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E4H Beginning
This video is about E4H Beginning
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RADIUS live above the common
get the book. do the work.
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E4H Caleb
This video is about My Movie 10
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LAtC 1Min Doubt
This video is about LAtC 1Min Doubt
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Hood Clouds
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E4H Climb Short
This video is about E4H Climb Short
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What is church?
This video is about church.
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The BIG Surprise!
[DRUM ROLL PLEASE!] This is the BIG surprise about our fundraiser! You'll LOVE this! You guys make me feel like I'm on cloud 9!! Please "Like" and "Share" support.childrenscancerrecovery.org/inspiredbykristina [Filmed at Skydive Spaceland Houston, one of my fav places!]
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Share Your Faith
Learn how to share your faith clearly and simply!
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Dropping Bucket
This video is about Dropping Bucket
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RADIUSHouston Child Evangelism Fellowship Houston's New Movement
Sparking inspiration among Houston churches to jump on board an exciting movement that is reaching children with the gospel of Jesus!
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Step Into My Night
This video is about My Movie 8
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