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Frolicker Fashions custom  LED fur coat
Programmable LED faux fur coat for Burning Man custom made by Frolicker Fashions. www.frolickerfashions.com
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Haridwar, India January 2001
Haridwar India 2001.
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Total Control Lighting pixels under 4 white furs exploration
Total Control lighting under 4 different white furs spaced about 2.5 inches apart.
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VTS 01 1
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Pet sheep head butting the bottom of my shoe
Pippin was an only sheep with no herd, so I had to play with her on her own terms in her style...which meant head butting. The bottom of my shoe was better than my poor knees.
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VTS 01 4
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hempress cafe
In 2012, I arrived via RV to Portland Oregon and ended up sewing in the back of the Hempress Cafe, selling my clothes in the cafe and setting up a booth on Alberta St. every month for the art walk. This was at the art walk one evening when we had musicians set up outside and my little booth selling Frolicker Fashions.
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VTS 01 3
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Shambhala 07 004
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100 LED's on the back pattern of a coat with black spikes on white fur
This is an experiment to see if the black spikes on white fur makes much of a difference to impede the cool lights blinking through the white fur.
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100 total control lights across the back of a fur coat pattern
This is what 100 lights look like distributed across a 35" long size 44" chest size coat looks like evenly distributed with 8 of the lights pulled up at the top to allow going into the collar. use for spacial reference. Lights are shown under a remnant of white luxury shag faux fur which is about 1.5-2" high in pile. This display is using the basic 'gateway' controller from Cool Neon before we program the lights and use the more advanced 'elite' controller.
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