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Cancer Imaging PET/CT at Inglewood Imaging Center
Comprehensive metastatic cancer imaging study on a breast cancer patient. The exam is called a PET/CT with is 3 radiology tests in 1 exam procedure 1) PET 2) CAT Scan and 3) Fused color image (merged PET and CT Scan). PET/CT is used to look for metastasis outside cancer primary areas (for example lymph nodes next to a breast cancer primary area) and clinical study's state a documented change management about 19% - 45% of the time to more accurate patient treatment courses versus traditional radiology helping define a more accurate treatment course for the patient. Please call Inglewood Imaging Center, LLC for more questions. 310-672-9729.
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Marat nutcracker!
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Morning Sing - Larchmont
"Count on me"
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41 Boulevard Georges Favon
A walk up to your flat!
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Inglewood Imaging's Fun Dance
Great event Tuesday October 25! I really enjoyed the "wobble" dance FUNdraiser with leading local MD office staff, breast cancer survivors & breast cancer navigators. Check out Pink1000.info for breast cancer treatment information. Pink1000 was built to be an "electronic health navigator" for patients and family members in South & Metro LA County. Don't be afraid - 90% of women survive breast cancer after 5 years!
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Conservatory of Geneva!
Walk around the front of the conservatory!
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Inglewood Imaging Center - Linda's Story
Uplifting personal testimony about a cancer survivor.
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Inglewood Imaging Center - Shari-Lyn's MRI Story
Inglewood Imaging Center, LLC is dedicated to providing high-quality radiology services and is widely considered one of the leading Outpatient Radiology Center's in Los Angeles County. "Shari-Lyn's Story" is of an actual patient testimonial about why she received an MRI and how Inglewood Imaging Center helped her through the process. We employ high-field short-bore MRI offer excellent images and a more patient friendly design environment. Please call 310-672-9729 for additional information or reach our website at www.inglewoodimaging.com
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Bad guy leaving house
2:54 pm arrival. 3:35 pm departure. On Monday 5/2 6440 commodore Sloat drive, Los Angeles 90048
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Inglewood Imaging Center - Embrace the Community Summer Fall 2011
This is our Summer/Fall 2011 TV commercial that features 4 patients and an Inglewood Imaging's staff radiologist. Thanks to everyone who helped appear and produce this commercial.
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Emma married?  Twins?  Living in San Diego?
If you have 3 minutes pretty cute.
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Fontvieille 2014
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Sarah's First Steps
Sarah is walking! Lord help us all.
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Sarah singing falling and laughing
Sarah laughing (and crying) to her favorite song "hello"
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Emma and Sarah - baby talk
Shocking state if bathroom led to an interesting chat!
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Sarah #9 on on the Blue Rockets!
1st season of AYSO and Sarah seems to love soccer and playing defense!
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Emma and Sarah playing
They reminded me of little yellow labs playing...
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Sniffing out the yogi bars
Granddad came to visit with Rudy dog today. Cute video!
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Notre Dame Basilica!
Believe the organist is playing a variation of "Fight On"
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Qx350 iPhone maiden voyage
Jacob piloting the maiden voyage of the 4 propeller quadracopter!
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Inglewood Imaging's Vertical Table
Xybix table with Totoku 5 MP monitors at IIC!
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Where's Emma????  Shopping!
I was at the Gap kids this weekend and found Emma hitting the racks!
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Elle and Emma in San Francisco
The Arikawa'a and Schmidt's living large in SF!
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Silver Lake Swing
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Footing Pour
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Emma and Sarah playing
The girls were particularly cute and funny tonight so I took about 4 min of video of them. There personalities are amazing to see at this age. Truly incredible watching them play.
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Let it go...
We visited our friends this past Friday and the kids put on a performance of "Let it go". Cast members include: Emma (Elsa) Ana (savannah) Fairy (Sarah) Dominic (comedic relief) Leleah (performer) This is what life is about! So cute!
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Ly Lycee - Opening Ceremony
Performace introduction
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"Rocking" Andres
VIP tour of Andres favorite things: rocks, baby, brother, blanket and milk!
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Emma promise
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Inglewood Imaging Center - Embrace the Community Winter Spring 2011
This is our winter/spring 2011 TV commerical that features 4 patients and prominatant referring MD. Thanks to everyone who help produce and appear in this commerical. We apprecite you.
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School snippet
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Emma playing Monsieur Mouse
For those missing Emma's recital today we took a brief video of her practicing.
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Sarah at AYSO!
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Karate Pose (at Ryokos house)
The dynamic duo visited Ryoko and trouble ensued....
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Steve Reich, Stairs & Electric Counterpoint
Performed by Phillip Graulty, featuring Oliver & Sarah (& Emma).
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