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Cancer Imaging PET/CT at Inglewood Imaging Center
Comprehensive metastatic cancer imaging study on a breast cancer patient. The exam is called a PET/CT with is 3 radiology tests in 1 exam procedure 1) PET 2) CAT Scan and 3) Fused color image (merged PET and CT Scan). PET/CT is used to look for metastasis outside cancer primary areas (for example lymph nodes next to a breast cancer primary area) and clinical study's state a documented change management about 19% - 45% of the time to more accurate patient treatment courses versus traditional radiology helping define a more accurate treatment course for the patient. Please call Inglewood Imaging Center, LLC for more questions. 310-672-9729.
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Zermatt Village
We hiked up to a mod mountain lodge and on the way down heard this lovely music filling the valley.
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Marat nutcracker!
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Karate Pose (at Ryokos house)
The dynamic duo visited Ryoko and trouble ensued....
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Conservatory of Geneva!
Walk around the front of the conservatory!
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Inglewood Imaging Center - Shari-Lyn's MRI Story
Inglewood Imaging Center, LLC is dedicated to providing high-quality radiology services and is widely considered one of the leading Outpatient Radiology Center's in Los Angeles County. "Shari-Lyn's Story" is of an actual patient testimonial about why she received an MRI and how Inglewood Imaging Center helped her through the process. We employ high-field short-bore MRI offer excellent images and a more patient friendly design environment. Please call 310-672-9729 for additional information or reach our website at www.inglewoodimaging.com
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Commodore sloat floors
Walk through of floors
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Inglewood Imaging Center - Linda's Story
Uplifting personal testimony about a cancer survivor.
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Emma fishing
We celebrated David's 70th this weekend on the Swan River in Big Fork, Montana and Emma learned to fish! She can cast and reel too! "Cathy genes" beating out Jan's at age 6?
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Morning Sing - Larchmont
"Count on me"
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Piano Recital - Emma and Sarah
The girls worked hard to learn their songs and had a piano recital at St. Marks Episcopal Church in Glendale. Emma performed "a spoonful of sugar", "Cs Rock" and "Alouette" Sarah performed "Do you want to build a snowman" & "Tucker's Secret Life."
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Bad guy leaving house
2:54 pm arrival. 3:35 pm departure. On Monday 5/2 6440 commodore Sloat drive, Los Angeles 90048
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Inglewood Imaging Center - Embrace the Community Summer Fall 2011
This is our Summer/Fall 2011 TV commercial that features 4 patients and an Inglewood Imaging's staff radiologist. Thanks to everyone who helped appear and produce this commercial.
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Emma married?  Twins?  Living in San Diego?
If you have 3 minutes pretty cute.
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Sarah's Christmas boogie
Sarah's performance was Wednesday and she was a superstar singer belting out all the songs (ie specifically audible from the back row). She had a performance with 6 songs and one dance which I wanted to send out. (She is the tallest girl with a red dress on).
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Inglewood Imaging's Fun Dance
Great event Tuesday October 25! I really enjoyed the "wobble" dance FUNdraiser with leading local MD office staff, breast cancer survivors & breast cancer navigators. Check out Pink1000.info for breast cancer treatment information. Pink1000 was built to be an "electronic health navigator" for patients and family members in South & Metro LA County. Don't be afraid - 90% of women survive breast cancer after 5 years!
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Fontvieille 2014
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BHBL Bulls!
Quick snippet! Great 100 year old gym at BH High School. Emma is #9. (Sarah on the bench leading the chant, "let's go Bulls!!"
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41 Boulevard Georges Favon
A walk up to your flat!
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Sarah's First Steps
Sarah is walking! Lord help us all.
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Sarah singing falling and laughing
Sarah laughing (and crying) to her favorite song "hello"
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Emma and Sarah - baby talk
Shocking state if bathroom led to an interesting chat!
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Ultrasound Sarah
I took the girls to work today and Sarah got her first ultrasound! The staff loved how easy it was to find her anatomy! The girls also saw an MRI brain, CAT scan and a patient getting an I.V. (No tears)
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Sam Darnold Touchdown Pass vs ASU
Pump fake for TD.
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Sarah #9 on on the Blue Rockets!
1st season of AYSO and Sarah seems to love soccer and playing defense!
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Emma and Sarah playing
They reminded me of little yellow labs playing...
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Sniffing out the yogi bars
Granddad came to visit with Rudy dog today. Cute video!
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Notre Dame Basilica!
Believe the organist is playing a variation of "Fight On"
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Hummingbird therapy
It doesn't get better than watching Emma and hummingbirds in Portola Valley.
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Qx350 iPhone maiden voyage
Jacob piloting the maiden voyage of the 4 propeller quadracopter!
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Inglewood Imaging's Vertical Table
Xybix table with Totoku 5 MP monitors at IIC!
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Where's Emma????  Shopping!
I was at the Gap kids this weekend and found Emma hitting the racks!
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Elle and Emma in San Francisco
The Arikawa'a and Schmidt's living large in SF!
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Silver Lake Swing
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Footing Pour
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Emma and Sarah playing
The girls were particularly cute and funny tonight so I took about 4 min of video of them. There personalities are amazing to see at this age. Truly incredible watching them play.
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Let it go...
We visited our friends this past Friday and the kids put on a performance of "Let it go". Cast members include: Emma (Elsa) Ana (savannah) Fairy (Sarah) Dominic (comedic relief) Leleah (performer) This is what life is about! So cute!
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Ly Lycee - Opening Ceremony
Performace introduction
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"Rocking" Andres
VIP tour of Andres favorite things: rocks, baby, brother, blanket and milk!
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