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Chambord Castle & Chenonceau Castle, Loire Valley castles, France
Take advantage of your stay in France to visit Loire Valley Castles with Pariscityvision in a one-day or multiday trips from Paris with skip-the-line tickets. https://www.pariscityvision.com/en/france/loire-valley-castles
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Christmas decorations, Paris
Discover the beautiful Christmas decorations of Paris: Christmas Market at Les Halles, Palais Royal, Galeries Lafayette, Galeries Vivienne, Place Vendôme, Saint-Germain-des-Près, Champs Elysées. https://www.pariscityvision.com/en/paris/special-events
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Day trip from Paris to Mont-Saint-Michel with PARISCityVISION, France
Day trip to Mont Saint Michel from Paris with PARISCityVISION to discover one of the most popular and iconic sights of France and the history of Mont Saint Michel and its Benedictine abbey. PARISCityVISION, The best tours & experiences in FRANCE https://goo.gl/jhTj8t
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Visit of Montmartre District and Sacré-Coeur, Paris
Enjoy the beautiful view of Paris from Montmartre district where you will find the Sacré Coeur Basilica. Take the time to walk in the Place du Tertre and do your portrait by one of the numerous artists. lose yourself in the alleys of the district and discover La maison Rose, Au Lapin Agile cabaret or admire the Clos Montmartre vineyard. https://www.pariscityvision.com/en/paris/districts/montmartre
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Monet's house and garden in Giverny, France
Discover Giverny in the French region of Normandy and Monet's house and garden that inspired the painter in his impressionist masterpieces. https://goo.gl/5TAaZn The best tours & experiences in PARIS and FRANCE
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PARISCityVISION, The best tours & experiences in PARIS and FRANCE
The best tours & experiences in PARIS and FRANCE. Specialist and leader of tourism in Paris and in France since 1929, the group PARISCityVISION is coming with a new look. https://www.pariscityvision.com/ Les meilleures visites et expériences à PARIS et en FRANCE. Spécialiste et leader du tourisme à Paris et en France depuis 1929. https://www.pariscityvision.com/fr/
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Guided tour in Saint-Emilion and Bordeaux, France
A day trip in South West of France to visit the vineyards of Saint-Emilion and the city of Bordeaux. ParisCityVision, the best tours & experiences in PARIS and FRANCE https://goo.gl/EGHzB4
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Saint Germain des Prés Food Tour with sweet tastings, Paris
Live a unique experience and see Paris’s greatest world renowned chocolate makers and local artisans by discovering by a local guide the neighborhood of Saint Germain des Prés and taste french delicacies. The best tours & experiences in PARIS and FRANCE. https://goo.gl/U2GuCs
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L'Île de La Cité, berceau de Paris
Partez sur les traces de l'Histoire en empruntant les chemins tracés pour vous dans deux visites audio-guidées imaginées par Lorànt Deutsch. Cette collaboration inédite et exclusive vous invite à une découverte nouvelle de Paris. Chaque audio-guide, écrit et raconté par Lorànt Deutsch, vous replonge dans l'ambiance si particulière au livre Métronome, dont la gouaille et le sens de la formule insufflent la vie au passé, le ressuscitant sous nos yeux. Deux excursions avec audio-guide au cœur de l’île de la Cité Deux excursions pédestres thématiques sont proposées à Paris : le Palais de la Cité et Notre-Dame de Paris.
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Paris City Tour with PARISCityVISION
What better than a city tour to visit the most beautiful city in the world with its famous monuments and beautiful streets? It's a great way to see the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame or the Champs Elysées. https://www.pariscityvision.com/en/paris/city-tour
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Catacombs, Paris
Explore hundreds of kilometers below the city of Paris in the unknown world of Catacombs, the mysterious subterranean ossuaries and gigantic labyrinth during an unusual tour with PARISCityVISION. Check out our tours: https://www.pariscityvision.com/en/paris/landmarks/paris-catacombs
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Guided tour in Provence, Aix-en-Provence, Marseille and Cassis
Take advantage of your stay in France to visit Provence, one of the loveliest regions of France. Discover the cities of Aix-en-Provence, Cassis and Marseille. Pariscityvision, the best tours & experiences in PARIS and FRANCE. https://www.pariscityvision.com/en/france/provence?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=socialmedia
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Street Art Walking Tour with an Expert Guide, Paris, France
Admire impressive and huge urban works of art during a walking through an authentic Parisian village (Butte aux cailles) in the 13rd district of Paris. The best tours & experiences in PARIS and FRANCE https://goo.gl/pcNzkK
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Lunch and dinner cruise with La Marina, Paris
Lunch and dinner cruise are the best way to enjoy the French haute cuisine by admiring centuries-old bridges of Paris. You will discover the city and the famous monuments such as the Eiffel Tower from a new angle. PARISCityVISION La Marina offers seine river cruises with a traditional food in panoramic boats. https://www.pariscityvision.com/en/paris/seine-river-cruise/lunch-dinner-cruise-seine-paris
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Paris Insta Photos walking Tour, Paris
Unusual guided walking tour to snap the best spots and photogenic places in Paris to share on your social media. It will combine culture and the art of taking magnificent pictures of Paris. https://goo.gl/y7zCWB The best tours & experiences in PARIS and FRANCE
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Christmas decorations, Chambord Castle
Discover the beautiful Christmas decorations at Chambord Castle with its huge Christmas tree. https://www.pariscityvision.com/en/france/loire-valley-castles
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Centre Pompidou, Paris, Modern Art Museum
The “Centre Pompidou” National Center for Art and Culture is located in the Beauboug district of Paris. Inside you will find the National Modern Art Museum hosting over 100 000 art works and a Public Library. PARISCityVISION offers Skip-the-Line Centre Pompidou tickets to visit the galleries and explore its famous art exhibitions. Check out our tours: https://www.pariscityvision.com/en/tickets/museums/centre-pompidou
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Half Day Guided Tour of Giverny Monet's Gardens from Paris in a Small Group, Normandy, France
Guided visit of the gardens of Giverny, the House of of the most famous Impressionist painter, Claude Monet, and the Museum of Impressionism. Discover varieties of nasturtiums and roses, and take in the multicolored flower beds and their tulips, irises, narcissi and peonies. Follow your guide through the Clos Normand, a flower garden with numerous plants from the East, until you reach the exquisite water garden, famous for its water lilies, weeping willows and green-painted Japanese bridge. Be captivated by the atmosphere and the play of light over the pond, made so famous by Monet's paintings. https://goo.gl/s6aZbW
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Cherry blossoms in Paris, France
Spring is coming in Paris. Time to admire the beautiful cherry blossoms in Paris: Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedrale, Shakespear & Co library
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L'histoire du Petit Pont racontée par Lorànt Deutsch, Île de la Cité, Paris, France
Lorànt Deutsch nous fait découvrir l'histoire du Petit Pont situé en face de la Cathédrale Notre Dame et qui relie l'Île de la Cité avec la Rive gauche de Paris. Pour plus de détails, réservez votre visite audioguidée : https://goo.gl/r2MyEH
The best tours & experiences in PARIS and FRANCE: Day trips, tours, Gastronomy, Shopping. Active in Paris and all over France since 1929, PARISCityVISION offers a wide variety of guided tours in Paris and France's most attractive tourism regions. You can prepare your trip easily by booking the activities and excursions you're interested in online. With PARISCityVISION, see Paris by day and by night and experience the unforgettable: Climb aboard a Seine River Cruise, see shows at the most renowned of Parisian cabarets, dine at the Eiffel Tower, buy tickets in advance for the Musée d'Orsay, benefit from a guided tour of the Louvre, and spend a day discovering the majestic Palace of Versailles.
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We wish you happy holidays, Christmas, Paris
Pariscityvision wishes you happy Christmas holidays with this video made at the Galeries Lafayette. Let celebrate Christmas and New Year in Paris and discover Christmas lights, decorations and window displays. https://www.pariscityvision.com/en/paris/special-events
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Paris World War 2 Walking Tour
Dive deep into this intriguing and fascinating era as you embark on a historical journey through the key moments of the German Occupation in Paris with a 20th Century History Expert. https://www.pariscityvision.com/en/world-war-walking-tour
The Palais de Justice of Paris by Lorànt Deutsch, Paris, France
At the time of the Kings of France, what was the Palais de Justice of Paris ? This is what Lorànt Deutsch explains in his audioguided tour of the Ile de la Cité. For more details: https://goo.gl/fGtud6
TripMaximiser #BestPhotosTour
Immerse yourself into the parisian district of Montmartre. Discover beautiful views to capture and share your experience on your favorite social networks. This out of the ordinary walking guided tour, conceived by TripAvdisor audience, will give you the opportunity to take outstanding photos to share online and gain easily hundreds of likes. https://www.pariscityvision.com/en/montmartre-photos-tour-paris
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Paris Hop-on Hop-off with Big Bus
Visit Paris at your own pace with PARISCityVISION's partner Big Bus aboard a double-decker bus. You are free to hop-on and hop-off whenever you want at any stops located in Paris. Book your Big Bus pass: Hop On Hop Off tours are a perfect way to get around at your own leisure while enjoying the monuments and treasures of one of the most beautiful cities in the world: https://goo.gl/iSgXYU
Eiffel Tower under the snow, Paris
A look back on the snowy episode in Paris and the Eiffel Tower under the snow. Discover a new and unique landscape of the city. Don't you think it's romantic? http://bit.ly/2EAcsmx
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Montmartre and Sacré Coeur covered with snow, Paris
We all know that Paris is beautiful, but covered with snow, it is even more. We took advantage of this snowy episode to go to Montmartre and film these beautiful images of the Sacré-Coeur and the streets in the surrounding area covered with snow
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La Sainte Chapelle, monument le plus emblématique du Paris médiéval, expliqué par Lorànt Deutsch
Lorànt Deutsch nous raconte l'histoire de la Sainte Chapelle, le monument le plus emblématique du Paris médiéval. Vous apprendrez ce qu'elle abritait à l'époque de Saint Louis. Réservez votre visite audioguidée: https://goo.gl/r2MyEH
Les anecdotes préférées de Lorànt Deutsch sur l'Île de la Cité, Paris, France
Partez sur les traces de l'Histoire en empruntant les chemins tracés pour vous dans deux visites audio-guidées imaginées par Lorànt Deutsch. Découvrez ses anecdotes préférées sur l'Île de la Cité. Elles seront uniques, originales, passionnantes et singulières. Vous aurez beaucoup de choses à apprendre. Plus d'infos sur https://goo.gl/r2MyEH
IFTM - Top Résa 2018 - Retrouvez PARISCityVISION
Retrouvez l'équipe de PARISCityVISION au salon IFTM - Top Résa 2018 au stand E011 jusqu'au 28 septembre 2018.
PARISCityVISION was present at the 39th edition of the IFTM Top Resa - MAP Pro trade fair, the international trade fair in the Tourism industry
Guided visit of Montmartre with PARISCityVISION, Paris, France
A nice way to discover an ancient village in the 18th arrondissement close to the district of Pigalle. Book your guided visit of Montmartre through the small streets of the neighbourhood and visit the beautiful Basilica of the Sacré Coeur. More information about our tours in Montmartre: https://www.pariscityvision.com/en/paris/districts/montmartre
Seine River flood, Paris
What an impressive show of the flooded Seine in Paris and its banks.
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Lorànt Deutsch  nous explique le Point Zéro des routes de France, Île de la Cité, Paris, France
Lorànt Deutsch nous parle du Point Zéro des routes de France qui représente l'origine de Paris et qui correspond aux principales voies de communication. venez découvrir toutes ses anecdotes lors d'une visite audioguidée sur l'Île de la Cité : https://goo.gl/r2MyEH
Meet PARISCityVISION at WTM London 2018
Here we are! WTM London 2018 is officially open, meet us until November 7th on GrayLine stand TA158 and discover all our news. #WTMLDN #IdeasArriveHere
Christmas decorations in Paris 2018
During the Christmas period, Paris is distinguished by its beautiful christmas decorations which make the city one of the most beautiful cities in the world with a romantic and spectacular setting that is even more impressive during end of the year celebrations: Notre Dame Cathedral, Avenue Montaigne, Galeries Lafayette, Galerie Vivienne, place Vendôme, Champs Elysées Pariscityvision provides panoramic bus tours and let you celebrate Christmas and New Year Eve with gastronomic dinners on the Seine river. Consult all our Christmas and New Year Eve tours: https://goo.gl/oU2CFg
Around the Eiffel Tower, Paris
Discover the best views around the Eiffel Tower where to admire at best the Iron Lady. http://bit.ly/2EAcsmx
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