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Routing and Tuning DDR3 in Under Three Minutes
A demonstration of how quick DDR3 routing and tuning are in Xpedition®. To learn more, visit: http://go.mentor.com/3xc5b.
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Xpedition xPCB Sketch Router: Sketch Hug Route
See how Mentor Graphics' revolutionary Sketch Router provides the speed and efficiency of auto routing while ensuring high quality connections through designer-defined routes. http://www.mentor.com/pcb/xpedition/pcb-layout/
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Xpedition xPCB: 3D Component Planning and Placement
Xpedition xPCB enables 3D component planning and placement while taking into account electro-mechanical constraints. Learn more at: http://www.mentor.com/pcb/xpedition/pcb-layout/
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Xpedition Enterprise: xPCB Real Trace Plow
Learn about Xpedition xPCB new, one-click auto-active trace routing mode. http://www.mentor.com/pcb/xpedition/pcb-layout/
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Xpedition xPCB: 3D Layout
Xpedition xPCB enables revolutionary 3D PCB Layout with photo-realistic visualization. http://www.mentor.com/pcb/xpedition/pcb-layout/
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Xpedition xPCB: Route Planning and Net Management
Learn how Xpedition xPCB Route Planning & Net Management features delivers enhanced PCB layout productivity through group management of a design's connectivity database. http://www.mentor.com/pcb/xpedition/pcb-layout/ http://www.mentor.com/pcb/xpedition/pcb-layout/
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PartQuest for Xpedition
PartQuest delivers parts for your project by integrating millions of Digi-Key parts with schematic symbols and PCB footprints ready to import into Xpedition. Use PartQuest to help create the library you need to complete your design. VIsit https://partquest.com/ today to get started.
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Xpedition® Package Integrator Overview
Xpedition Package Integrator helps IC, packaging, and PCB co-design teams visualize and optimize complex single or multi-chip packages integrating silicon on board platforms. Learn more in this white paper: http://go.mentor.com/48o77.
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Xpedition xPCB: "Dynamove" Push-and-Shove trace and via movement
With Xpedition xPCB's "Dynamove" function, users can leverage dyamic object movement using context-sensitive mouse actions with automatic cleanup. http://www.mentor.com/pcb/xpedition/pcb-layout/ http://www.mentor.com/pcb/xpedition/pcb-layout/ http://www.mentor.com/pcb/xpedition/pcb-layout/
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Xpedition xPCB: Component Management with Component Explorer
Xpedition xPCB provides a persistent organized planning and placement environment in a user-personalized and easy-to-use interface. http://www.mentor.com/pcb/xpedition/pcb-layout/
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Xpedition xPCB: Selection and Editing
See how Xpedition xPCB enables PCB Designers easy access to crucial design information and manipulation through cursor intelligence with its Selection and Editing feature http://www.mentor.com/pcb/xpedition/pcb-layout/
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Xpedition xPCB: Planning/Placement Group Manipulation with Component Explorer
Xpedition xPCB provides the ability to manage and manipulate components in user defined groups offering increased productivity during the planning and placement phase of layout.
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Xpedition xPCB: Editing Drawing Objects
Learn how Xpedition xPCB facilitates easy access to powerful editing of drawing objects. http://www.mentor.com/pcb/xpedition/pcb-layout/
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Xpedition xPCB: Planning Group Management with Component Explorer
Xpedition xPCB's Component Explorer's framework provides an improved methodology for part planning, management, and manipulation. http://www.mentor.com/pcb/xpedition/pcb-layout/
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Xpedition xPCB: High Speed Routing
See how Xpedition provides a powerful toolset for PCB Designers to route and tune high-speed connections. http://www.mentor.com/pcb/xpedition/pcb-layout/
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Getting Started
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What’s New in Xpedition VX.2.2 EDM Server and Utilities
In this video, we would like to share the highlights of EDM Server and the Utilities that manage it for the release of VX.2.2 From the terminology changes (xDM Server is now EDM Server) through new Licensing and Packaging model and Distributed Vault.
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Xpedition xDX Designer: Alignment Markers
Learn how to save time cleaning up your schematics with dynamic alignment markers. Learn more at: http://www.mentor.com/pcb/xpedition/engineer/
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Using Vibration Analysis to Improve Reliability
Avoid field failures due to vibration or acceleration through early detection of PCB design vulnerabilities. This short video shows you how.
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Centering Traces in BGAs
This video demonstrates how to use DRC Visualization and Repair to center traces between the fanout vias or ball pads on a BGA. It is featured in an Xpedition Enterprise blog post that discusses centering traces in BGA. View the full blog post here: http://go.mentor.com/3mkin.
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Xpedition xPCB: Display Control & Selection Dialog for User Personalization
Learn how Xpedition xPCB allows users to personalize their desktop environment to have easy access to crucial design information delivering enhanced individual productivity. http://www.mentor.com/pcb/xpedition/pcb-layout/ http://www.mentor.com/pcb/xpedition/pcb-layout/
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Getting Started with Design Data Management
An overview of the xDM server and the system utilities that support it. More on Xpedition design data management: http://go.mentor.com/41cld.
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Diagnostics Dashboard
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Xpedition DxDesigner: Component Placement using "My Parts" Function
Learn how to find and place your favorite parts into your design using the My Parts add-in for xDX DxDatabook. Learn more at: http://www.mentor.com/pcb/xpedition/engineer/
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Xpedition xPCB: General Environment Productivity Enhancements
Xpedition PCB's new general environment enables users to shorten their learning curves and maximize productivity with a flexible interface and personalized tooltips that are integrated within the menu-set. http://www.mentor.com/pcb/xpedition/pcb-layout/
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26th Annual PCB Technology Leadership Award Winners
This on-demand webinar highlights industry trends and the winners of the 26th Annual Technology Leadership Awards competition. See the designs that define the leading edge of the electronics industry!
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How to use the Mentor Install program to install the xDM server, utilities, and applications to be deployed onto the xDM server. For more information, visit: http://go.mentor.com/44vwg.
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Input XML: Security Definitions
This video covers the security configuration of the xDM server including SSL, strategies for using the server certificate, and some advanced security options. More on Xpedition Design Data Management: http://go.mentor.com/41cld.
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Xpedition® Systems Design: Data Reuse
Designers can keep existing documentation together with the system design for easy team-wide access. Learn more about Multi-board PCB Systems Design from Mentor Graphics here: http://go.mentor.com/3wv2u.
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xDM Server Backup
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LDAP and SMTP Setup
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Xpedition® Systems Design: Multi-PCB Integration
This unique functionality allows you to synchronize logical boards defined in the Logical System View (LSV) with their associated board designs, through a fully bi-directional and controlled process. Learn more about Multi-board PCB Systems Design from Mentor Graphics here: http://go.mentor.com/3wv2u.
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Xpedition xDX Designer: Component to Bus Connections
Quickly connect components to buses by drag and drop and assign net names on-the-fly. Learn more at: http://www.mentor.com/pcb/xpedition/engineer/
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xDM Server User Definitions
This video demonstrates how to configure the different users that are used to deploy and run the xDM server and all its derived processes. More on Xpedition Design Data Management: http://go.mentor.com/41cld.
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EDM server non-root deployment
In this video we demonstrate how to accomplish a non-root deployment and we emphasize the minor differences from a regular root deployment: • We will review the prerequisites for a non-root deployment. • We will use the special deployment option in the Configuration Manager to specify non-root deployment. • We will finish the configuration, test, and deploy our EDM Server. • Finally, we will ensure that the daemon will start after a reboot of the machine
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No Connect Symbols
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xDM Installation
This video explores the three simple steps for configuring the xDM server. More on Xpedition design data management: http://go.mentor.com/41cld.
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Xpedition xDX Designer: Quickly Modifying Connectivity
Learn how to quickly modify connectivity using cut nets and multi-net connections. Learn more at: http://www.mentor.com/pcb/xpedition/engineer/
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Input XML: XML Structure and Server Settings
In this video we get familiar with the input XML configuration file. More on Xpedition design data management: http://go.mentor.com/41cld.
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Input XML: Client Preparation Package
This video discusses the uniqueness of the client utilities configuration section within the input XML file and the functionality it enables. See how a client can download the client prep package and how to use the client prep utility on the client machine. More on Xpedition design data management: http://go.mentor.com/41cld.
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SSL Configuration
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Deployment Workflow
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Xpedition xDX Design: Dynamic Tool Tips
Minimize the learning curve with xDX Designer's progressive tool-tips. Learn more at: http://www.mentor.com/pcb/xpedition/engineer/
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Xpedition xDX Designer: Selection Modes
Is selecting the right object hit and miss? See how xDX Designer's key modifiers can help you select the objects you're interested in. Learn more at: http://www.mentor.com/pcb/xpedition/engineer/
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Input XML: Full XML Creation
This video includes two demos of full XML creation. Topics include customization, deployment, and best practices. The first demo shows a Linux machine that's configured to use with an external Oracle database. The second demo shows an SSL configuration on Windows. Also, learn how to update an existing configuration. More on Xpedition design data management: http://go.mentor.com/41cld.
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Configuration Manager
Demonstration of the new Configuration Manager for VX.1.1. For more information, visit: http://go.mentor.com/44vwg.
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Xpedition xDX Designer: Highlighting Objects
See how xDX Designer aids the user in selecting objects with dynamic highlighting. Learn more at: http://www.mentor.com/pcb/xpedition/engineer/
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LDAP and SMTP Definitions
This video training covers both SMTP and LDAP configurations of the xDM server. More on Xpedition design data management: http://go.mentor.com/41cld.
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Quickstart xDM Server Deployment
Quickstart overview of the xDM Server deployment flow, configuration manager, and diagnostic dashboard. For more information, visit: http://go.mentor.com/44vwg.
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