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Puppy at the door!
My channel has a new start; about my dog, aero! This is my first video alllll about him! my old videos are still viewable, though
Online dater exposed four: dater gater
This time, I am exposing at Meepcity, which someone told me there are lot’s of daters there, and... I THINK meepcity is kind of a ripoff of Club penguin (PS: don’t be offended by that, it’s just my opinion)
Up to 5:00 AM in a temporarily rented SUV
Perfect. The latest I have ever stayed up was to about 3:00 am. This is a LOT longer! And I woke up yesterday at around 9:00-10:30 AM! I say yesterday because it WAS yesterday! So, if I can manage to stay up for a few more hours, I can stay up a WHOLE day
Bob sweep; the robo-vacuum!
Take this! The robo-vacuum bob sweep is vacuuming the house! :D
MY FIRST VIDEO 😮 (I hope you like it!)
Like or dislike but please at least watch because it is my first video 😁
A video with a friend :-)
This is my friend, and she wanted me to make a video.... LIKE AND SUB FOR FREE MONEY OR A FORTUNE :DDDDDDD
Outside with my dog!
I am doing a video with my dog and sadly, he’s not in it for the whole video! But he is in it for some of the time. 🙂
New Orleans? Cool!
Lot’s of people like cities,I do as well. It’s fall and a little bit chilly... still kewl! (cool)
My second video (it’s dark so it’s kind of bad 🙁)
I like YouTube,do you? If you are watching my video then you like YouTube! 🙂
10 ways to kill Mario! **read description**
I am using my Mario plush and I am making up some ways to kill him. **I said eight twice. Just pretend I didn’t**
At my cousin’s house
Today, I am with my cousin for a video!
ODER (online dater) getting exposed!
He was odering a girl, so I exposed him and put it on YouTube!
Sorry,I haven’t made a video in a long time!
Please... take this video as an apology for not making a video in a while! I was like sick and had important things I had to do. 😔