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JM Wars II: Daddy Strikes Back
Me and Milo's second movie.
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JM Wars
Fun Star Wars video.
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JM Wars III: Return Of The Padawan
Me and Milo's 3rd movie. JM WARS return of the padawan. With the help of Sarah (Mom) and Jack we completed what we think is our best JM WARS yet. Enjoy.
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Rise of Milo: A JM Wars Story
Rise of Milo is finally out. This is a prequel for Jm Wars. This is our 4th Jm Wars movie. Enjoy
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Rebels Army Trailer
A Star Wars video. You can see the movie on the account, Sarah Valek.
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Death House Trailer
This is the trailer for our horror movie, Death House
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Rise Of Milo Trailer
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Death House
A scary Movie that Milo and Jesse are making it is called Death House. It is rated 10+. Enjoy the trailer (you can not view this movie)
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Rise Of Milo Trailer 2
Rise of Milo trailer 2. Rise of Milo is coming out very soon. It will be good.
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Milo's 8th bday party
Milo's 8th birthday party at Yorktown lanes. 1/16/16
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The Return Trailer
The long anticipated trailer of JM Wars episode four, The Return. Movie will come out soon. Enjoy.
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Milo Parsh's Death House
This is a Horror film and it is about a father and son who move into a house but there is a knife and if you touch it it will be your worst nightmare. Rated 9+. Enjoy your Horror!
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Fall Of The Sith Teaser Trailer (Official)
Are you ready for the next JM Wars? If so, here is the TEASER trailer (Not the official trailer) that you can see right now!! Enjoy!
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JM Wars V: Fall Of The Sith
Fall Of The Sith is out!!!!
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Fall Of The Sith Trailer 2 (Official) Trailer
Are you ready for the final trailer of “Fall Of The Sith” the 6th JM Wars!? It will be AWSOME!!!!
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The Little Scare
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happy day death
This video is about happy day death
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JM Wars IV: The Return
The Return is finally out! It is (in My opinion) one of the best yet. This is episode 4 of the series of JM Wars. Enjoy
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