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Top 5 Instagram Food Places NYC - Soho Edition
D Y N A S T Y G E O R G E : ♡Instagram: @staygolddynasty ♡Tumblr: staygolddynasty.tumblr.com -------------------------------------------------------- R E S T A U R A N T S: 1. PIETRO NOLITA IG: @PIETRO NOLITA M E N U: http://www.pietronolita.com/ A D D R E S S: 174 ELIZABETH STREET NEW YORK, NY 10012 646.998.4999 2. MILK AND CREAM CEREAL BAR IG: @MILKANDCREAMBAR M E N U: http://www.milkandcreambar.com/menu A D D R E S S: 159 MOTT STREET NEW YORK, NY SUN TO THU 12PM - 10PM FRI TO SAT 12PM - 11PM 3. LADUREE IG: @LADUREEUS M E N U: https://m.opentable.com/restaurants/laduree-soho/menu/129358 A D D R E S S: 398 W Broadway, New York, NY 10012 (646) 392-7868 4. CHA CHA MATCHA IG: @CHACHAMATCHA M E N U: https://chachamatcha.com/ A D D R E S S: 373 Broome St, New York, NY 10013 (646) 895-9484 5. BY CHLOE IG: @EATBYCHLOE M E N U: http://eatbychloe.com/menus/ A D D R E S S: 240 Lafayette Street New York, NY 10012
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Top 5 Thrift Stores in NYC (All along the L Train) | Dynasty George
Here’s my TOP 5 FAV THRIFT STORES IN NYC, all along the L train line! So if you’re visiting NYC or need new cool affordable places to shop at, make sure to visit these funky stores! ♡ D Y N A S T Y G E O R G E : ♡Instagram: @staygolddynasty ♡Tumblr: staygolddynasty.tumblr.com ♡Etsy: Etsy.com/shop/dynastygeorge -------------------------------------------------------- S T O R E ‘ S I N F O R M A T I O N: 1. Auh20 - East Village - (L train to 1st Ave) 84 E 7th St. New York, NY 10003 Mon-Sun 12pm-8pm http://www.auh2oshop.com/ IG: @auh20shop 2. Cure Thrift Shop (L train to 1st Ave) 111 East 12th St. New York, NY 10003 Mon–Fri, Sun 12pm–9pm, Sat 11am–9pm http://www.curethriftshop.com IG: @curethriftshop 3. Monk Vintage Thrift Shop (L train to Bedford Ave) 496 Driggs Ave Brooklyn, NY Mon-Sat 11am-8pm, Sun 11:30am-7:30pm https://www.facebook.com/Monk-vintage-thrift-shop-166272846753221/ IG: @monkvintage 4.Buffalo Exchange - Williamsburg - (L train to Bedford Ave) 504 Driggs Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211 Mon-Sat 11am-8pm, Sun 12pm-7pm https://www.buffaloexchange.com/locations/new-york-city/brooklyn-williamsburg/ IG: @buffaloexchange 5. Urban Jungle (L Train Vintage) - Bushwick (L train to Morgan Ave) 120 Knickerbocker Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11237 Mon-Sun 12pm-8pm http://ltrainvintage.com/pages/urban-jungle IG: @ltrainvintage -------------------------------------------------------- W H A T I W O R E: ▸Zara crew neck! -------------------------------------------------------- W H A T ‘ S N E X T: *WINTER LOOKBOOK COMING SOON*
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Top 5 Cafes in NYC | Brooklyn Edition | To Get Work Done in!
Hi Lovelies! Here's a list of my Top 5 Cafes in NYC, Brooklyn Edition! These are all great places to get work done, whether you're a freelancer or a student, they're all super chill and allow you to stay for long periods of time! :) If you like this video give it a thumbs up and I'll do more in other areas of NYC! I think my next one might be East Village or Soho! Let me know your thoughts!! 1. Urban Vintage Cafe http://urban-vintage.squarespace.com/ 294 Grand Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11238 Monday 8AM–7:30PM Tuesday 8AM–7:30PM Wednesday 8AM–7:30PM Thursday 8AM–7:30PM Friday 8AM–7:30PM Saturday Closed Sunday 9AM–7:30PM 2. The Bakery by Woops! https://bywoops.com/ 548 Driggs Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211 Monday 7AM–11PM Tuesday 7AM–11PM Wednesday 7AM–11PM Thursday 7AM–11PM Friday 7AM–12AM Saturday 8AM–12AM Sunday 8AM–11PM 3. Milk and Rose http://milkandrosesbk.com/ 1110 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222 Monday 10AM–12AM Tuesday 10AM–12AM Wednesday 10AM–12AM Thursday 10AM–12AM Friday 10AM–1AM Saturday 10AM–1AM Sunday 10AM–11PM 4. Champion Coffee https://www.championcoffee.com/ 1107 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222 Monday 7AM–8PM Tuesday 7AM–8PM Wednesday 7AM–8PM Thursday 7AM–8PM Friday 7AM–8PM Saturday 7AM–8PM Sunday 7AM–8PM 5. Sweetleaf Coffee Roasters http://sweetleafcoffee.com/ 159 Freeman St, Brooklyn, NY 11222 Monday 7AM–7PM Tuesday 7AM–7PM Wednesday 7AM–7PM Thursday 7AM–7PM Friday 7AM–7PM Saturday 8AM–7PM Sunday 8AM–7PM Subscribe and Follow me on IG: https://www.instagram.com/staygolddynasty/ *BONUS* So this place isn't in the video because I went for the first time after we filmed but the "Cute Cat Cafe" in Brooklyn is another great place!! The food is AMAZING!!! I got a chicken salad and it was literally the best chicken salad of my life! The chicken was warm and flavored so well! Cute Cat Cafe http://cutecatcafe.business.site/ 6669 Fresh Pond Rd, Queens, NY 11385 Monday 6AM–11PM Tuesday 6AM–11PM Wednesday 6AM–11PM Thursday 6AM–11PM Friday 6AM–11PM Saturday 6AM–11PM Sunday 7AM–11PM
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Love Letter to Myself | 5 Self Love Reminders
HI GUYS! Of course like the procrastinator I am, I finish and upload this video at 12:03am, the day AFTER Valentine's Day! haha! But I wrote a love letter to myself which ended up becoming some serious Self Love Reminders which I hope will inspire and help you! Write your own love letter or set of reminders to yourself! HAPPY BELATED V-DAY !! :* *Comment if you want more videos like this!*** 1. You are loved 2. You Can and You Will 3. You are not perfect, and that's okay 4. You are not alone 5. Never lose your faith! Full Video from Transformation Church: "Relationship Goals. Single, but not Alone." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ViuAblc-M0g&t=6s STALK ME! VVVVVVV D Y N A S T Y G E O R G E : ♡Instagram: @staygolddynasty // @dynastygeorge ♡Tumblr: staygolddynasty.tumblr.com ♡WEBSITE: dynastygeorge.com
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How to make Honduran Tacos! (aka Flautas) | Dynasty George
Hello Youtube Fam! For this video I teamed up with my friend Alba to show you how to make Honduran Tacos! Her family has been making them for years at our church & they're super delicious! Below I'll have the step by step instructions! (Bloompers start at 9:27 LOL! ) ♡If you want custom Taquitos / Flautas for yourself or an event, email Alba at [email protected] God Bless!♡ D Y N A S T Y G E O R G E : ♡Instagram: @staygolddynasty ♡Tumblr: staygolddynasty.tumblr.com ♡Etsy: Etsy.com/shop/dynastygeorge -------------------------------------------------------- I N G R E D I E N T S: -Boneless Chicken -Cabbage -Dry Cheese -Tomatoes -Sweet Chili Peppers -Onions -Cilantro -Culantro -Tomato Paste (Goya brand) -Cooking oil - Lime (Optional) -Garlic -Salt (Optional) -Tortilla -Water! -------------------------------------------------------- R E C I P E: Preparing the Chicken! 1. Clean boneless chicken 2. Boil chicken in water for an hour and add chopped up garlic 3. Take the chicken and shred it into little pieces by hand 4. After you shred it, put in a pan with cooking oil. Then add chopped up garlic and sweet peppers! Preparing the Tomato Sauce 1. Mix the Goya Tomato Paste with water in pot and boil it 2. For added flavor add red onions, sweet peppers, cilantro, culantro 3. Heat and mix until it becomes a sauce! Making the Chimol, aka Pico de Gallo 1. Chop up tomatoes, red onions. sweet chili peppers, cilantro and culantro into little pieces and mix it together 2. Then squeeze the lime on top and mix with a little salt For the the Cabbage on top, just cut the cabbage in thin small strips M A K I N G T H E T A C O S 1. Heat up the Tortillas in the microwave for 1min 2. Heat a pan of cooking oil on top of the stove 2. Now that the tacos are soft, put the chicken on top and roll it up, and place a toothpick in the center, to keep the roll together (See the video above for direction ;) ) 3. Place the tacos in the oil 4. Wait until their bronze to take them out 5. Put a paper towel on the plate or bowl you're going to place them in, so the oil is absorbed when you take the taco out When tacos are done put your toppings on the tacos as desired! *Don't forget to top it with the dry cheese! -------------------------------------------------------- W H A T ‘ S N E X T: *COOL DIYS & NYC LIFE/TOP 5 FAVS*
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Bean Bozzled Challenge (Dynasty George ft. Ctab Youth)
So after service, a few of the youth in my church decided to do the "Bean Boozled" challenge! Here's a video of what went down!! If you need a game to play with a big group of friends or youth at your church, I highly recommend this one! (P.S. We are LOUD) ♡Comment any challenges you would like me to do!♡ D Y N A S T Y G E O R G E : ♡Instagram: @staygolddynasty ♡Tumblr: staygolddynasty.tumblr.com ♡Etsy: Etsy.com/shop/dynastygeorge --------------------------------------------------------
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Denise Huxtable Lookbook | Black History Month - A Different World Tribute
Happy Black History Month!!! Thanks to a post by Christian poet Jackie Hill Perry, I was inspired to rewatch "A Different World" on Netflix and honor my favorite 80's fashionista Denise Huxtable! This video is an ode to not only Denise Huxtable but "A Different World" and Black History Month, as we honor a show that "put a black face to higher education." I hope you enjoy this video as much as I loved making it! Never be afraid to wear "weird" clothes, mix and match prints, and express yourself with your clothing!!!! -------------------------------------------------------- D Y N A S T Y G E O R G E : ♡Instagram: @staygolddynasty ♡Tumblr: staygolddynasty.tumblr.com ♡Etsy: Etsy.com/shop/dynastygeorge -------------------------------------------------------- F O O T A G E: "A Different World" - Season 1 -------------------------------------------------------- M U S I C: "A Different World" Season 1 - Phoebe Snow "A Different World" - Season 6 - Boys II Men
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Winter Lookbook | Vintage Inspired - (Items from Thrift Haul)
Here's a little lookbook I put together! A lot of the items are from my last Thrift Haul (Top 5 Thrift Stores in NYC). It's really just me playing dress up to nice music in the background :) I hope you enjoy & inspires you!!! ♡Like & Subscribe! - Comment any questions & if you want to see more lookbook videos♡ D Y N A S T Y G E O R G E : ♡Instagram: @staygolddynasty ♡Tumblr: staygolddynasty.tumblr.com ♡Etsy: Etsy.com/shop/dynastygeorge -------------------------------------------------------- M U S I C: "Quiero Decirte" - Evan Craft
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IM ENGAGED! - Proposal Video at the End! | Dynasty George
I'M ENGAGED!!!! & it was the best and most memorable moment of my life so far! Come and get some tea and chat with me as I tell you everything from the Morning to the Evening with some clips of the day in between! Check the live proposal video at the end!!!!!! I am going to be vlogging this whole wedding process so please click 'Subscribe' to join this process with us! Love you, Stay Gold, Dynasty George D Y N A S T Y G E O R G E : ♡Instagram: @staygolddynasty // @dynastygeorge ♡Website: dynastygeorge.com
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Why I Quit Fast Fashion // ft. The True Cost | Dynasty George
I tried my best to be authentic as possible to explain why I stopped buying from fast fashion companies. I hope you enjoy my personal journey and rambling to try and best explain how toxic the fast fashion industry is. I included videos from The True Cost, which is a phenomenal documentary on Netflix! T H E T R U E C O S T: The True Cost - Available now on netflix Watch on Youtube for $3.99 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GsG64621Tuw Another great Fashion Documentary exposing oversea factories https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HHw4HEzzsyc S H O P E T H I C A L L Y: 1. Top 5 Thrift Stores in NYC https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5DdO19t6rl8&t=10s 2. Depop app https://www.depop.com/ 3. Poshmark https://poshmark.com/ 4.Dynasty George - clothing and accessories i handmade sustainably and ethically in Brooklyn! https://www.dynastygeorge.com/ 5. Gracemade https://www.thegracemade.com/ 6. Arkins https://shop-arkins.com/ 7.Christy Dawn https://christydawn.com/ 8. Dallas Daws Designs https://dallasdawsdesigns.com/ 9. Ace & Jig https://aceandjig.com/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMItdPI17qL2gIVRUCGCh0OfA50EAAYASAAEgKhMPD_BwE F O L L O W ME: ♡Instagram: @staygolddynasty // @dynastygeorge ♡Tumblr: staygolddynasty.tumblr.com
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Spring/Summer Lookbook 2017 | Dynasty George | Vintage Inspired
Modest Spring Lookbook 2017 featuring vintage vibes, thrifted styles, and current store trends! Also here's a look of my personal goals this Spring and a few words from me at the end! D Y N A S T Y G E O R G E : ♡Instagram: @staygolddynasty ♡Tumblr: staygolddynasty.tumblr.com ♡Etsy: Etsy.com/shop/dynastygeorge ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- M U S I C 1. "Falling into You" (Acoustic) - Hillsong Young and Free https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ez24HlMF8sQ 2. " Real Love" - Hillsong Young and Free https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HFKv1A8I41w ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- O U T F I T #1: HAT: BUFFALO EXCHANGE https://www.buffaloexchange.com/ CHOKER: FOREVER 21 http://www.forever21.com/Product/Prod... PEARL NECKLACE: GOODWILL http://www.goodwill.org/ PURSE: POCONOS BAZZAR FLEA MARKET in PA! http://www.poconobazaar.com DRESS: "DEPOP APP", SELLER: PSYCHEDELICATES https://www.depop.com https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/depop-buy-sell-and-share/id518684914?mt=8 SHOES: GOODWILL http://www.goodwill.org O U T F I T #2: SHIRT: H&M http://www.hm.com/us/product/68091?ar... SKIRT: FOREVER 21 http://www.forever21.com/Product/Prod... BR=f21&Category=women-new-arrivals-clothing-bottoms&ProductID=2000230399&VariantID= SHOES: Calypso St Barth http://www.calypsostbarth.com/accessories/shoes/view-all O U T F I T #3 SHIRT: FOREVER 21 (NO LONGER AVAILABLE BUT SHOP THEIR TOPS http://www.forever21.com/Product/Cate... SKIRT: NEW YORK AND COMPANY (NO LONGER AVAILABLE BUT SHOP THEIR TOPS) http://www.nyandcompany.com/skirts/N-... O U T F I T #4 HAT - L TRAIN VINTAGE https://ltrainvintage.com SHIRT - THE STYLE CLUB! VIA URBAN OUTFITTERS https://www.urbanoutfitters.com/shop/... SKIRT - GOODWILL http://www.goodwill.org/ SHOES - $5 SHOE STORE in Brooklyn, NY! https://www.google.com/maps/dir/''/$5... O U T F I T #5 DRESS - PARKER NYC VIA @SHOPDROP APP https://www.parkerny.com/ https://shopdropapp.com/ https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/shopd... CHOKER: FOREVER 21 http://www.forever21.com/Product/Prod...
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God Sent Me To Italy | Faith Testimony | Dynasty George
Hi Beautiful People!♡ I thought I'd do something *NEW* and share with you guys a personal Testimony! This is how God sent me to Italy, all I had was a dream, a prayer, and faith, and God provided the rest! ♡ Let me know if you like this video and want more like it! -------------------------------------------------------- S T A Y C O N N E C T E D: ♡Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/staygolddynasty/ https://www.instagram.com/dynastygeorge/ ♡FB: https://www.facebook.com/dynastyg ♡Tumblr: http://staygolddynasty.tumblr.com/ ♡Website: https://www.dynastygeorge.com/
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Top 5 NYC Museums | Dynasty George
Hi Beautiful People! Here's a video of my Top 5 fav NYC Museums! I definitely want to do a part 2! I did this one without a voice over, let me know how you like it / which you prefer!!!!! All the places are listed below: 1. MomaPS1 Location: 22-25 Jackson Ave, Long Island City, NY 11101 Monday 12–6PM Tuesday Closed Wednesday Closed Thursday 12–6PM Friday 12–6PM Saturday 12–6PM Sunday 12–6PM 2. Whitney Museum Location: 99 Gansevoort St, New York, NY 10014 Monday 10:30AM–6PM Tuesday Closed Wednesday 10:30AM–6PM Thursday 10:30AM–6PM Friday 10:30AM–10PM Saturday 10:30AM–10PM Sunday 10:30AM–6PM 3. Museum of Natural History Location: Central Park West & 79th St, New York, NY 10024 Monday 10AM–5:45PM Tuesday 10AM–5:45PM Wednesday 10AM–5:45PM Thursday 10AM–5:45PM Friday 10AM–5:45PM Saturday 10AM–5:45PM Sunday 10AM–5:45PM 4. Hayden Planetarium (Located inside the Museum of Natural History) Location: Central Park West & 79th St, New York, NY 10024 Monday 10AM–5:45PM Tuesday 10AM–5:45PM Wednesday 10AM–5:45PM Thursday 10AM–5:45PM Friday 10AM–5:45PM Saturday 10AM–5:45PM Sunday 10AM–5:45PM 5. NY Transit Museum Location: Boerum Pl & Schermerhorn St, Brooklyn, NY 11201 Monday Closed Tuesday 10AM–4PM Wednesday 10AM–4PM Thursday 10AM–4PM Friday 10AM–4PM Saturday 11AM–5PM Sunday 11AM–5PM Thank you! Stay Gold & follow me on instagram @StayGolddynasty and @DynastyGeorge
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Fall 2017 Campaign Video| Dynasty George
D Y N A S T Y G E O R G E : ♡ Website: https://www.dynastygeorge.com/ ♡ ♡Instagram: @dynastygeorge // https://www.instagram.com/dynastygeorge/ ♡Tumblr: staygolddynasty.tumblr.com Song: "Details" - Sarah Reeves https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gTICoQC8PRw -------------------------------------------------------- S H O T BY: 1. William Guzman - IG: @bonafideparadigms https://www.instagram.com/bonafideparadigms/ 2. Jason Cornet - IG: @tenroccc https://www.instagram.com/tenroccc/ E D I T E D : Dynasty George - IG: @staygolddynasty https://www.instagram.com/staygolddynasty/ -------------------------------------------------------- M O D E L S: 1. Angeline DeLeon https://www.instagram.com/angelineivette/ 2. Milagro Pinero https://www.instagram.com/millymciv/ 3. Amelia Lopez https://www.instagram.com/_amelia.l/
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Dynasty George Fall 2017 Fashion Show -  NYFW
My first collection drops October 2, 2017! So grateful for all the hands that went into making this collection possible! Here's a sneak peak of some of the looks from our fashion show during NYFW! The Campaign video drops Monday! Filmed and edited by @Kloseups by Krystle, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnjQoXraNYG9cPkLTB4SzbQ D Y N A S T Y G E O R G E : ♡Instagram: @dynastygeorge // @staygolddynasty ♡Tumblr: staygolddynasty.tumblr.com ♡Etsy: Etsy.com/shop/dynastygeorge -------------------------------------------------------- Kloseups by Krystle (Filmmaker) Youtube: Kloseups by Krystle Instagram:@kloseupsbyk Twitter:@kloseupsbyk Facebook: Kloseups by Krystle Website: www.kloseupsbyk.com Music: Tobu & Itro- Sunburst http://soundcloud.com/7obu http://www.facebook.com/tobuofficial http://www.facebook.com/officialitro http://soundcloud.com/itro NoCopyrightSounds: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4lXBHD5C8do
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NYC Lifestyle Aesthetic Video | Dynasty George
Explore NYC with me and my fav nyc native girlies, as we take over Soho and Dumbo! We love to chill in the city, eat pizza, & use the ShopDrop app to go shopping at Sample Sales (Designer clothes sold at discounted prices) - WATCH & FALL IN LOVE WITH OUR BEAUTIFUL CITY! -------------------------------------------------------- D O W N L O A D: ▸ SHOPDROP APP: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/shopdrop-sample-sales/id708598274?mt=8 ▸ SHOPDROP WEBSITE: http://shopdropapp.com/ -------------------------------------------------------- V I D E O I N F O R M A T I O N: ▸ Video shot and co-edited by William Guzman (IG: @bonafideparadigms) ▸ Models: Jennifer Lopez (vavavoom_jenni), Kenia Cuenca (@personal_reality), Dynasty George (@staygolddynasty) ▸ Music: Willam Guzman(IG: @bonafideparadigms) -------------------------------------------------------- D Y N A S T Y G E O R G E : ♡Instagram: @staygolddynasty ♡Tumblr: staygolddynasty.tumblr.com ♡Etsy: Etsy.com/shop/dynastygeorge -------------------------------------------------------- W H A T I W O R E: ▸ Sweater and Hat: L Train Vintage ▸ Skirt: Zara ▸ Shoes: Velez (bought in Colombia)
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Welcome to My Channel! Preview of What's to Come!!! (Dynasty George)
Here's a sneak peak of what to expect from my channel! I'm so excited to be starting Youtube and making creative, funny, inspirational, & fashion forward videos for you guys!!! Please 'like' and subscribe!! God Bless!
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Colombia Mission's Trip 2016 - Promo
Here's a video promo of our Mission's Trip to Colombia! This is just a sneak peak of the documentary that's to come! For the past 6 years, a group of people from different churches, go to Colombia and bring donations of clothes and toys to children, with the help of local Colombian Pastors. This was my first year going!! So, you get to experience the journey first hand with me!! On the trip we visited towns in Bogota, Villavicencio and Villeta! (Colombia Mission's Trip - Nov 25 - Dec 4, 2016)
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375 POP UP NYC SAMPLE SALE | ft. Off White, Vetements, Gucci, Fdkone
If you're a fan of Off White, Vetements, Gucci, and other luxe street brand clothing check out 375 Pop Up Sales! They have them all over the country and they sell they latest season of each brand!! I found this sample sale using the "ShopDrop" sample sell app! Download here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/shopdrop-sample-sales/id708598274?mt=8 Website here: https://shopdropapp.com/ Song: "100" by KB ft. Andy Mineo D Y N A S T Y G E O R G E : ♡Instagram: @staygolddynasty ♡Tumblr: staygolddynasty.tumblr.com ♡Etsy: Etsy.com/shop/dynastygeorge
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Top 5 Fashion Apps | For Shopping and Selling | Dynasty George
Here’s my Top 5 Fashionista Apps! I wanted to let you guys know the apps I have on my phone and use daily to shop, sell soon, and that keep me up to date in the fashion world! Hopefully going to make more videos for you guys soon!! D Y N A S T Y G E O R G E : ♡Instagram: @staygolddynasty ♡Tumblr: staygolddynasty.tumblr.com ♡Etsy: Etsy.com/shop/dynastygeorge -------------------------------------------------------- A P P S: 1. Shopdrop Sample Sales iPhone: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/shopdrop-sample-sales/id708598274?mt=8 2. Depop iPhone: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/depop-buy-sell-and-share/id518684914?mt=8 Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.depop&hl=en 3. Society6 iPhone: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/society6/id973749061?mt=8 Android: http://android-apk.net/app/society6/973749061/ 4. Vogue Collections iPhone: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/vogue-collections-fashion-shows-backstages/id828921924?mt=8 5. Mint iPhone: https://itunes.apple.com/us/developer/mint-com/id300238553 Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mint&hl=en -------------------------------------------------------- C A M E R A: ▸ Shot on the iPhone 7 Plus -------------------------------------------------------- W H A T I W O R E: ▸ Crewneck from The Style Shop, store on FIT campus ▸ Chocker from Forever 21
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Thank you Globein for the beautiful products and everything you do to empower artisans internationally! To shop their handmade curated products, click this link: ♡ Shop: http://globein.myshopify.com?rfsn=2544189.787be8 Keep up with me! D Y N A S T Y G E O R G E : ♡ Instagram: @staygolddynasty // @dynastygeorge ♡ Website: https://www.dynastygeorge.com/
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Fall Transitional Thrifted Lookbook 2017 | Dynasty George
♡ Hi Beautiful People! Here's a little Transitional Summer to Fall Lookbook I did for you guys! Below I have the outfit info for each look! ♡ For this video I teamed up with my friends Joshua and Itzel Surillo! Info Below!! -------------------------------------------------------- ♡ M A K E - U P ♡ Itzel Surillo Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOAGQG_y-TNvvpnd1hgDTdw IG: @itzelsurillo // @iiitzelll ♡ S H O T & E D I T E D ♡ Joshua Surillo Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/MrJoshuasurillo IG: @joshuasurillo // @joshuarocks -------------------------------------------------------- ♡ L O O K S ♡ OUTFIT 1: Dress: Salvation Army in PA Shoes: Calypso St Barth http://www.calypsostbarth.com/accessories/shoes/view-all Backpack: L Train Vintage OUTFIT 2: Dress: Nafiinu IG: @nafiinu http://nafiinu.tictail.com/ Shoes: Osklen http://www.osklen.com/site_en.php Found on Sale using the ShopDrop app! https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/shopdrop-sample-sales/id708598274?mt=8 Necklaces! Charm 1 was a gift by a friend! Charm 2, The heart is from Verameat https://www.verameat.com/collections/neck/products/anatomical-heart OUTFIT 3: Blouse: L Train Vintage Purse: GoodWill OUTFIT 4: Turtleneck: Ralph Lauren Dress/Romper: Dynasty George! https://www.dynastygeorge.com/ Shoes: Keds! Thrifted from my Mom! OUTFIT 5: Blouse: Buffalo Exchange (Originally Zara) Skirt: Salvation Army in PA -------------------------------------------------------- ♡ D Y N A S T Y G E O R G E ♡ ♡Instagram: @staygolddynasty // @dynastygeorge ♡Tumblr: www.staygolddynasty.tumblr.com ♡Shop: https://www.dynastygeorge.com/
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