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Process Director: Easy to Use, Rules-Based Workflow & BPM Software Solution
http://www.bplogix.com/workflow-software/ Not all process types are the same. But this should not mean you need a host of complex, expensive or overreaching BPM and workflow applications to build and manage them. BP Logix's Process Director is a single BPM and workflow software solution designed to automate any process type. Flexible, scalable and easy-to-use, this multi-award-winning Business Process Management solution requires no coding or programming. Instead, Process Director was designed to live outside the IT department. This puts management of the process where it belongs, in the hands of the business user. Process Director helps build processes in two different ways: Using a workflow automation system, Process Director will manage, automate and report on your organization's business processes. Or, for those processes that cannot be represented through traditional flowcharts, Process Timeline brings the dimension of time to BPM -- allowing sophisticated business processes to be defined and automated through a timeline interface. Even once complicated processes, such as moving eForms online, are simplified. Process Director offers everything you need to design, deploy, and process electronic forms across your organization. Available onsite or in the "Cloud," this web-based, no desktop installation required BPM software solution offers a nimble, scalable and practical approach to BPM and workflow management. Learn more. Visit BPLogix.com to request a demo. http://www.bplogix.com/workflow-software/
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BPM Meets AI (Artificial Intelligence): Process Director | BP Logix
BPM meets AI (artificial intelligence) with Process Director business process management software. This intuitive, award-winning BPM solution now features AI enhanced capabilities designed for the non-data scientist. It extends the predictive capabilities of Process Timeline, allows subject matter experts to adjust input features, transforms static business rules into intelligent predictive rules and anticipates event patterns and issues to allow for more proactive decision making. Learn more: https://www.bplogix.com/bpm-ai-artificial-intelligence
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Business Process Management Software That Starts With You
From the onset, BP Logix’s goal is to deliver a business process management software solution to help organizations conduct business more intelligently and efficiently but in a manner that provides as little disruption as possible for our customers. Our story is more meaningful when we understand yours and our legacy is a result of knowing who we work for. Learn more: https://www.bplogix.com/about
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BPM Software: Low Code BPM Platform | Process Director
Process Director is a low code BPM software platform that offers an intuitive graphical user interface that empowers hundreds of organizations worldwide with its suite of unique features. Easily build, deploy and manage custom applications with Process Director's rapid application development software capabilities. Learn more: https://www.bplogix.com/bpm-platform-process-director
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Leo Burnett Chooses Process Director to Enhance Business Process Management (BPM)
Process Director is web-based workflow and BPM software that enables employees at Leo Burnett to automate their agency estimating process, providing business process automation without programming. BP Logix' Patent-pending Process Timeline makes business processes predictable, offering a unique modeling capability that measures and anticipates process execution times. Learn more: https://www.bplogix.com/solutions/industry/advertising-workflow-software
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Workflow Engine: Process Timeline Overview | BP Logix
Process Director BPM Platform offers Process Timeline; the first business process modeling and orchestration workflow engine to offer predictive analysis tied to automatic behaviors such as notification, reassignment and rerouting. With its Gantt chart structure that offers implicit parallelism and AI powered predictive capabilities, Process Timeline fits a wider variety of use cases than simple flow charts with easier and earlier problem identification. Process Director's Process Timeline equips you and your organization with a tool that offers: automatic parallel process execution, secure and auditable, generates predictive responses with automatic or manual interventions and that is easy to design and easy to change and best of all, easy to understand. Learn more: https://www.bplogix.com/process-timeline Request a Demo: https://www.bplogix.com/demonstration
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Workflow Software Solutions: BPM Software | Process Director
BP Logix Process Director is an award-winning BPM software solution of choice for organizations faced with workflow software and business process management challenges. Enterprises, mid-sized companies, government and non-profits rely on Process Director to automate and improve their critical business processes. Learn more: https://www.bplogix.com/blog/workflow-automation-software
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Case Management Software: BPM Platform | BP Logix
Process Director BPM platform provides case management software solutions with it's Milestones feature. The goal of actionable communication within adaptive case management has now been achieved. Not only does Process Director's Milestones feature allows you to define context within cases as well as comment and collaborate Milestone events or conditions; it also gives you the power to treat the Milestone as an event itself with the ability to drive process. With this, Milestone serves as a bridge not only between employees within a case but also from the technical to the business side and onward towards streamlining all round best practices. Learn More - https://www.bplogix.com/case-management-solutions
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BPM for Healthcare - Business Process Improvement
Process Director is web-based workflow and BPM software that provides users with business process automation and advanced predictive capabilities -- without programming. Patent-pending Process Timeline technology makes business processes predictable, offering a unique modeling capability that measures and anticipates process execution times. MultiPlan, the nation’s leading comprehensive provider of healthcare cost management solutions, recognized the need to automate their capital and major expenditures with an electronic approval process. Additionally,they wanted the solution to integrate with their financial management, ERP and other packaged applications. MultiPlan was interested in a BPM solution that would incorporate workflow, business logic and reporting - allowing anyone within the organization to access the information they need from the BPM portal. Lisa Campbell, IT Contracts Manager, explains why MultiPlan chose Process Director from BP Logix to automate their CapEx and MER processes, and why they've come to trust BP Logix to automate their business processes. Learn more: https://www.bplogix.com/solutions/industry/healthcare-workflow-software
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Improving BPM Time-to-Value
ecent shifts in thinking about BPM recognize that much of the knowledge about processes resides with the people who actually perform the processes. Many of these processes, however, can't be defined in advance since they're unique for each instance. Workers need to be able to specify and select from a checklist of possible tasks at runtime, rather than follow a pre-defined flow each time. And there are examples of this in departments ranging from HR to IT, Purchasing to Accounting. Even Jim Sinur of Gartner recently stated that BPM is shifting from "Doing by Design" to "Design by Doing." This new style of BPM has a variety of names -- social, dynamic, ad hoc, lean and even case management -- they all, however, boil down to the same thing: giving greater control of business processes to the knowledge workers, allowing them to create the processes that they need as they need them.
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Bechtel Presentation, "Building a Mobile User-Enabled Workflow," KMWorld 2013
With a mobile global workforce and concurrent megaprojects, Bechtel's IT team needed a more user-enabled infrastructure to support the automation, maintenance and execution of its business processes and workflows. This session covers the use cases and challenges the company faced as it transitioned from an in-house developed form and workflow tool to a full-featured commercial Business Process Management tool. Bennett shares both the best and worst practices that were encountered during the transition to a more efficient, effective and 'mobile user-enabled' system. He shares how Bechtel is deploying BPM technology to improve its business processes and knowledge sharing, gaining greater visibility and insight into those business processes and subsequently optimizing them.
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BPM Application Integration: Process Director BPM Software | BP Logix
Process Director’s BPM application integration capabilities remain one of the most integral features for today’s business environment. A vast set of protocol and application connectors within Process Director allow your organization to integrate with data sources wherever they might live. Process Director’s protocol connectors act as universal adapters to your applications whether they be web services, rest calls, email servers or file transfers. While our application connector wizard enables easy connection with data sources from enterprise software suites to cloud services to social media and more. Information flows through these connectors to our virtual data model making it easy to transform and publish data from multiple sources with ease. Learn more: https://www.bplogix.com/bpm-application-worklflow-application-integration
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Healthcare Workflow Automation Success Story - Process Director
Bringing Healthcare Workflow Automation & Document Management to the Benefit Enrollment Process: Tony King, Systems Engineer at Whittier Health Network describes how his company increased efficiencies, saved time and cut costs with Process Director. Key Workflow Software Solution Requirements: Tasked with finding and deploying new technologies to gain efficiencies across the organization, King’s main initiative was to streamline the current benefit enrollment process. Employing 2,500 people across 12 locations became a challenge every fall when the benefit enrollment process was initiated, which was highly time-consuming and required excessive amounts of paper. Keeping budget and timing in mind, the workflow software selected needed to integrate with – not replace – its existing document management system. It also needed to: 1)Be user friendly 2) Have a hort learning curve 3) Feature a familiar user interface Benefits and Impact on Business Processes: Within weeks, Process Director was implemented, deployed and ready for use. Whittier Health Network experienced substantial impacts on their overall business processes as a result of implementing Process Director as their workflow and document management software solution. These included: • Overall efficiency across the organization • Accountability break down and visibility – easy to track • Predictability on time needed for specific processes • Increased communication between corporate departments and employees from different facilities Notable Features of Process Director: • Very easy to secure • Ties into Active Directory, eliminating the need for additional sets of login criteria • Integrates with existing applications easily to pull up needed information to add into forms • Easily create electronic forms using Microsoft Word • Drag and Drop elements lead to quick and easy form development
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BPM For Government & Public Sector | BP Logix
BPM for Government and Public Sector - Whether your challenges are in cities or municipalities, public healthcare, government services, security or justice Process Director BPM platform empowers your agencies digital transformation goals with an award winning, low-code BPM platform and a wide variety of exclusive features. Learn more: https://www.bplogix.com/solutions/industry/public-sector
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Business Application Development: The New Application Framework | BP Logix
Business application development used to be all about the business process. But that was when the primary function of a business application was to automate a business process. Now, it’s all about enabling the digital journey and that means that you need to a new application framework to guide your efforts.
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Managing new product development processes with Process Director
Learn more: https://www.bplogix.com/bpm-success-stories
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Process Intelligence and Predictive Analytics: The Key to Successful Decisions
This webinar will discuss how process intelligence and predictive analytics can feed back to provide timely information for making decisions within processes. The predictive element in processes is pivotal to operational efficiency and the ability to make better business decisions. Being able to review historical and current data—understanding activities in the "now"—enables business leaders to instantly deploy alternative tactics to overcome a pending problem. While business operations can often become compartmentalized due to their very nature, a comprehensive approach that includes predictive analytics improves business agility while providing end-to-end visibility. Learn more: https://www.bplogix.com/blog/what-is-process-intelligence-definition
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Hotel Software: Hospitality Workflow & BPM Soft | BP Logix
Process Director's hotel software and hospitality software solutions empowers your organization's digital transformation goals with an award-winning low BPM platform with a wide variety of exclusive features. Learn More: https://www.bplogix.com/bpm-platform-process-director
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Healthcare Workflow Software: Healthcare BPM Solutions | BP Logix
Process Director healthcare BPM and healthcare workflow software you have the tools to know exactly where you are in the state of your process. When issues do occur, Process Timeline can take automatic actions to re-mediate while providing you the earliest possible notice in your digital applications. Additional Resources: https://www.bplogix.com/solutions/industry/healthcare-workflow-software https://www.bplogix.com/blog/healthcare-bpm https://www.bplogix.com/blog/healthcare-workflow
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Business Process Improvement: BPM Software | BP Logix
Business process improvement starts with an effective BPM software solution. BP Logix’s BPM platform, Process Director, is the only BPM software solution featuring Process Timeline; a patented business process automation software technology for creating easily modifiable, highly parallel, and time-aware business processes. Process Timeline was developed to help organizations with their business process improvement by addressing the lack of predictability in business processes. While most BPM solutions can only tell you when a particular task is late, Process Timeline uses its knowledge of your process’ execution history to automate and predict when each task is likely to complete, no matter how far in the future that task is scheduled to begin. Learn more: https://www.bplogix.com/blog/process-efficiency-improve-business-processes-bpm-software
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Business Applications:  How Digital Journeys Change How They Are Made | BP Logix
Digital journeys are changing the way business applications are made. Join BP Logix VP of Business Solutions and Intellyx analyst Charles Araujo as they discuss this controversial subject in more detail. This is part two in a BP Logix educational series, for part one follow the link below: https://www.bplogix.com/think-differently-about-applications/five-ways-think-differently-applications
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Automating New Product Launch Processes  with Process Director
Learn more: https://www.bplogix.com/bpm-success-stories
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Document Workflow Management System Solution: NEC Labs | BP Logix
Learn how NEC Labs manages its patent submission process with Process Director BPM software’s document workflow management system with electronic workflows and routing validated with electronic signatures. Learn more: https://www.bplogix.com/blog/document-workflow-management
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Customer Experience using BP Logix Process Director as their BPM software product
Process Director is web-based workflow and BPM software that provides users with business process automation and advanced predictive capabilities -- without programming. Patent-pending Process Timeline technology makes business processes predictable, offering a unique modeling capability that measures and anticipates process execution times. Learn more: https://www.bplogix.com/bpm-platform-process-director https://www.bplogix.com/process-timeline
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Process Director is web-based workflow and BPM software that provides users with business process automation and advanced predictive capabilities -- without programming. Its patent-pending Process Timeline technology makes business processes predictable, offering a unique modeling capability that measures and anticipates process execution times.
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IT and BPM: Transforming The IT Business Relationship | BP Logix
Process Director BPM engine helps transform the IT business relationship with it's intelligent, low code BPM capabilities giving your business users the BPM tools to create robust, adaptable business applications with out laying the burden on IT. Learn more: https://www.bplogix.com/solutions/capability/it-business
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Digital Transformation for Higher Education Institutions with Process Director by BP Logix
Process Director by BP Logix is an workflow management software that helps higher education institutions with their digital transformation goals. Process Director provides digitally transformative education workflow solutions to enable your college or university with everything from student admissions and enrollments process, to hiring and candidate selections, as well as faculty and staff processes and more. Learn more: https://www.bplogix.com/solutions/industry/education-workflow
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KMWorld Webinar featuring BP Logix VP of Business Solutions Scott Menter
In this KMWorld webinar you will learn: How innovative solutions make it simple to find the right answer How social content can augment your existing knowledge base How chatbots are becoming a conversational knowledge platform as AI moves from hype to reality Why knowledge is becoming an essential embedded function in all processes for omni-channel success How no-code development unleashes enterprise information to improve both customer experience and employee engagement How to get started with and drive adoption of digital applications built on no-code platforms Learn more: https://www.bplogix.com/blog/low-code-no-code-bpm
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What is BPM and What is Workflow?
What is BPM and what is workflow? There’s confusion about the differences between business process management and workflow since they are used interchangeably by many organizations. Early business process management (BPM) software solutions did focus on the coordination of processes— in other words they were focused on workflow. But today, workflow is merely component of a good business process management solution, with BPM being the tool box and workflow an option therein.
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Process Director from BPLogix Real Customer Success Stories
Learn more: https://www.bplogix.com/bpm-success-stories
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BP Logix & Intellyx Recap: Thinking Differently About Applications | BP Logix
BP Logix is proud to have partnered with industry analyst firm Intellyx to bring you this educational series of articles and videos. Through this series we have examined how recent developments are impacting the way we now create applications. Things like the growing importance of the customer journey, the rise of artificial intelligence and the shift from the traditional business process modeling approaches to a focus on activities, dependencies and constraints which have all rendered the traditional ways of creating applications obsolete. Learn more: https://www.bplogix.com/demonstration
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BPM Software Solutions & Customer Service | BP Logix
Choosing the right BPM software is only part of the journey. Organizations must also consider the customer service behind the software - the training program provided, the spectrum of services offered and the customer care they expect to receive. Experience the BP Logix difference today. Learn more: https://www.bplogix.com/bp-resources/customer-support
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Electronic Workflow Solutions: UTEP | BP Logix
Learn how UTEP relies on Process Director BPM software for electronic workflow, review and approval, digital signatures and records retention. Learn more: https://www.bplogix.com/blog/workflow-solutions
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BPM Success Stories: BPM Testimonials In Their Own Words | BP Logix
Hear a sampling of our customers explain BPM success stories using Process Director BPM software: Leo Burnett, University Texas El Paso and NEC Labs America. Process Director is an on-premise and cloud BPM solution providing customers with advanced process automation capabilities they need to manage their business processes. Learn more: https://www.bplogix.com/bpm-success-stories
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Business Applications: Building 3D Applications With BPM Software
Presentation on how to build 3D business applications with Flow Case and Time with Process Director BPM Software. Learn more: https://www.bplogix.com/bpm-application-worklflow-application-integration
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Hotel Revenue Management Solutions: Starwood Hotels & Resorts | BP Logix
Learn how Starwood Hotels and Resorts uses Process Director BPM software as their hotel revenue management solution gaining efficiencies throughout the process. Learn more: https://www.bplogix.com/bpm-platform-process-director
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