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Pancham sleeping
Enjoy my second video of Pancham sleeping Like and subscribe
The Walking Dead Season 1 Episode 1 Walkthrough
Anyone who has played this game before and liked playing as Lee, go for it
Shoot the girl or keep her alive
If you played this game, you would understand the choices you made I chose not to shoot that girl and keep the Walkers busy til me (as Lee) and Kenny grabbed all the supplies out of the Pharmacy
Totem Pokemon Wishiwashi
I am getting screwed trying to beat the Totem Pokemon. Is it really that hard to beat. Damn that Pokemon. I will beat the son of a bitch.
Pokemon gameplay, Deoxys
I did try to capture Deoxys but my pokemon were high leveled a little too much. I will try again next time when I finish the League again Like and subscribe ok :) Game: Pokemon Omega Ruby
Pikachu sleeping...
This is my first video I uploaded. My pikachu is named Teddy Jr. he so kawaii when he sleeps. So enjoy my video and subcribe me :3