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Marine Corps Graduation
I'm at San Diego, CA for a graduation ceremony of the Marine Corps Academy
Shoot the girl or keep her alive
If you played this game, you would understand the choices you made I chose not to shoot that girl and keep the Walkers busy til me (as Lee) and Kenny grabbed all the supplies out of the Pharmacy
The Walking Dead Season 1 Episode 1 Walkthrough
Anyone who has played this game before and liked playing as Lee, go for it
Totem Pokemon Wishiwashi
I am getting screwed trying to beat the Totem Pokemon. Is it really that hard to beat. Damn that Pokemon. I will beat the son of a bitch.
Pokemon gameplay, Deoxys
I did try to capture Deoxys but my pokemon were high leveled a little too much. I will try again next time when I finish the League again Like and subscribe ok :) Game: Pokemon Omega Ruby
Pikachu sleeping...
This is my first video I uploaded. My pikachu is named Teddy Jr. he so kawaii when he sleeps. So enjoy my video and subcribe me :3
Pancham sleeping
Enjoy my second video of Pancham sleeping Like and subscribe