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Inventing Medical Devices
- See more at: https://notionpress.com/read/inventing-medical-devices-1309779#sthash.z1XDBZdK.dpuf "This book comprehensively captures the essence of inventing medical devices through anecdotes, case studies and real life examples. A recommended must read for any aspiring entrepreneur who wishes to invent new medical devices in India." - Dr. Balram Bhargava,Padmashri, Professor of Cardiology, Cardiothoracic Sciences Centre, Executive Director, Stanford India Biodesign Centre, School of International Biodesign (SIB), All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi. "A timely resource- This is a remarkably readable and useful primer on medical device innovation in India, written by one of the emerging leaders in the field. The realistic perspective and practical suggestions in this book have arrived just in time for a health technology ecosystem that is in a substantial stage of growth." - Dr. Paul Yock, Founder and Director, Stanford Biodesign "Despite the stated focus as a book for doctors looking to engage with the MedTech ecosystem in India, this book has several teachings for engineers, product designers, business strategists, marketing folks and investors as well." - The Hans India In this book, the author shares his experiences, anecdotes, insights and failures while inventing medical devices in India over the last six years. The idea is to give entrepreneurs (clinicians, engineers, designers, business professionals) a realistic expectation of the time, money, co-ordination and teamwork required to develop a medical device in India. This book includes case studies, anecdotes, caricatures and a special “how I do it” section at the end of the book that gives step-by-step guidelines on how to identify a need, make clinical observations, create need statements, perform needs filtering, develop criteria, conceptualize a solution and take it to a proof of concept. This book is recommended for all Indian healthcare professionals, engineers and product designers who seek to solve unmet clinical challenges with new medical devices, but are unsure of how to go about taking their idea from the concept stage to an actual product. This book illustrates ways for engineers and designers to formally engage with doctors, and gives a comprehensive perspective of the path from ideation to commercialization.
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About the Book The Pandavas and the Kauravas are returning to modern world in a different outlook but with same powers in this book “Barbarika”. While the Hindu Mythology says it is because of the boon Krishna gave to the “greatest warrior of the Dwapara Yuga” – Barbarika, Science says it is because of an epigenetics experiment conducted by “Master of Epigenetics” – Vishaka. The Kurushetra War begins here between Shyam and Dr. Meghvarna to attain the power every man wants. About the author Hariharan Raju, a tech Innovator and a certified screenwriter, has been a storyteller from his childhood.He got his masters in Data Analytics which gave him the capability to connect missing dots and converting every data in to useful information. He got introduced to the world of fantasy by his cousin Kathir at the age of 6. His favorite activity after school time was reading comic books along with his sister, thanks to his uncle, who ran a bookstore in his town. Then he got introduced to the world of cinema by his dear friend Mohan, and they both started creating new stories from class V. His favorite subject is History, probably because of his mom Gomathi who was a social teacher. He listened to every information in History classes in detail which made him explore more on Indian Epics. He found his passion in story writing and with the support of his wife Kiran, he put himself in to different screenwriting courses and workshops on the weekends to learn the craft professionally. He saw the lack of interest for our own Epics with current Alpha generation kids and that made him to write this book. But instead of telling the story in traditional epic form, he presented the important characters and sequences from Mahabharata in the form they like to consume. He chose to put all his interests—History, Epics, Fantasy, Science Fiction, and Romantic Drama—in his first book as he spent two years only for the research of this book. He red 17 different forms of Mahabharata and extracted all minute aspects of them for detailing his book. He also spent a lot of time on Genetics research along with the top professors in Chennai to deliver the story with utmost perfection. He gives equal respect to the Hindu mythology and science, and believes that they are inseparable.
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My Quest for Happy life
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Shambhala is an ancient, mythical city where the kalki avatar is going to born. Manu, a common person who is living a common life like the rest of us will be the witness of this incredible incident. But it all changes when one cursed person from the Mahabharata appears in front of him.
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Point ten zeros six nine
A 100% Intelligent Bollywood Masala! Best selling Indian Fiction! A powerful story of love, life and karma.
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Comrade Netai and the Chronology of His UG Days
About the book : Nineties, he joined to a Naxalite splinter group to be associated with the ongoing struggle for the emancipation of the working class and was rechristened as Netai. However, in subsequent years he was dismayed seeing the peer rivalry, manipulation for grabbing power in the organization. Walking with the arms-squad Netai realized that to the Party expansion of arms struggle was the sole yardstick of revolution. Netai’s home turned into a shelter of the party and his retired father, still a lone bread earner, gradually stooping under the burden of inflated expenditure and lost in lonesomeness seeing the broken family. About the author Sanjay Lahiri was born and raised in Bihar (Now Jharkhand) but since last few years residing in Delhi /NCR. He was a political activist and then became a theatre activist. After that phase of life, he became a language trainer. Now, he is working as a business advisor for sales and marketing. COMRADE NETAI AND THE CHRONOLOGY OF HIS UG DAYS is his first novel. You can follow his blog- sanjaylahiri-weiredthought.blogspot.in
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Come on Pops!!! by Himanshu Mamtani
Rohan is married to gorgeous Saima – his college sweetheart. They belong to different castes, but somehow, they manage to convince their parents about their love. They have a great time in Mumbai until… Saima conceives triplets. Oops! Life would never be the same again for the young couple. Rohan has to live amidst heavy restrictions after he becomes the pops of three lovely angels. While there was enough chaos at home and office, Rohan adds to it by messing up with his smart and intelligent wife. How does he face reality and adapt to the change in role? What and all does he do to get himself out of trouble? How desperately does he try to make amendments for his mistakes? Sit back and enjoy the funny incidents that keep the parents occupied. Discover how they coped up with the herculean task of bringing up identical triplets, who were surrounded with technology. Every reader would be able to relate to the characters in this book with an empathetic smile.
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The Victory of Love
About the book Love is not a business but a power that can help one understand the world. This is the story of a person who was a failure his whole life, but to others, not to himself. Alin sold vegetables on the road and later became an English language trainer, motivational speaker, novelist and psychologist. Love was his passion. He became an inspiration for many. "The Victory of Love" is the story of Alin who wanted people to be confident, valuable, ethical and self-educated. He aimed to spread the message of love with his story, and inspire confidence in many people world over. About the author Born and brought up in Delhi, Pankaj comes from a poor family. He sold vegetables in his childhood with his father. Though he was the son of a vegetable seller, he dreamed like a Prince. Since his childhood, he dreamed of becoming a celebrity and wanted to find his princess. Pankaj was unlucky in love, having been dumped eight times, but never gave up. He faced many rejections in his professional and personal life, and despite it all, achieved great heights. He is an author, a teacher, a motivational speaker and a psychologist. He holds motivational workshops on various topics ranging from mind power and success to psychology and leadership. "The Victory of Love" is his attempt to inspire others to become successful in all walks of life. more : https://notionpress.com/read/the-victory-of-love
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How to design your book cover using the Notion Press DIY Publishing Platform
Designing a perfect cover may seem like a profesional designer's task. The Notion Press Cover design tool is an easy-to-use tool using which anyone can make beautiful cover designs. This short walkthrough video will show you how you can do this. Check this out: https://notionpress.com
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Band Of Gold by Parveen Chhibber
Robert Clive's suicide (1774), Rajah Nandakumar’s hanging (1775), to Ellenborough’s grabbing of the Gwalior throne (1843), and Ram Mohan Roy's embassy on behalf of Akbar II, and his untimely death in England (1833); the Gurkha Wars (1814-16) and the First Afghan War (1838-1842) — started, unnecessarily, in the midst of the ferocious famine of 1837— One ring and one narrative, binds them all together. The stage is set in 19th-century India—a time when racial prejudice is beginning to harden with the support of the law makers. What seems to be an innocent circus performance presentation turns into a real life police arrest and the account of the struggles of an English-Indian boy starts to unfold. Accused of being a thug and of murdering an Englishman, an officer of the East India Company army, Jonathan Lord, aka Gora Mirza, is forced into signing a confession under the Thugee Act of 1836, made a fugitive from British justice, and hunted down and hanged. Gora Mirza’s tragic end is not his alone, but one bound up with several other individuals—a senior officer, two English soldiers, a teenaged Indian widow, a nawab, a rajah and many others. Marcus, a German diarist, records it all. The story—the mystery and the chase; and the spine-chilling end—is in the matrix of the historical events of the time. Does the ring find its rightful owner…?
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The Mahabharata Code
The Mahabharata Code is a personal account of the main protagonist Narayan Rao (NR), who claims to be an astronomer with NASA. NR and a few other crew members agree to take part in the NASA mission to visit this mystery planet from which they had received mysterious signals. Here, they meet a man with a long flowing white beard, and he introduces himself as Vyasa. He reveals that he has a crazy plan in mind and seeks NR and his members’ help in implementing this plan. He intends to recreate the entire Mahabharata on this planet to restore the faith of the primitive simpletons here. As the Mahabharata incidents start unfolding, NR realizes that Vyasa intends to recreate them page by page here, if not paragraph by paragraph. Also NR begins to realize that his son, Krishna, who is being groomed by Vyasa as Vishnu’s avatar, is nothing more than a pawn in Vyasa's scheme of things. Other incidents of Mahabharata also unfold according to the original epic. Pandavas and Kauravas grow up hating each other and finally the restaging plan culminates with both the warring sets of cousins facing each other in the battlefield of Kurukshetra. Inexplicably, like the original epic, Arjuna develops cold feet seeing his own cousins, teachers and relatives on the opposite side. He seeks Krishna’s divine intervention. Is the brainwashed “alien” Krishna prepared for this intervention? - See more at: https://notionpress.com/read/the-mahabharata-code#sthash.mM5UcBpl.dpuf
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Sicily Ki Ladki
See more at: https://notionpress.com/read/sicily-ki-ladki Having tasted all there is to taste, a man desires an essence which might not be found in a single vineyard. And who knows, while looking for the familiar, one might finally find something surreal. When Urdu amalgamates with English, expect rainbows in the night, starfish on hill tops and warmth in shiver.
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Floating Happiness by Rajat Jain
Floating Happiness is a practical self-improvement book that aims at helping the readers to achieve a happy, worthwhile and remarkable life. This book enables an individual to live life to his or her full potential by knowing & employing the abundance available to us. Floating Happiness is writing from the author's concern for the struggle, pain and stress in a person’s day to day life. It provides the reader with the secrets of ‘Joy of Living’ leading them to live a productive and balanced life. It teaches the readers the power of awareness and abundance, which would help them in accomplishing the goals, set by them in life. The techniques suggested by the author in Floating Happiness are aiming at assuring the readers to employ the abundant flow of energy available to them to attain improved health, relationships, peace of mind and financial goals. The author claims that he is a witness to some people who have put the simple techniques to use in their lives and have benefitted remarkably due to those steps list in this book. This book is structured in an ‘easy to understand’ manner and presents the readers with practical techniques that would help them lead the kind of life they desire. The techniques listed in the book can be used by the user to make changes to the conditions they currently live in, which would eventually lead to improved relations with others and be liked by themselves and others. Attract humor, love, laugh and you see your body, mind and soul is catching the floating happiness. According to the Author, when one truly embraces the abundance available, they arrive closer to the peaceful and balanced state.
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Love Remains Undefined
- See more at https://notionpress.com/read/love-remains-undefined#sthash.WKoz7og2.dpuf When two hearts are destined to meet, impossibilities turn into possibilities. A story within a story, Love Remains Undefined is a true account of two strangers, who become Facebook friends and finally become more than friends, only to keep the end unpredictable. Intellectual conversations lead to personal ones, and the story tells another story to the readers. Their conversations continue, with few promises, sacrificing their desires. She pushes him away in fear, and he embraces silence in the hope of meeting her one day. The identities of the protagonists remain untold until the end, allowing readers to work on multiple endings. Will she meet him? Will he be able to witness the beauty he had been admiring for a long time? Will they unite, or is he destined to be with Alankrita, his girlfriend?
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After the cataclysmic war at Kurukshetra, in the Mahabharata, evil is defeated and Dharma prevails. The victorious guardians of Dharma ascend the throne at Hastinapur. But, their rule also ushers in the Kaliyug, the age of the Demon Kali and an age of Adharma, where power, deceit and ruthlessness rather than honour and Dharma dictate actions. The age we live in. What went wrong? Is the story we know, a one-sided one, viewed through the hackneyed lens of the Pandavas, as decreed by the victors? Who really are the Pandavas? Are they truly what we know them to be? Did their actions initiate the Kaliyug? Does Vasudev side with the Pandavas because they are on the side of Dharma or because they are in need of Dharma? Are the Kauravas really evil? If they are truly evil, why are honourable men like Devavrath and Drona on their side? Hastinapur is the untold story of the Kuru clan.
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Notion Press Fiction Writing Workshop in 75 Seconds
A quick recap of what to expect at a Notion Press Fiction Writing Workshop!
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Bookpostr | How to Promote your book on social media
You can promote your book on facebook and twitter using bookpostr. All you need is to enter the ISBN of your book and bookpostr will create beautiful social media posts and automatically post them on social media on your behalf.
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How Can You Blame My Innocence For Your Crime
- See more at: https://notionpress.com/read/how-can-you-blame-my-innocence-for-your-crime Where the world is witnessing digital revolution; emotions like love and friendship are also trying to find their place. Digital platforms like Facebook; Tinder etc are new arenas where people try to find love. One such girl is Naina, who finds her love in Rajiv over facebook. Through texts and chats, Rajiv is Prince Charming to Naina and is the perfect example of a man. When she meets him, she loves his company. But with time she realizes life is not all roses. What happens next forms the rest of the plot. Whatever is seen virtually; is it always true? Do we really get to know about the person through social media?
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Who killed Kasheer?
Summary of the Book A veritable paradise on earth… A 5000-year old civilization… 1,000,000 odd troops… 100,000 dead… 30,000 disappeared… 20,000 incarcerated… Thousands more maimed and blinded… And the conflict shows no signs of resolution… Be ready to: be mesmerized as you visualize heaven on earth… see tears well up in your eyes as you empathize with loss… feel your spirits soar high as you peruse an anthem of hope… be choked with emotion as you witness episodes of suffering… experience helplessness and shock as you face a harsh reality… hold your head high as you get regaled by an epic of stoicism… be intrigued as you become privy to geo-political machinations… question your conscience as you encounter a ballad of sacrifice… find yourself transported back in time as you reminisce about a lost era… Let your heart, mind and soul be held in rapture as you embark on an unprecedented journey of discovery… About the Author Ruhail is a Top Management professional and an industry thought leader. He considers himself as “work in progress”. He is spell-bound by the magnificence of creation and is deeply committed to human conflict resolution, upholding the sanctity of life and tolerant co-existence of all strains of humanity in an ethos of mutual respect and dignity. Besides being a voracious reader and a prolific writer, he juggles his spare time to indulge in his passions of long-distance swimming, trekking, travelling, conservation and fulfilling his diverse socio-cultural obligations. His other personal interests include comparative theology, fiqh, music, cooking, technology, philosophy, psychology, world history, anthropology, warfare and defense systems, international relations and global polity; though not necessarily in this order. But what he loves doing the most is to spend time and have fun with his family. He currently lives with his wife and two daughters in Mumbai.
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Simply Being Sidds!
Summary of the Book An intelligent mind in a disobedient body. This could probably be the best way to describe the condition of Cerebral Palsy. What can make a difference in your life when you have this condition as your normal state of being; how do you deal with it, making life happy despite its odds? This book is a reflection of Siddharth Jayakumar’s journey so far and his dreams to weave in further… Read on! “Be yourself and then the magic starts to love life!” “My concept of patience is remembering how my mom had to wait nine years to see me go to school, and another ten years to see me become a little independent and then ten more to become fully independent!”- — Siddharth “My Respects for this fighter who is the bravest man I have ever met. His story is a must read for everyone to be truly inspired” Dr Kiran Bedi, India’s First Woman IPS Officer. “As we look to instant answers to everything from love to parenting, here is a book that tells us of love, perseverance & dedication. These are universal feelings all can empathise. Special children are special because they show you a life made of humane abilities. A must read for anyone who wants to be inspired by a person & his whole support system of family and friends that overcame & not overwhelmed at some of life's tough questions. As parents we set expectations at every milestone. Here is a parent who left no stone unturned to ensure Sid go that extra mile. Sid's mom Komala has truly shown what strong belief and hope can do in a child’s life My deepest appreciation” Viswanathan Anand World Chess Icon About the Author Siddharth Jayakumar Siddharth is a banker by profession and he is a person with Cerebral Palsy. After passing out from a special school to regular school, he completed his graduation in commerce and went on to do his Masters in Economics. Professionally, he is India’s first and World’s No 2 Certified Documentary Credit Specialist (from Institute of Financial Services, UK) with CP and also holds many certifications in trade finance and related areas of banking domain. Being a National Award winner, Siddharth is an inspirational speaker. He loves to speak on motivation, time/emotional/self management, and leadership, and has been invited by top corporates and management institutes.. His audience coverage is over 25,000 people and his global viewership is above six million. On the personal front, he lives in Chennai with his parents, wife and his son. He can be reached on mail – [email protected] Umasree Raghunath Umasree Raghunath, born in Eluru (Andhra Pradesh) is a versatile person — writer, poet, reviewer, blogger, social activist and IT professional. Above all, she wants to be called a good human being. With her focus on women empowerment, social activism for the less privileged and community service and also in strategic IT management experience, she was instrumental in many successful projects both in the IT industry and social service. She bagged the EWIT Excellence award in 2008 and also in receipt of various awards and recognitions in her fields of interest. Her passion is to network with people and travel. She has co-authored the book After the Floods written by Chennai Bloggers Club and her blogs at www.umasreeraghunath.blogspot.com. Contact: [email protected]
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Twenty Three - Collection of short stories
About the Book Everyone has a story to tell or a story that deserves to be told. Since no person is the same, everyone’s life is a unique tale. This uniqueness of different lives is honoured by Twenty Three: Collection of Short Stories that narrates the lives of various people. Twenty Three tells all kinds of stories, ranging from stories of ordinary people to those of paranormal entities. So, step into different dimensions as you flip through the various stories of Twenty Three. About the author Bikramjit believes he is an old soul. He was born in the City of Joy (Kolkata, India) on Friday the 13th in the wintry December of 1996. He’s a student of English at Shri Ramswaroop Memorial University (Uttar Pradesh). He presently resides in the Capital of Nawabs (Lucknow, India) with his mother, Mausumi Sen, and father, Surajit Sen. He is the only son of his parents. He immensely loves being a writer. Sometimes, we need people like him to motivate us to follow our passions. Since childhood, he always has been inquisitive towards topics regarding philosophy, mythology, religious history, paranormality and finds of ancient times. He is an introverted person who loves being in Mother Nature’s lap. He is very intelligent and contended, not wild at all. He just loves his freedom and doesn’t let his heart settle in a cage. He is always willing to burn for everything he has ever loved. He’s one of a kind. He’s divine, and he doesn’t have to wait for anyone to tell him so in order to believe that about himself. That’s what makes him so inspiring. more @ https://notionpress.com/read/twenty-three
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How to use the Notion Press Author Dashboard
Book expert Ann explains how she uses Notion Press Author Dashboard to view pending royalty, access coupon code manager, promo manger & apply for accelerator program.
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How to order author copies on Notionpress
"As a Notion Press author, you can order author copies at a subsidised cost. Our expert will explain how you can promote your book with author copies and order them using the Notion Press dashboard."
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No kidding! Raising Happy Parents - By Kinjal Goyal
‘No Kidding!’ is about happiness, it is about satisfaction and it is about living a guilt free life. Raising a baby into childhood, to pre-adolescence, then teenage and adulthood can be a harrowing and an exhilarating experience at the same time. Come along and discover your journey as a parent through this book. Find out what you have been doing just right. Discover simple strategies for issues plaguing parents and children of all ages. And most importantly, rediscover yourself. Learn to love your children while loving yourself and your spouse too. Let happiness engulf your entire family!
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Karnataka's Rich Heritage - Art and Architecture
You may have a lot of questions about the art and architecture of Karnataka. There may be queries about the various heritage touring circuits. You might like to understand what went into designing, planning and constructing monuments over a thousand year ago. You may still wish to know how art and architecture progressed during the ancient and medieval times in Karnataka. This book attempts to answer a lot of these questions, for example: 1.What is the name of the first established Village in South India and where is it located? 2.Where did the earliest gold miners live in Karnataka? 3.Which was the first Agrahara established in Karnataka? 4.Which is the first existing temple dedicated to Siva in Karnataka? 5.Which is the first existing temple dedicated to Krishna in Karnataka? 6.What roles did temples have other than being the places of worship? 7.Which is the first temple dedicated to Rama in Karnataka? 8.What was Karnataka referred to as in the Puranic times? 9.Which is the first existing temple dedicated to Shakti in Karnataka? 10.How old is the Kannada language?
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The Warrior Within You - By Syed Habeeb
If you wish to ignite the dormant spark in your heart and fuel your dreams, this ride is just for you. Based on a true story, this book explains the success tools and methods of NLP [neuro-linguistic programming] in a manner that is simple, understandable and applicable in real life. Discover the warrior within you as you journey with young and untamed Hatim, the central character in the story. As the narrative unfolds, learn the art of mastering your mind, understanding others effectively and defining your vision clearly. The story is intended to inspire you to aim for higher goals, which you may have put off for another day. Get ready to be coached with simple and proven skills that can help you achieve success that is meaningful, exclusive and incomparable.
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Sun News features Notion Press's book  'Light of the Fireflies'
"Notion Press was featured in the prominent Tamil News Channel - Sun News for publishing the children's book 'Light of the Fireflies' in a span of just 24 hours. In partnership with KRUX108 and Amelio, a workshop was organised where nearly 60 children participated of which 37 stories were considered for the short story anthology. Right from illustrations, typesetting, editing, designing to making the book market ready was achieved in a span of merely 24 hours. In this video clip, you can see Mridula Arjun representing Notion Press speaking about how the book was published in just 24 hours."
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The 2Shes
14 February 2009 The first Valentine's Day for Akshay and Neha turned into the worst day of their lives – a day of their indefinite departure. "Akshay, will we ever meet?" Neha asked an innocent question, with quivering lips, to which both had no answer. During the departure, Neha managed to drop a pouch for him escaping the strict surveillance they were undergoing. That pouch became the reason of his survival for the next two years. Two years later, Akshay found a heart-wrenching note in Neha's handwriting in the same place, where their love bloomed and he goes on a journey to reclaim his lost love… Where will his journey lead him to? What soul-shaking fact will he discover?
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Last Page
See more at: https://notionpress.com/read/last-page Aryan was the student of an I. A. S, who took always much discount on many things of life. Once he falls in love of two girls named Anjali and Pallawi, but there was a problem – He had to select one of them. He solved this problem but the problem was not clear off, Because in a certain place there was also a girl, named Soya.............
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Clinging to My Man
Love doesn't need to be perfect. It just needs to be true…. Caroline’s love for Ethan knew no bounds. Ethan and Caroline stood by each other in good times and in bad. It was fate that brought them together. Ethan and Caroline – best friends or soul mates? Though they had a strong connection between them, will their love lead them to victory? Problems, confusions and misunderstandings one after the other – will they triumph over everything? Will Caroline’s faith in her love be the only reason for Ethan to return to her? Or will there be something else? Let’s see what life has in store for both of them…. “A heart-stirring tale of love and friendship…”
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The Fictitious Dream
See more at: https://notionpress.com/read/the-fictitious-dream From the bustling, busy life of a youngster in a metropolitan city, Rak wakes up one day to a different world altogether, where he is an inmate in a sanatorium – a place where the lines between sanity are insanity are blurred, and where he is forced to question what sanity is after all.He has to experience every facet of life in this new dream-like world into which he walks in as a mental patient and journeys through as a husband, a friend and a lover, while taking up roles of a servant, a soldier, a prisoner, a fugitive and a leader of a crumbling kingdom. Through this journey, Rak is forced to question everything he knows and believes, but in the end, is everything worth the trouble? Is what he experiences and learns even real or is there an even bigger lesson in the picture?
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With God in the pocket…
“Rise Satyavadi Vasuprado, your life in the service of Sri Krishna has now begun...!” Bred in the cesspool of millennia old evil of Hindu caste disorder, feudal prejudices, and religious hatreds, die-hard Sri Krishna devotee, Trilokinath, through the power of Hindu Holy Scripture, injects molten steel into a gentle heart, and ripens, Vasuprado, an innocent, fun-loving boy, for a merciless pogrom. The story meanders through the twilight of colonial India and independence (1947) through the 20th Century and encapsulates the cauldron of simmering vengeful rancour and hate that is 21st Century India: Hindu hating, despising Hindu; Hindu hating despising Muslim; Muslim hating, despising Hindu, Christian, Buddhist, Sikh… “Even if a man of the vilest conduct worships me with undivided devotion, he should be reckoned as righteous for he has rightly resolved.” - Sri Krishna. See more at: https://notionpress.com/read/with-god-in-the-pocket#sthash.SWP1CrXF.dpuf
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Monit Pahwa 24 Pillars Of Life -  Video Trailer
About the Book Inner peace and happiness is a great topic for research since time immemorial. Wish you all the best in your endeavour through your book "24 Pillars of Life".Blessings! His Holiness, Dalai LamaI liked Monit from the first day I met him when we used to workout at Holiday Inn. I wish him all the best in life and for his new book. Good Luck brother! Saif Ali Khan (Actor)Monit’s book “24 Pillars of Life” is yoga for the soul.Bikram Choudhury (Bikram Hot Yoga)I met Monit when his life was normal, then I saw him drowning in the ocean of miseries. He could have died. Today I see him elevated in life. Only a person who has been through such dynamics in life, can disassemble life’s complications and simplify it for others. Proud of you brother.Sonu Nigam (Singer)Practical and contemporary, must read.Sonu Sood (Actor)In highs and lows of pathways, when success or family seems faraway, No matter what life gives or takes away, Like Geeta this book ensures for a smile to stay. Lakshmipathi Balaji (Cricketer) Monit’s book allows more light into you, super concept, must read for all. Dr. J.Rajmohan Pillai (Chairman, Beta Group)24 Pillars will add 24 good things to your life, making your life 24 times better.Shekhar Suman (Actor)A book full of insights about life, above all understanding the cosmic balance. Monit simplifies our seeking of happiness. This is simple and practical book.Vivek Agnihotri (Film Director)Once you read 24 Pillars of Life, you will hold on it 24/7.Sameer Anjaan (Lyricist) Drawn from a person with an in depth knowledge and experiences the book gives great insight into all aspects that could transform people’s lives. A true path to self discovery and inner realisation. Salil Chaturvedi (Provogue&Prozone)A beautifully written book! Monit brings in a beautiful balance between existential struggles and inner calm. Subi Samuel (Ace Photographer) Discover happiness, it’s in you. Ronit Roy (Actor) About the author Monit Pahwa is an established Wellness consultant, Relationship Counselor and a leading Numerologist. The multitalented counselor aims at holistic well being of his clients. Having gone through life and the various challenges it throws Mr Pahwa himself has faced the heat and somewhere in between Love and Betrayal, Success and Sorrow, Life and Death but the author paved his way to Peace and Bliss. This process of evolution led him to leave a lucrative and creatively fulfilling carrier in Media, Fitness and Interior Designing and set to carve out another path to look at the other side of life, understanding and searching why and what people do to push happiness far away, he went on a long silence, travelling, reading, spending time with enlightened people, he got away from day to day routine to contemplate reasons of unhappiness that engulf us. To write and counsel as many souls seeking Balance in their lives. He strongly believes that the mind Body and spirituality have to work in coordination with each other. In his journey of life, Mr Pahwa realized how excruciatingly painful this journey could be in absence of a guide to navigate one through all the chaos. He decided to pen down all that life revealed to him. This was the turning point in his life as he decided to open himself to one and all sharing his journey and experience with people and through this book to equip and assist others for finding the balance in the journey of life. more : https://notionpress.com/read/24-pillars-of-life
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The Karma Chip
- See more at: https://notionpress.com/read/the-karma-chip Jace Judson and The Karma Chip, the first part of the twelve book series introduces you to the seemingly perfect life of Jace Judson: son of a genius scientist and the school sports captain. Then the unthinkable happens when his parents are arrested for inventing deadly weapons for the Al-Fareez terrorist group. Is Daniel Judson innocent? Where is the secret lab? What is this mysterious Karma Chip & why is it so important? Find out the answers as you travel in this hi-tech roller coaster adventure with Jace, his friends and the lovable Roby.
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Rainbows in my clouds
Relentless struggles make a successful person. Radhika Lee is no exception. Her memoir Rainbows in my clouds is the ballade of her rise - as a young girl - from her displaced dreams to the successful educationist and entrepreneur that she is today in Nairobi.
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Words Left Unsaid
Manas and Ritu are two very different people from two different backgrounds. They end up in Chennai to pursue engineering. This novel talks about how these two became friends and then best friends. In due course of time Manas gets more and more attached to her emotionally. An unexpected turn of events leads to Manas facing the biggest nightmare ever. - See more at: https://notionpress.com/read/words-left-unsaid#sthash.IcPPfxaY.dpuf
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Summary of the Book Soul Art Therapy humbly offers a sacred geometry experience with the help of various Mandalas and Yantras. It is a gentle, meditative and healing coloring book. Relax your mind, body, and spirit as you color and explore the energies of each mandala or yantra. You can make your experience deeper with the easy-to-follow guidelines in the introduction of this book. Here's wishing you a soulful experience. About the Author Priti Mistry is a Soul Growth Guide, a Soulful speaker, writer, and an intuitive arts therapist. She is a humble soul on this wondrous journey of life, doing her bit in serving others to evolve and blossom into their true, beautiful selves. She helps you discover your soul's greatness. Her mission is to assist more souls to get anchored in their true essence and shine their light in this world.
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Survival of the Misfit - ragging, romance, revenge
About the Book Neel and Ram were more excited than ever to finally be in the medical college. However, they soon realized things weren’t as they had imagined. Nothing was like the previous 18 years of their existence, be it the food, language, climate, or the crowd. They were misfits. Enduring the ordeal of ragging was one of the many challenges they would face amidst exciting moments of a romantic flair(s). Will they be able to survive the cultural shock away from the comfort of their homes, or will they give up? Let’s sail with them through their unique and adventurous journey and find out what happens as they face their first year of hostel life. About the author Rahul is a US based business management consultant, corporate trainer and motivational speaker. Although a doctor, he never intended to follow the traditional path. He is also a travel enthusiast who has visited many countries around the world. He has a great passion for experiencing new places, cultures, and people. During his time in the UK, Rahul had also founded a networking site for medical professionals to share academic literature. He plans to continue writing impactful stories of misfits from different walks of life and hopes his book about the medical fraternity will be completed soon. www.docrahul.com more @ https://notionpress.com/read/survival-of-the-misfit
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The Rise of Lord dDamon
See more at: https://notionpress.com/read/the-rise-of-lord-ddamon Are we alone in the Universe? We live in Multiverses, and in a mirrored world. We are oblivious to the Shadow World that exists within and among us. The Red Society is a secret institution that controls the Shadow Economy and Shadow Politics of the world since life began on Earth. The Society breached the contract with the rise of the Demi God, Lord dDamon, around three million years ago. He led the Red Society and revolted against the One Designer, Messiah and Messenger, The Lord Shiva. Shiva lives in the sixth dimension. The opening of the Third Eye technology created mass destruction. Lord dDamon was defeated and turned into a shadow that travels in space, existing only in the fourth and the fifth dimensions. The 21st Century saw the rise of the Messenger who would fight the Red Society. Aadi is the prophesized Shadow Prince who leads the Khoji Clan against the Red Society and stops them from making the Great Escape into the Punarcimiento, a virtual man made planet. Will Aadi get stuck in the new world where lying is the new truth? Can he outlast the illusion of Time and Religion? Can he save Mother Earth?
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Shades of Love by Paul Mohan Roy - NotionPress
Shades of Love and other stories from India is a collection of short stories set in India's pre and post mobile phone days. Here the characters are drawn from the Indian social milieu and they come face to face with the reader: In the backdrop of an ancient temple ritual, now defunct, called 'dedicating' girls to local deities, a young man hears his mother say she conceived him in sin. A boy falls in and out of love, as watched by a widower who finds no clue for the boy's disappearance. Burying into each other and talking in whispers a pair of lovers spend a night long journey by taxi. In a long monologue a girl pines for a man she has not met. Destiny writes the same fate lines in different script, a mother tells her daughter abandoned by her husband. "First there is darkness, an empty heart, into which a beam of love is lighted", a girl confesses her growing affection for a boy. "When you win a girl's heart, you lose yours", a lover draws a theory. A daughter is pushed to the extreme when her mother rejects all marriage proposals on the pretext that horoscopes do not match Behind this assorted group of men and women, placed in life's highly unpredictable situations, there is an element of subtle irony. The author records how human relationships are bound by love and affection or torn down by separation. The reader is mesmerized by the poetry of storytelling techniques. A wholesome treat for fiction lovers! - See more at: https://notionpress.com/read/shades-of-love-and-other-stories-from-india
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Your Memories Are Now My Treasure
This is a touching love story born out of the tender moments woven together and lovingly cherished in the hearts of three youngsters. Ruta is a young sensitive innocent girl with stars in her eyes, passionate about becoming a doctor. All of a sudden, life takes an interesting turn when Vivek enters her life. Vivek is a fiercely ambitious young man, who hopes to study MBA and join his father’s business in the US. Virendra, his father, has great plans for his son, and hopes to see him accomplish accolades, and help the business that he spent several years working hard to build. Everything seems on track but Virendra requires Vivek to make a choice – a difficult one at that. In the midst of all this comes Rashmi, a perfect combination of beauty and brains, a mature business savvy young woman brought up in the US but Indian to the core. Vivek must make a difficult decision that will impact Ruta’s, his and Rashmi’s lives. Second love cannot be compared to first love but does that mean the second love is a lie?
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Hope we never meet again by Srinath Krishnamoorthy
A girl gets divorced just before her wedding! A widow seeks answers for the deaths of her husband and son. A mysterious man follows a convicted rape victim. A stranger scribbles a number in a train. Two hearts part ways with a final wish: Hope We Never Meet Again. Then, there is a phone call…. Varun Diwakar is your average, happy-go-lucky young lad with many a dream that most middle-class youth harbor. But, he has a peculiar predicament. An accident changes his life forever. He discovers that he can travel into the minds and dreams of people – and in that journey – he discovers a lot of untold stories, painful narratives and surprising twists. What triggers it all, is the death of a dear friend that Varun decides to avenge. What happens in the end? How are all these stories connected? Does love outlast death and time?
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Notionpress Testimonial
Kiruba Shankar is the CEO of Business Blogging and Founder-Director of F5ive Technologies. He has twenty-one years of experience crafting online digital and social media strategies for large firms such as the British Council, Dominos Pizza, IBM, the Murugappa Group, the Mahindra Group, Sterling Holidays, Larsen & Toubro and The Hindu Newspaper Group. He has authored five books and written technology columns for newspapers such as The Hindu BusinessLine, Business Standard, Financial Express and The New Indian Express. Kiruba is a podcaster and hosts the ‘First Book Podcast’ in association with Notion Press where he interviews global best-selling authors. He also writes a podcast column in The Hindu BusinessLine titled ‘Movers & Shakers’ where he interviews global business leaders. Kiruba is a Professor of Digital Marketing and has been teaching for over sixteen years. He has taught at several leading B-Schools and is also a professional speaker, having delivered over 500 talks at conferences and corporate events. Over the weekend, Kiruba heads to his village where he pursues his passion for organic farming on his thirteen-acre farm. He regularly blogs at www.Kiruba.com and at www.Facebook.com/kiruba. He can be reached at [email protected] or +91 9841597744.
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It's still Complicated
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How to format your book using the Notion Press DIY Publishing Platform
Designing the interiors and the cover of your book might seem like a professional's job, but the Notion Press DIY Publishing platform offers an easy-to-use designing tool with which you can design a professional looking book in minutes. Watch this video tutorial to fully understand how to use this tool. Know more: www.notionpress.com
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Notion Press  How to calculate royalty
Learn how to use our royalty calculator to estimate the production cost & minimum MRP of your book. To start with, fill in the no of pages, choose book format, book size & book format and click on calculate. You can also check the royalty you would earn for the book at a specific MRP.
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In Pursuit of a Family
Book Description Zsofia Lakatos was orphaned early in life. Hardships forged her into becoming strong and independent. With her wit and determination she fulfilled her dream of becoming a fine architect. She never allowed anyone to break down the fences she had created around herself. Until meeting Kevin. Kevin Percy had everything going well in his life – a loving family and living his dream of running a successful architecture firm in London. Kevin’s first meeting with Zsofia leaves him intrigued. He hatches a plan to bring her closer to him by offering her a job at his firm. Will the two be able to resist their attraction to each other? Will their differences be too big to overcome? Will Kevin’s past hurt their plans? Will Zsofia finally be able to dream of having a family of her own? About the Author Shilpa Menon is a Chemical Engineer. After having worked a few years in the petroleum industry, she decided to start her own business to pursue her entrepreneurial ambitions. She founded her own brand, which deals in a range of lifestyle, kids’ educational and eco-friendly products. Her interests include baking, photography, travelling, reading and arts and crafts. She currently lives in Chennai, India, with her husband and son. Her quest for the eclectic and the unquenched desire to walk a road less travelled have led her to finding her passion of writing fiction, with Scars Do Heal as her debut novel. You may contact her on www.shilpamenon.com more @ https://notionpress.com/read/in-pursuit-of-a-family
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