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Making 9 PB&J Sandwiches for the Week! (DIY Uncrustables!)
This is how I make the sandwiches for the week at our house! My kids love uncrustables and this is how I make them at home!! They also love the bite size pieces from the Fun Bites. (www.funbites.com) The process took a total of 15 minutes. On the weekends, I make the sandwiches for the week ahead and put them in the freezer for quick snacking or lunch packing!!
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DIY Powder Laundry Detergent! Easy and Save Money!
We have 4 sons and do a LOT of laundry! This saves us a lot of $$ and you only use 1tablespoon per load! You just mix the ingredients together. You don't have to grate any soap like other DIY recipes I have tried. His is easy, quick, frugal, and works great!! Ingredients I use: Arm & Hammer: Washing Soda Borax Oxi Clean Purex Crystals Mix up the ingredients together and put into a closed container. Use 1 tablespoon per load. (I make sure it is dissolved before I add my clothes to the wash to make sure the soap doesn't leave any residue on clothes)
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Essential Oils Sleepy Cream DIY with Young Living Oils
Here is how I make "sleepy cream" with my Young Living essential oils. Start by using coconut oil. It is solid at room temp so it will blend up nicely to a cream. Blend until it is a soft cream. I added around 10 drops of Lavender, Peace and calming, and Cedar Wood blended together. This made about two baby food jars of cream. I put it in the fridge to make it a little more solid. It will last a long time because you only need a little amount each time you use it. You can rub this on the bottom of your feet before bed for a more restful sleep. **make sure to not use plastic bowls or containers with essential oils. Glass is recommended.
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Essential Oils Beard Cream Tutorial!
Here is how I made beard cream using Young Living Essential Oils. I used coconut oil for my carrier oil. It is a solid at room temp so I melted it to add the oils to the cream. The oils I used are cedar wood, Rosemary, and frankincense. via YouTube Capture
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Green Lipstick!?!
Aloe Vera Lipstick!? Henna Lipstick? Shade changes according to individual body chemistry according to your PH level giving personalized lip color - neon to reddish pink. This great lipstick can be worn by itself or with other lip products or glosses. Long lasting effect up to 4h +. Will not come off by eating or drinking. This is a great fun and long lasting lipstick. http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p2047675.m570.l1313.TR7.TRC0.A0.H0.Xhare+lipstick&_nkw=hare+lipstick&_sacat=0
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Loggerhead Sea Turtle Laying Eggs on the Beach & Returning to the Sea
Sea turtle found laying eggs on the beach in the daytime. This was filmed in Longboat Key, FL.
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Easy way to DIY long layers haircut!
Super easy way to DIY cut layers in your long hair at home. This is how I cut my hair. It takes literally less than one minute and I think it looks just as nice as when I go to a salon to get it cut. What do you guys think? Ps-I was outside all day so please disregard the crazy outfit, sunburns, and "ponytail" hair. :)
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Draw with Me: Zentangle Doodle~Swirls
I am using a fine point sharpie marker on cardboard for this doodle. I enjoy doodling and drawing zentangles. I like to draw while my kids watch their cartoons.
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Quiver App Coloring Page Awesomeness! (Augmented Reality for kids)
via YouTube Capture My sons colored the robot and the beach picture and I colored the coffee cup. This app is super cool for kids (and adults)!!! You print off the coloring pages and download the app on your device then view it on your device and this magic happens! My sons were very excited to see their own coloring come to life! I rate this app a thumbs up! (The videos were recorded within the app.)
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Sharpie Challenge!! Younique Shine Cloths!
X-Man and I having fun doing the sharpie challenge! Don't be afraid of your kids get into the sharpies any more! Younique Shine Cloths (makeup remover wipes) to the rescue!! They don't have harsh chemicals and don't sting your skin. One cloth takes off all makeup (or permanent markers!) You can order them at www.youniqueproducts.com/Kellsi Follow me on Instagram: @kellsi4 or Twitter: @wendiwaffle
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Draw with me: Zentangle Doodles~Droplets
I am using a fine point sharpie marker on cardboard for this doodle. I enjoy doodling and drawing zentangles. It is relaxing to me to do this style of drawing.
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