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Chihuahuas acting like an old married couple..
Chihuahua chatter via YouTube Capture
Views: 771180 Cheeky Chis
Chubby Chihuahua takes on the dreadmill
Chubby chihuahua making progress
Views: 121874 Cheeky Chis
Give. Me. That. Bone.
Chubby chihuahua wants all the treats
Views: 280686 Cheeky Chis
Nothing can stop these adorable teeny tiny chihuahua puppies!
Adorable tiny Chihuahua puppies
Views: 8104 Cheeky Chis
Chihuahua puppy sees others playing with his toys.. you'll never believe what happens next..
Chihuahua puppy throws tiny tantrum via YouTube Capture
Views: 1542362 Cheeky Chis
Teeny tiny chihuahua puppy tries to get his dad to share! You've got to see how he does it!
Teeny tiny chihuahua puppy via YouTube Capture
Views: 205030 Cheeky Chis
Dock dogs morning zoomies!
Morning zoomies via YouTube Capture
Views: 14989 Cheeky Chis
When all hell is breaking loose around you, but you’ve got a chew stick..
Nothing bothers this teeny tiny chihuahua
Views: 23874 Cheeky Chis
Greedy Chihuahua won't share, but watch what happens
Greedy chihuahua won't share, but watch what happens next..
Views: 45626 Cheeky Chis
Chihuahua needs his morning coffee!
Chihuahua needs his morning coffee via YouTube Capture
Views: 26478 Cheeky Chis
Tiny chihuahua Fetching all the toys!
Tiny chihuahua
Views: 3644 Cheeky Chis
what chihuahuas really do when no one is home!
What dogs really do when you’re not at home!
Views: 28566 Cheeky Chis
You’ve got to see this too Adorable 8 week old long coat chihuahua pup says both hello and goodbye..
Long coat chihuahua puppy says hello and goodbye..
Views: 33941 Cheeky Chis
Holy Mary, mother of God! It’s happened.. he’s either swallowed a demon .. or a Vespa!
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Chihuahua Lizard wranglers .. Blair witch style. spend two hours afterward dusting behind everything
Chasing lizard out of the house with 6 chihuahuas to help via YouTube Capture
Views: 1032 Cheeky Chis
Watch what this baby chihuahua does when he finds he’s the only one awake at 3 am!!!
It's 3am, guess who is awake? That's right, everyone. Everyone is awake because I'm awake 🙄🙄
Views: 22041 Cheeky Chis
Windy, windy walkies and ambushed by the Cujo kitty!
via YouTube Capture
Views: 2178 Cheeky Chis
She's like the wind..
She's like the wind via YouTube Capture
Views: 3613 Cheeky Chis
Trying to talk Chihuahua puppy into putting in a hoodie..
Chihuahua puppy via YouTube Capture
Views: 12762 Cheeky Chis
Talking chihuahua.. just wait till you hear what he has to say
Talking chihuahua says momma and so much more
Views: 295900 Cheeky Chis
Chihuahua rules number 3. I’m touching it, it’s mine.
I’m touching it, it’s mine.
Views: 49245 Cheeky Chis
Chihuahua puppy thinks he’s a kitty cat..
Chihuahua puppy meows like a cat
Views: 37257 Cheeky Chis
Watch as Chihuahua puppies grow from birth to 12 weeks old..
Chihuahua babies from birth to 12 weeks old..
Views: 1245 Cheeky Chis
Chihuahua puppy can't quite get her barker working..
Chihuahua puppy barks via YouTube Capture
Views: 4114 Cheeky Chis
Teeny tiny chihuahua puppy see himself for the first time.. watch what happens next!
Adorable puppy sees himself in a mirror via YouTube Capture
Views: 82851 Cheeky Chis
Grumpy chihuahua is grumpy
Grumpy chihuahua has lots to say
Views: 22332 Cheeky Chis
Tiny chihuahua puppy is asked to say please.. what happens next is so sweet!
Tiny chihuahua puppy says please via YouTube Capture
Views: 4221 Cheeky Chis
Hour two on the new diet..
Diet woes via YouTube Capture
Views: 1479 Cheeky Chis
Tiny chihuahua is so ridiculously adorable, watch what happens next..
Adorable tiny Chihuahua puppy play fighting with himself via YouTube Capture
Views: 126042 Cheeky Chis
One little kiss on the cheek.. just kidding! No kisses for you!
Chihuahua puppy trying for a kiss
Views: 8701 Cheeky Chis
Baby Chihuahua Morning Adventure
Chihuahua puppies
Views: 38699 Cheeky Chis
Grumpy Chihuahua bothered by a puppy..
via YouTube Capture
Views: 33315 Cheeky Chis
Listen to this tiny chihuahua refuses to share her treats!
When you don't know whether to laugh or throw holy water at them..
Views: 21629 Cheeky Chis
Teeny tiny chihuahua puppy can't stop swimming once he starts..
Tiny chihuahua puppy swimming
Views: 568165 Cheeky Chis
Tiny chihuahua fight club. We don’t talk about it, we be about it!
Adorable Teeny tiny chihuahua puppies wrestling
Views: 27517 Cheeky Chis
Teeny tiny 3 pound chihuahua protecting what is hers!
Chihuahua puppy takes on merle Frenchie puppy
Views: 3325 Cheeky Chis
Just another ordinary day .. chihuahua life!
Chihuahua life..
Views: 4387 Cheeky Chis
chubby chihuahua explains why tiny puppy should share.
Sharing is caring, chihuahua style
Views: 12036 Cheeky Chis
Hazel the hiney biter strikes again!
Haze the hiney biting chihuahua!
Views: 7192 Cheeky Chis
Chihuahua floats!
Chihuahua's bum floats
Views: 40074 Cheeky Chis
Chihuahua puppy does not want a bath!
Chihuahua puppy has a spot of dirt.. mom spit will fix that!
Views: 3576 Cheeky Chis
Feisty tiny chihuahua doesn’t care, won’t share!
Mexican standoff!
Views: 48221 Cheeky Chis

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