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Vox Cambridge 30 Repair (Please read description)
This video deals with replacing the optical coupler in a Vox Cambridge 30 guitar amp. The component can be sourced from Thonk in the UK. Not too expensive and a quick service. Make sure you get the component the right way round. When you remove the back cover, the led section of the component is on the right hand side legs. The positive leg goes closest to the potentiometer above it. Took me around an hour total to replace and rebuild. Was disappointed when I tried it out, but then adjusted the potentiometers as per the video and it's like a different amp. This is guidance only. I do not accept any responsibility for injury, damage or death by fiddling with your amplifier. I'm really pleased with the improvement this repair has made. I'm definitely keeping this amp now. Cheers for watching.
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Caline CT-03B Clip On Tuner Info
Me rambling on about a cheapo guitar/bass/ukulele/violin tuner. Hopefully the info may assist someone out there!
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Suzuki DT4 Outboard.
Bought as a project. Piston seized in barrel. Cooling non existent. Throttle cable broken. Stripped motor completely. Barrel totally clogged with years of salt/sand/mud etc. Both water inlet ports had to be drilled out! Pump inspected and cleaned. Leg oil replaced. No signs of water ingress. Carburettor stripped and cleaned. Fuel tank cleaned. Fuel tap stripped, cleaned and rebuilt. Steering tensioner repaired. Throttle tensioner repaired. Shear pin replaced. She now starts easily, runs well and cools better than any DT I've ever owned. 4 hours well spent :) Thanks for watching.
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Mareblue Beach Resort, Corfu, September 2015
A little idea of what the resort looks like...
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Mercury Sail power 9.9 finally runs!
After endless grief the old girl finally runs like a dream. Carb cleaned several times... I'd said this was the last attempt to fix it. I expected the usual symptoms of stalling when clunked into gear
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Honda BF6B Outboard
Bought in bits as a non runner. Gearbox driveshaft bent Gear selector bent and fitted wrong Carburettor blocked Thermostat jammed Tell tale passage blocked I've spent about 7 hours on it and it's now running like a beauty. The four stroke twin and rubber mounted engine makes it very smooth indeed. It's getting on a little now (2003), but it's a typical Honda.... Built well and reliable BUT BLOODY HEAVY! (34kg) I'm chuffed with my efforts.
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Home made hydraulic log splitter
£60 of steel, a ram we had in the shed and some time spent cutting, drilling, grinding & welding and we're good to go. Just gotta fit a spool valve so it can become a one-man operation. At 200 bar, this splitter is capable of 6 tonnes push force. We don't have a gauge at the moment, but we're guessing the tractor is putting out about 150 bar max, which equates to approx 4 tonnes. Splitting a treat. Amazingly powerful. :)
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1981 Suzuki DT3.5
Flywheel type starter fitted instead of that rubbish geared version. Manky cover sprayed white and lacquered. Runs really well. Very pleased
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NGT Mini Alarm Z Alarm
A couple of points about these little alarms
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Suzuki DT3.5 Outboard Plastic Fuel Tap Cup Problem... Solution?
Plastic fuel tap cups in older Suzuki DT3.5 Outboards are naff... The threads wear out and I believe modern fuels don't agree with the material. This tap mentioned in the video has a cup which will screw straight into a Suzuki tap... complete with new seal! Its a cheap way to revive the original tap. Seller is bgood2010 Current price is £1.99 plus shipping Hope this helps someone! Remember folks, you fiddle at your own risk. I take no responsibility for your actions. Jon
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Chub Neuron T3 Bite Alarm Overview
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Suzuki DT3.5 outboard motor idle issue solved. Pilot stage blocked.
The noise at the start is my Dad blowing his nose - Honest! This engine would start with choke and anything over half throttle. Roll off the throttle once the choke was off and it'd die instantly. There is a tiny pilot jet beneath a small brass plug on the carb. This jet can block really easily and is a press fit, so cannot be removed. The pilot jet feeds into a drilling that connects to 3 tiny holes in the bore of the carb. Take a close look - you'll spot them. The jet and these three holes MUST be clear in order for the engine to idle. The carb picks up it's pilot fuel supply from BEHIND the main jet. Take the main jet out and GENTLY push/bend the atomiser tube over to one side. There is a hole around 2mm diameter hidden here. The fuel then travels up the smaller tube next to the main tube in which the atomiser sits and then makes its way over to the pilot jet (beneath the brass plug) and then finally through the small holes in the bore of the carb and into the engine. The pilot jet is definitely the Achilles heel of this design of carb. If the engine has stood for a while, then my bet is on this jet if you have idling problems. If you need help with your DT3.5, then drop me a line and i'll do my best to help you out. I have a Suzuki manual and I've had quite a bit of experience with this model of outboard. Thanks for watching.
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QT50 with SHA clone carburettor
This is nacho, my ratty QT50 I picked up for £60. I fitted a 15mm dellorto clone carb to see if it would work.... It started first kick. The main jet is marked as a 58, but using my micro drills as a guide it looks more like a 65-70. I've literally done nothing to the bike. I found him on a farm in the Norfolk countryside. I have plans.... Watch this space ;)
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1982 Honda CB125T2
Lived under a tarpaulin for a while. Bought recently and fiddled with to get it running again (carb clean etc) She's running, but needs carbs balancing, timing, valve clearances etc etc. A groovy little 80s classic :)
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Yamaha QT50.
Ultra cute little Moped. Saved from a dull life left in a garage. A bit of a service and she's good to go!
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1980 Suzuki FZ50
FZ with slightly modded pipe.
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BSA Stationary Engine 420cc
Oil pump sorted and new rings fitted. Sweet!
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Tuner Comparison... Cadine CT-03B vs Snark Super Tight ST8
A quick comparison of the response of two different tuners... A cheap, e bay purchase and a better quality version £3.99 vs £13.95 Buy cheap, buy twice definitely applies here
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Mercury 2.5hp 2 stroke Outboard
Bought as a project. Handle and mounting bracket cracked. Must've been dropped at some point in its life. One cover clip broken too. Ran great apart from cooling... Had handle bracket tig welded back on. Stripped it down totally. Rebuilt carefully with new prop shaft cover tube (22mm plumbing pipe) and plenty of sealant. Now pumps well and starts first pull hot or cold. Cooling seems marginal on these little motors. At mid/high rpm it keeps cool, but at tickover, the tell tale gets warm quite quickly. Anyone else notice this? The impeller is behind the prop, so is running slower than a more conventional pump assembly which is normally housed in the leg and powered by the engine's prop shaft (pre reduction gearing so greater rpms at the impeller) Well, it's another outboard added to the collection. Beats rowing anyday! Cheers!
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Maxcraft Boat & Honda BF6B Outboard
First run for 12 months Started 5th pull Runs like a Swiss watch Good old honda 😀
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The Carnabies - Time Is Tight
First Ever Gig!
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Crescent 4hp Outboard
I got given this when I went to collect two Johnson Seahorses from a chap. No idea of age It's direct drive Air cooled 4hp Power out sockets External tank 25:1 mix 2 blade prop I love it! It's lightweight, with no water pump to fanny about with. It's amazingly quiet too. Much, much quieter than a seagull. It's simple, pokey and portable. Seriously thinking about using it on the broads this winter when we're after the pike. Another one joins the collection :)
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C90 Club Sunday Rideout 27.05.18
Shaky, wonky footage, but gives you an idea of what we got up to Our first ride with the club and yes.... we were on Townmates :) We were made to feel very welcome Great fun. Hope you enjoy it (Music by bensound.com)
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Tecumseh MV100S Engine
2 stroke 100cc lawnmower engine. Removed from knackered flymo and bolted to a lump of MDF. Governor removed and return spring fitted to throttle. Sweet little engine.... just need to find something to do with it ;)
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Suzuki DF5
Wouldn't idle at all Would run on choke and anything over half throttle. Blocked pilot jet.... It's perfect now Easy job :)
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Suzuki DT3.5 after service.
Plastic float had swollen slightly so it couldn't pivot properly. Decent filter fitted and tank flushed out. Pilot stage cleaned out. Started second pull. Beautiful little engine :)
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Cheap handlebar grip heater current draw
Testing a set of cheap heated grips. Switch positions 2&3 seem to be the same. Max draw is around 1.8 amps with a 13.8v DC supply. They get hot on max! I just wonder how the switch will cope with water ingress....
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Maxcraft & 6hp Honda
My maxcraft boat and 4 stroke 6hp honda outboard.
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The Carnabies - That's Entertainment
Our first ever gig!
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Never Mind The Pistols - Pretty Vacant
King William IV, Norwich 30/08/15
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The Carnabies - Can't Explain
First Gig
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The Carnabies 25.09.17
Baby please don't go Shakin' All Over Time Is Tight Best so far to my ears!
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The Carnabies - The Flying Dutchman - 17th February 2018
First public gig for The Carnabies
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The Carnabies - All Or Nothing - 17th February 2018
First public gig Went rather well :)
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The Stylotones - A Message To You Baz Nav
Trawling through an old hard drive and found this so I had to share it. Baz was ill at the time, so we made this to cheer him up Great atmosphere Our first and only gig at The Blueberry in Norwich, but it were reet good. :)
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J.A.P Stationary Engine.
Found in a barn. Piece of fuel hose needed Started first time. Cracking little engine :)
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Suzuki DT4 outboard.
1995 model Runs superbly. Great runner and easy starter. Forward and reverse gears. Runs from internal or external tank I'm very happy with it
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Flymo DM Rotavator
Given to me as a non runner. No spark... Rewired coil and she had a massive spark. Started third pull. Sweet sweet engine. 127cc 4 stroke 3hp @ 3600rpm. Nice morning's project :)
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Suzuki DT3.5 Wroxham Broad
My better half and my little DT take a trip to wroxham broad for a spin around. £100 for this little motor. A bargain! Runs like a dream We had a great day :)
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Johnson Seahorse 4hp Twin Cylinder Outboard
1980's outboard. Bought as a non runner Brought back to life. Complicated, plasticky, temperamental little sod. Thirsty too. Smokes like buggery on 2% mix. Give me a Suzuki DT4 any day 😁 Would I trust this on the water? No way....
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Alan The T80 Townmate
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Honda BF6B
Sweet 4 stroke honda Heavy though!
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Seagull Forty Plus With Clutch GFP1042FF6
Forty Plus. GFP1042FF6 - June 1976 Oddly mated to a clutched leg. Villiers carb rather than Bing (G in code) 3 blade weedless prop - nice! Started 2nd pull after a lengthy rest in the shed (15 years?) Seemed to run quite happily on 25:1 mix...... hmmm. Not checked needle yet. Exhaust relief holes have been opened out slightly - a wee bit noisy. V happy indeed.
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Log Splitter With Lever Valve Fitted
Updated with lever valve.
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Honda CB125T2 1982
Top end rebuild. New stem seals. Valves ground in. New barrel and pistons from AW Motorcycles. Carbs balanced. A real sweet engine. 16hp and 12,000rpm! Becoming rare.
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Honda CB125T2
Sweet little thing
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2005 Malaguti Firefox F15 Moped
Saved from the skip. Gianelli endcan repacked ... Sooo much quieter. Nice little Moped :)
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