Videos uploaded by user “Mr S Art Teacher”
Colouring in Pop Art Portrait using Ben Day Technique
Colouring in Pop Art image using felt-tips in the style of Roy Lichenstein.
Views: 1945 Mr S Art Teacher
How to draw a wine bottle
Video showing how to draw an outline of a wine bottle.
Views: 5992 Mr S Art Teacher
Drawing Portrait in Pop Art Style
How to draw a portrait in Pop Art Style.
Views: 1625 Mr S Art Teacher
Shading a drawing of a bottle
Video showing how shading gives form to the outline drawing of a bottle using shading pencils.
Views: 116 Mr S Art Teacher
How to draw a soda can
Video showing how to use basic shapes to create the outline of a soda can and also technique of how to add lettering and detail to the can.
Views: 197 Mr S Art Teacher
Tonal Shading in Pencil
Video showing shading technique. Creating dark, medium and light tones using a 'B' grade pencil.
Views: 503 Mr S Art Teacher
How to draw an Old Man
Technique shown how to draw a portrait of an old man & how to shade the portrait
Views: 305 Mr S Art Teacher
Drawing Portrait in Proportion Comic Book style
draw a portrait in proportion, drawing a portrait, drawing portrait, drawing technique, pencil drawing, pencil drawing of portrait, comic book portrait drawing,
Views: 368 Mr S Art Teacher
Types of Drawing Pencils
Video showing the different value of tones created by the range of drawing pencils.
Views: 86 Mr S Art Teacher
Drawing Portrait Comic-Book style Part 2
Completion of portrait adding detail by using shading and colour.
Views: 174 Mr S Art Teacher
Mark Making Video
A Video showing how to create different marks for drawing.
Views: 33 Mr S Art Teacher
Using Hatching Technique for Graffiti Art
Video showing how to apply hatching technique to Graffiti lettering.
Views: 72 Mr S Art Teacher
Watercolour Portrait
portrait painting of Martin Luther King in watercolour paints.
Views: 84 Mr S Art Teacher
Basic Painting Technique
How to apply paint and how to mix paint to create a tint of colour.
Views: 39 Mr S Art Teacher
Line Drawing
Drawing a portrait using line then shading in using the technique of Hatching and Cross-Hatching.
Views: 52 Mr S Art Teacher
Hatching Shading
Video showing how to create different tones using the shading technique of hatching.
Views: 136 Mr S Art Teacher
How to Draw a Manga Portrait
Video showing how to transform a realistic portrait into a Manga Portrait
Views: 195 Mr S Art Teacher
How to draw an Eye in the style of Manga Art
technique showing how to draw an eye in Manga.
Views: 71 Mr S Art Teacher
Drawing Shapes
How to draw shapes and how to make shapes look 3D by using shading.
Views: 60 Mr S Art Teacher

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