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Casey is a Maneater
Casey could have basically any guy she wants; in other words, she's a maneater. (: *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~~*~*~*~*~*~~* Made by Me :) Somewhat Dasey too.
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A Dasey Story
I haven't finished it, but this is a "Dasey" video I made. Also, if your wondering where I got the episodes, just ask me and I'll tell you guys.
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Oh yes, a Dasey video. It seems that everyone is a Dasey fan...except my sister. I really have no idea why. She tells me its "incest". She is clearly mistaken... ...er, yes, anyway, I hope you enjoy! (:
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Life's More Fun With Derek
One of my favorite promos for Life With Derek.
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White Houses
Okay, basically it really just follows the lyrics. And the lyrics are talking about a girl (Casey) moves in to a new place, and makes new friends. Those friends all fall in love with each other (Derek and Casey, Sam and Casey, Kendra and Derek, Emily and Derek). But its mostly Derek and Casey. It's in Casey's POV the whole time. However, near the middle when Derek and Sandra were making out on the couch, just pretend that that's Casey. And When Derek and Victoria are making out, use your imagination. :--) It's Dasey, but I guess in the end no one stays together :--( Enjoy! (And yes, I do realize Casey's house is not white, but... :--))
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Casey is Never Far Behind
Ah; I love this song, so I thought I would make a video. It's pretty easy to follow, I think. And you could always use your imagination, but when I was making it, I made up a little story in my head (: It goes like this (in my head at least) Casey and Derek kissed each other, and now all of a sudden he starts acting weird, so she tries to get his attention, and she wants him to know that she will always be there for him. A little corny, yes, but I have a very corny mind ;) But feel free to use any story, I know I had so many running in my head while making this :)
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