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Stephen Pearcy playing "You Think You're Tough" and then talking to the crowd afterwards near Chicago, Bolingbrook, IL to be exact. At the end he talks about the new RATT album coming out next year! I'm sure a tour will follow as well! Sorry that the quality isn't the best since I just had my sucky cell phone but the show TOTALLY ROCKED and Pearcy and his band did a great job. They really got the crowd into it with a very highly charged performance!
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Another song from Pearcy's show near Chicago, IL on 10/20/11. He put on a FANTASTIC kick ass show! This a classic from "Out of the Cellar". Very surprised he played this at all but it was great. Sorry I didn't get the whole thing because I had memory problems on my phone but it gives you an idea. I know the sound quality isn't the best but that's what you get with some cellphones. My cell phone isn't the best but it's better than nothing!
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Another clip from Stephen Pearcy's show near Chicago, IL on 10/20/11. Sorry about the first 10 seconds or so as I was adjusting my cell camera. Quality of my cell camera isn't he best but you get an idea of how great Pearcy is! "Lay it Down" is always one of his best songs LIVE! Right after that he goes into "Lack of Communication" which also TOTALLY kicked ass!
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