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IF U SEEK AMY // gacha life music video (ft. my ugly voice)
🌟SET QUALITY TO 720p60 FOR 60FPS!🌟 this took 1 hour and 27 minutes to export and it'll probably take 5 hours to upload this please help me- also uhm sorry i sound like a trash bag pls forgive also i expected this to suck but i guess it didnt yeet (expect some parts are off-timed im sorri also britney please dont copystrike me ily)
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✨Top 10 BEST Gacha Editors! (In my opinion)✨
the video says "Gacha tubers" don't remind me abt it ✨Editor Playlist - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLeEdpk_BrjVCoOD_H_iMCEzPM9IihYBNf also!! it will RLY make my day and dots day if you gave him a happy birthday!!! kk and also give love to the other editors by subscribing to them and giving them positive feedback!! thank u and yes, this was inspired by MellowSwirl!! yayeet
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A Bullied Princess || Season 1 - Episode 1 || Gacha Studio
Hope I don't get copyrighted- ||MUSIC - Lily Allen - somewhere only we know ||EDITOR - cute cut pro ***NOTES*** This wasn't as good, but either way, this took LONG (I had to go on PicsArt and deepen the dark frames, AND IT TOOK LIKE 50 MINUTES TO CONVERT HHHSG)
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MEDICINE // Gacha Meme // 2k subs!!!
this is really smooth aaaa (also excuse the ending glitch there this took 35 minutes to export and i have school in 3 hours, also jeez theres alot of mistakes in this) ok so I reached 2k subscribers!! I honestly never thought I'll get this much honestly,,,thank you all for making me get this far, I cannot thank you enough for this and it motivates me to make more videos for you all to enjoy. Please take this as a gift from me to you ^w^ EDITOR - Cute Cut Pro
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[FLASH WARNING] Life Letters - Gacha Meme (ft me irl)
this isn't a vent I just wanted to do this βœ¨πŸ‘…βœ¨ inspired by sashley :3 also i used photomosh to glitch, cute cut for the rest stop asking thanks
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theres a black bg for a few seconds pls ignore it anyways i got!!! enough motivation to make a video holy noodle!!!! youtube dont let this flop SOFTWARE (dont ask for it in the comments please) - Cute Cut Pro (photomosh for the glitch) TIME TAKEN - lol idk, like 5 or 10 min?? also idk if this is "spooky" themed i have no clue ok bye
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HER // Gacha Meme [🎐] (Thanks for 7k!)
THIS IS OFFTIMED IM SORRY URRNGBF um i dont have much to say other than thank you 🌸 also tried out a different way of shading and this is sortof my channel mascot? idk but very sorry for not pumping out any content, i get unmotivated and distracted and school isnt helping sorry whoops program - cute cut pro
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BOOM x4 || GACHA MEME || cykophan πŸ‘Œ
whewh expect a double upload 4 yo tastebuds UwU
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I'LL NEVER SING ALONG // tweening test video thing // ft. StarMarkGachaPlays
HAHA WHY DOES THE HEAD TWEEN LOOK SO B A D also srry if this seems half-assed because it was please forgive me :,))) EDITOR - cute cut pro this took 12 goddang minutes to export HMELEJRHWBS i feel ANGERY
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please don't bite // gacha meme
the lip sync is a bit choppy and this is sorta off timed sorry UwU´´ software used- cute cut pro what i used to shade- ibis paint x fps- 60 OC used- Himi (mage boi) , Zarena (???) (PLEASE GIVE ME YOUR THEORIES ON THEM I BEG OF YOU-)
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SOLO || "Animation" meme??? || Gift for Melnya XO
(i'm still gonna be a gacha channel, dont panic xd) tHIS IS FOR MY GUD FRIEND WHO I LOVE AND APPRECIATE VERY MUCH ALSO HER OC IS FUN TO DRAW Melnya's channel (SUBSCRIBE TO HER OR ELSE IM DOING TO STEAL YOUR CAR) - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRJiC0mLgj26vF3bQcoGUsA editor - Cute Cut Pro inspiration - Kai Chan drawing software - ibispaint x also please kindly dont ask me to make you something, I did this for mel because shes a rly gud friend of mine so YEHSEG
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I am the man || Gacha Meme
this is so choppy 60fps has betrayed me aLSO ANOTHER MEME WITH ALLIETTA BCS THIS FITS HER NYEEE editor - cute cut pro btw my wifi isn't working and the phone I made this on didn't have mobile data so uh yeah
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The Magic School - S1 EP1
every OC that wasn't in meko's school or Meko belong to mah amino friends! if I get requested to do so,I'll link their posts
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Vii's Smile
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IS PEPSI OK? || Gacha Studio Skit
inspiration: https://youtu.be/qqlteyFc76U lol this was fun also, bat boi is Carter, he's a male SUCCubus who's siblings with another SUCCubus oc I'll be making for him
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Let's Gacha Together || Gacha Meme || for MellowSwirl & EmilyKitty
hey Mellow and Emily, can you guys just be friends again? the drama has been really bad but it'd just end if you make up..
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HOLD ME DOWN || Original Gacha Meme || Gacha Studio
🚫PLEASE CREDIT ME IF YOU'RE DOING THIS!!🚫 THIS TOOK 4 MINUTES TO EXPORT??? JEJSHDHWHEHSA Ok, so I would add a backstory and possibly make it a series? I'm afraid it'll be unoriginal..but it's a story of escaping a satanic cult and also purple kool-aid EDITOR - Cute Cut Pro, and ibispaint for shading MUSIC - Halsey - Hold Me Down How come im bad at editing things that aren't Gacha related :^) whew I hope I don't get copyrighted this took me 3 hours ksksksk I should also probably try tweening but it'll look really choppy hm ENJOY MY SHOOTING STARS! If that whats you peeps wanna be called-
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me and mr wolf // gacha amv (YYAYAY 6K)
i fell asleep when exporting whoops also i now woke up im hungry and schleepy Program- cute cut pro
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Round 2! // Gacha Meme
original by blank jubbz also no thumbnail cause fack yew youtube also if you havent noticed yt thought it was a mighty fine idea to take away like half of my subs thanks youtube! i hope u stub ur toe uwu software- cute cut pro
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COPYCAT || Gacha Meme
LOOKIE HERE All characters expect Cynthia, Roosevelt, and me belong to Emily Kitty, BeeBee Berry, LoveablePlayz and people from the Gacha Studio amino! Here's the post: http://aminoapps.com/p/zhg0v0 TYSM for watching!
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Doing it Wrong || GMV || Gacha Studio
my bones....dead btw this is a video I made for like 2 days which is why my channel was almost dead and also, this is episode 3 to A Bullied Princess if you didn't know :333333
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DISH SOAP MEME || ft LoveablePlayz & Melon Child || Gacha Studio
description, yay btw, while making the scenes I was too lazy to add much more cause it was 5 something am when I made this anyways if I get noticed it'll be a M I R A C L E also yes there's a battery low shush also Shena/Gena is a character of my co-owned comic series, mystic force (it's not online it's a thing me and my friend have) which might be a series πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€
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VICTORIOUS || Gachaverse Edit
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epic anime intro πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
opening for upcoming series I'm still bad at editing but HEY MY ART MAKES UP FOR IT FOLLOW ME ON AMIMO KTHXBYE
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im a kitty cat :3 (ft. my cousin)
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sorry (again) no this isnt a new edit, just wanted to post so u guys dont leave on me πŸ˜”
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im so sorry this isnt a gacha video
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A Bullied Princess - Season 1 Episode 4
ya yeet
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#GirlLikeYouMEPSapphire part 36
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FLOPPY DANCE || Gacha Meme
if this gets put into a cringe comp because I just used gacha studio I'm going to throw a chair btw I called it a Gacha Meme because it's not really animation, so it's pretty much a animation meme but gacha studio instead? hhhhh I used two of the characters from the bullied princess ep! (I'm too lazy to link it rip) enjoy, my salads!
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Reacting to the Gachaverse GMV! || VOLUME WARNING
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yo :3333 btw it's like 1:48 am so I'll just change the thumbnail and I'll go sleep, night my salads!
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The Magic School || S1 EP2
no thumbnail bcs motivation is gone woops
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A Bullied Princess || Season 1 - Episode 2 || Gacha Studio
remember when I said I'll upload a episode daily? yeah I procrastinated || MUSIC (Khronicle - beach drive) (Marina and the Diamonds - Savages) this sucks cries
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A School Story || Gacha Studio
hi :3
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The Bullied Princess || Season 1 - Episode 6
this sucks bye
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